Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program


There is an answer to the nightmare of addiction the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program. Narconon does not consider someone an addict for life. It does not regard addiction as a disease. Narconon is not a twelve-step program. Nor is it based on faith or belief.

What is Narconon

The Narconon Program is a precise, step-by-step regimen that addresses all aspects of addiction and provides individuals with the tools they can use to lead drug free lives. The Narconon Program begins with anon-medical, drug-free withdrawal regimen. No substitute medications are used. Nutritional support helps calm the body and ease withdrawal symptoms. Special procedures called “assists” reduce the physical aspects of withdrawal.

And there are drills designed to help a person on front the mental effects of coming off drugs. When a person uses drugs their attention becomes stuck in the past they become introverted. This worsens when the person is coming off drugs, making recovery even more difficult. The Narconon program uses unique exercises that help bring a person into the present.

These exercises extrovert a person, directing his attention away from painful past memories and onto the present and immediate surroundings. As a result, the person is more capable of getting through withdrawal and staying off drugs.The New Life Detoxification is another unique aspect that sets Narconon apart from any other drug rehab program. It is based on the discovery that drug residues apparently remain trapped in the body’s fatty tissues.

Narconon Effects

These residues can be released back into the system causing a person to re-experience the effects of drugs even years after taking them. The New Life Detoxification is the only program of its kind. It is a precise regimen done over a period of weeks. The New Life Detox was developed expressly for people who have used drugs and designed to purge the drug residues from the body and so end their negative effects. After a person has withdrawn from drugs, detoxified their body and their attention is back in the present, Narconon then works with them on a series of unique courses to help isolate the people they should and should not associate with, and to learn the skills necessary to avoid the kinds of situations that brought them to use drugs in the first place and so map out a path way to a drug-free life.

For nearly 50 years Narcon on has been helping those thought lost to substance abuse. Narconon centers exist in over 20 countries. They are designed for one purpose to help people free themselves from the grip of addiction. And to reconnect them with the most precious thing of all their own lives. It gives you courage. In the beginning alcohol gives you courage. It gives you the ability to stand up and give a speech. It’s very hard to do that when you’re sober. Give me a drink, you know. I could do it very easily because you get that false courage, you get that false pride, you get all that stuff that’s based on the alcohol’s really talking.

It says, cocaine now, I never tried it, but cocaine they say oh my god, it makes you feel so powerful when you first start using it. Very very powerful, nobody can touch you. There you sense the need of drug and alcohol rehabs. If you’re in real estate you can sell a hundred houses cause you’ve got the gift to give and you have that self esteem. Take away that, it comes in and he’s like a vegetable. Now we’ve got to build him up to sobriety.


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