Most Addictive Drug Available to Teens and Side Effects


Studies have shown that teens are beginning to experiment with drugs at younger ages more than ever. Teens are beginning to experiment with drugs that are much stronger than marijuana, and some can be highly dangerous when ingested the wrong way. Some teens will experiment with inhalants, bath salts or other drugs. But the most addictive drug and potentially fatal teens are using today is prescription medication. Aside from alcohol, these drugs are some of the most easy to get a hold of because they’re prescribed by a doctor or kept in the home. Teens are finding that different types of medications give them different types of highs. The need for drug rehab for teens is increasing.

Medications used to treat anxiety or pain can bring them down, but medications used to treat symptoms of a hyperactive disorders act as stimulants and are typically used while drinking in order to not get intoxicated too quickly. These medications are designed to help treat symptoms of mental disorders or pain, but they can also be highly addictive and dangerous. With addiction to pain medications, there eventually comes a time when users are unable to feed their addiction by simply refilling a prescription.

Keeping Teens Away

This can eventually lead to seeking multiple doctors. Since most doctors are reluctant to prescribe these medications to teens, they will often begin purchasing the medications illegally. These pills can be quite expensive when they’re purchased from a dealer, which is the main reason prescription pain medication addicts eventually turn to heroin. Heroin is a much stronger form of opiate, but it’s also much more addictive and dangerous.

If you believe your teen has developed an addiction to prescription medications, it’s not too late. Addiction is a progressive disease, so it’s much easier to treat in its earliest stages. You should first consult an addiction specialist to see what your best options are for entering your child into treatment. There your teen can be with peers and see that there’s still hope to live a better life without these types of drugs. With all the new and different drugs emerging every year, getting the facts straight can seem overwhelming.

Side Effects To Teens

But DARS is here to help you learn about the most common substances teens are faced with today. Weed, pot, grass are the same common drug from past generations; perhaps that is why Marijuana is the most commonly used drug today. Today’s Marijuana is much more potent than it was in the 60s and 70s and the fact that many kids are trying pot at a younger age means that they’ll be more likely to advance to more powerful substances as they get older. An estimated 20% of teens have used prescription drugs to get high.

Prescription pills are easy for kids to obtain, because many times they can be found in the medicine cabinets within their own homes. However, parents have been slow to catch on and now prescription drug abuse is a serious problem in schools. Alcohol continues to be a substance of choice among adolescents and teens, due in part to its ability to strip away inhibition, feel relaxed in social settings and “in with the crowd. ” Binge drinking on a regular basis is never healthy, but during this time especially, when the brain is still developing, could lead to permanent damage. Millions of adolescents drink alcohol. Many binge drink, having five or more drinks at a time. Research show boys usually take their first drink at age 11 and girls at age 13.

This is a popular drug among the dance, party and club scene, and ecstasy is being marketed to kids, using cartoon characters. With its stylistic designs and cheap prices, this stimulant has tragically become a popular pastime among teens. The presence of inhalants has become another danger in most homes with teenagers. Teens and preteens have begun sniffing or huffing certain chemicals or household items in order to get high. Oftentimes, teens don’t see this as being anything more than a game and certainly don’t see it as being harmful. Unfortunately, a single first-time use can lead to death. Immediate Assistance is available by calling our helpline if you suspect your teen may be abusing one of these drugs.


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