The Cost of Recovery: Drug Addiction Treatment

Rehab Drug Treatment

Did you know that over 500 thousand people die each year due to either alcohol or drug abuse? That is very scary Do you have an addiction? Do you know someone that is involved with alcohol or drug abuse? This addiction is a disease. Many people try for rehab drug treatment. This is a deadly disease that is killing people and damaging families that needs to be stopped. Addiction is a disease. You can’t try to stop it alone.

If you have been trying to stop this addiction but have not been successful you need help. Save yourself or somebody you love. Let’s stop this disease of addiction and get the person some treatment or rehab before someone else dies or hurts another person. Admittedly the drug rehabilitation journey is a long and perilous one and there is no shame in admitting that you need help. Numerous studies have shown that people with substance abuse issues have a considerably higher chance of kicking their habits once they have sought out professional help.

Statistics of Drug Addiction Treatment

Drugs are a big problem. Every day the CDC says 78 Americans die from an opiate overdose, including 29 from heroin. What is the cost of getting treatment for an addiction and does it work? That the issue I explored today. An estimated 435 thousand Americans use heroin regularly. According to the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration. Carolyn and it’s so cheap.

It’s cheaper than a fifth of whiskey. We’re talking $5, sometimes $10. The cheapness of the drug is making it so easy to get that next high. When an addict reaches the point of wanting help they can immediately go into detox. 26 is the average age of a person getting help at Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinics. 14 of the 16 beds right now are occupied by heroin or opiate addicts and treatment is expensive.

Carolyn if you’re looking at a Detox $10K on average Serve entire 8 months, throughout outpatient etc. Insurance can pay for about 28 days of treatment. Medicaid also covers the cost, and self-pay is an option. The average stay is roughly 40 days. But the relapse rate is extremely high. Close to 90-percent. If we are to be criticized, it’s that we can’t get them in fast enough. Because we only have 60 detox beds, but its working better now, we can get them up in one of these houses and get them going.

Recovery and Cost

That’s the purpose behind Neil Kennedy building a 4th recovery house. Helping more people during this major health crisis. After detox that includes 24 sessions with an outpatient group and then a dozen sessions of after-care. The costs can add up. But we’ve already seen the cost that this drug epidemic has cost Ohio more drug overdose deaths than any state except California in 2014 according to the CDC. Pam I always say, there is, there’s always hope.

There’s absolutely always hope. What also has Neil Kennedy excited is that it now offers shots to decrease drug cravings. Once you’re in the program. The average stay is about 40 days. Basically, they’re individuals who’ve hit rock bottom. They’re looking for help. They want structure, accountability and support. Overcoming addiction is a tough journey and many may not have the time to enter a full inpatient program.


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