How Much Does Rehab Cost – Health Insurance May Pay

Cost Of Rehab For Drug Addicts

How Much is the cost of rehab for drug addicts. If you or someone you love suffers from alcohol or drug addiction, now is the time to utilize your PPO health insurance plan. One can receive up to $30K or more in substance abuse benefits from institutions such as the National Treatment Network (NTN).

The ability to get treatment for drug or alcohol addiction shouldn’t depend on how much money you have in your bank account, but the fact is that many people who might otherwise seek treatment decide against it because they believe irroneously they can’t afford it.

Rehabilitation Cost

A national survey in 2010 on drug use and health found that lack of health insurance or other financial resources was the second most common reason that people who needed and wanted substance abuse treatment didn’t receive it. The most common reason that survey respondents didn’t seek rehab was that they simply weren’t ready to stop drinking or using.

In reality there are treatment options to fit all budgets, from free or sliding scale programs to resort-like facilities that cost thousands of dollars per week. And there is also insurance, which is available in many cases for individuals who need help and have a PPO health insurance plan. Although it’s possible to give up drugs or alcohol on your own, participating in a comprehensive treatment program can increase your chances of getting and staying sober.

Statistics from Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Studies (DATOS) show that five years after completing treatment for cocaine addiction, only 25 percent of people who were surveyed reported that they were using the drug weekly. Those same stats also found that levels of alcohol abuse decreased among addicts who sought treatment at a rehab facility.

So if rehabilitation is so effective, why do so many people go without it? Lack of health insurance or personal financial resources are often the reason, which is why drug counselers urge addicts trying to finance their recovery to turn first to their current health insurance provider. The NTN has pro-friendly addiction treatment facilities that will work with more qualified insurance carriers than most rehabilitation networks or facilities. They accept AETNA, CIGNA, HUMANA, United Health Care, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and man other providers. The NTN also offers coverage for both medical detox services and residential rehabilitation, with counselors available 24/7 who can help with any insurance questions.

Important Facts

In fact, while you’re speaking with a counseler, they’ll be able to verify your insurance coverage amount and determine how much your insurance will cover for out-of-network drug rehab options. Their goal is to help you or your loved one get help with the lowest out of pocket expenses. Before you give up on your dream of recovery, talk with a knowledgeable addiction counselor who can give you accurate information about the cost of rehab in your area and whether you have insurance that can help.

The effects of drug abuse can be catastrophic. An addict can be hurt physically, mentally, emotionally and more often than not, financially. In the past decade drug addicts in America spent about 100 billion dollars on drugs each year. Furthermore, a drug addict can’t afford basic things like groceries, rent and clothing. And it’s quite common for drug addicts to steal money from family and friends to support their addiction. A recent NIDA survey shows substance abuse costs our nation about 600 billion dollars a year. In 2010 about 28 billion dollars was spent on cocaine alone. In 2011 an Oxycontin addict spent 50-80 dollars for a single tablet of said drug. In addition, a heroin addict can spend 150-200 dollars a day to maintain their habit. And, on average, a gram of meth will cost 80 dollars.


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