6 Stages Of Change In Addiction Recovery


After you can work through that stage, you end up at contemplation, where you have identified that there is a problem, but once you have identified that there is a problem in this stage, you’re not willing to work on it, you have admitted to yourself maybe some of your defense mechanisms have reduced, but you’re still not willing to make any changes or change any of your behaviors. There could be several stages of drug rehab.

Stages of Recovery

So some areas for contemplation was when I identified that the reasons why I was losing jobs and the reasons why I was destroying relationships could, maybe, be because i had a drug addiction, and I was actively using drugs, that was sort of my lifestyle, causing me to lose a lot of those things.

That’s important pro contemplation to keep in mind , that somebody in that stage, or if you’re in that stage, you understand that there is a slight problem, but at that point there’s no plan in place, or any willingness to make any changes.

Where you do become willing to make changes is when you enter the preparation stage , and I have written below, “commit to change” so the preparation is when you’re getting prepared to start to make those behavior changes, and making those decisions, setting up plans for how you’re going to go about changing it, whether it’s recovery programs, whether it’s going to detox, whether it’s contacting a detox, whether it’s telling your supports that maybe you have a problem, letting other people know that you’re going to make a few commitments to maybe change your life, and at this point you’re really realizing, you’re really honest with yourself that you do have a problem with addiction and that something does need to change.

For me preparation looked like this; I reached out to supports that i had, that I hadn’t talked to in a while, mainly my Grand parents, and I reached out to them and told them I had a problem, and i needed to go to detox, and if that’s something they would support and help me with, and for sure they did, they didn’t hesitate at all.

So just keep that in mind for you’re preparation, it’s basically getting prepared to make the changes and change the behaviors is the most important part.

Then we move over into action, so action is super important, if you have been following me on any of my Youtube videos or on my facebook group “Recovery for the beginner” you’ll hear me talk a lot about action, because there is a lot of people who talk about making changes, and that’s good in preparation, we’re talking about it, we’re creating a plan, but not all those people make it to action, so action is super important and this would be when i actually went to detox, when i actually changed the people that i hung out with, when i started to develop new hobbies and interests and started to engage in a bit of a different lifestyle.

It’s taking that action that really is going to set you apart in you’re recovery from just talking about it, or just having thoughts about it, which are these three steps, the action i definitely going to be what sets you apart, and what makes a successful recovery for you, so that’s action, you need to take action sooner than later, for sure that’s super important.

Follow up In The Recovery Process

If we follow the thing here we have maintenance, so the most important part about maintenance is basically you have changed your old behaviors, and you’ve developed new ones, once you develop the new behaviors, you’re implementing them on a daily basis, whether that be attending support groups, utilizing your supports on a daily basis, and you’re new behaviors can be something as simple as, for me i was very dishonest, i was very manipulative, and the new behaviors I developed throughout the process, throughout this recovery process, and all the stuff that took place in the action phase was I became more honest with others, I became more honest with myself, I just became an all around better person, a more productive person, and was somebody that people were interested in having relationships with, interested in spending time with, and also being able to hold a job and do a lot of the other things in life that are super important that we need to do that I never did before when I was using drugs.

The sixth step in the process is relapse, that’s always a risk when you’re in recovery is a relapse.

So a relapse, most people are going to know what a relapse is, but the short form is returning to old behaviors, that’s what a relapse is going to look like for you, and over the years I had a lot of different relapses, this last time that i decided to get clean and everything’s went well, and I haven’t been in that stage but always remember when you’re working through the stages of change that you can always go backwards too, so some people one day they might be in the preparation stage, something happens and they can always move back the the contemplation stage, and you can keep going around different ways, if you’re here you could always move back to the relapse,so hopefully that makes sense, this can be a cycle that continues to go around a lot of times, you know it is in a circle there for a reason.

So that’s basically the information on the stages of change and how it relates to recovery, and how it related to my life, it’s a good tool, what I like the most about the stages of change is it can give you a very honest perspective of where you are in your own recovery, or where somebody else that you know is in their own recovery, asking a couple questions can help you identify real quick, where somebody is and how willing they are.

So this is used for a lot of people to everybody stands, where people are, where you stand yourself, most important part though is if you’re trying to figure this out for yourself, be honest because if you think you’re here and you’re actually, if you think you’re in maintenance and you’re actually in contemplation, you’re only lying to yourself, nobody else is really going to believe that that’s where you are, when you’re actually here.


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