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अमरुद कैसा है किडनी के लिए ? | How is Guava for Kidneys? | Kidney Treatment without Dialysis

अमरुद कैसा है किडनी के लिए ? | How is Guava for Kidneys? | Kidney Treatment without Dialysis

Friends, let us talk about the fruit that is widely available in India Some find it delicious and is easily available at vendor, store and at supermarkets The name of the fruit is Guava It is a powerhouse of Vitamin A and Vitamin C of Vitamin A and Vitamin C It is also rich in antihyperglycemic properties which means Guava also helps in fighting the problems of gas The people who are suffering from gastric problems can ease that by eating Guava, because it is rich in vitamins minerals and antioxidants that can help in keeping the body active and healthy It is the least source of Fats & calories But, is rich in fiber But, is rich in fiber But, is rich in fiber because of which it is beneficial for the people who constantly go through the problem of constipation Guava also boosts the mental health of an individual and prevents from cough & cold It can also prevent you from early signs of ageing But an optimum benefit of Guava is that it is a Kidney-friendly fruit So let us talk about How by consuming Guava, a kidney patient can combat kidney diseases and how it is among the rare fruits that does not harm kidney patients. Your kidneys are responsible to remove different types of wastes and toxins from the body. But when kidneys do not perform their functioning or gets damaged then they lose their ability to perform their roles There are numerous benefits of eating Guava during kidney diseases that can benefit a kidney patient in easing with the problems First is, Guava is greatly rich in potassium If during the treatment you are not restricted to eat potassium-rich foods then guava can be beneficial for you. guava can be beneficial for you. Because the presence of potassium will regulate the blood pressure If you are suffering from kidney diseases and the problem of high blood pressure then in that case, it can be dangerous for you. So, by eating Guava you can keep a control on your blood pressure and can reduce the pressure on kidneys But as said earlier you should consider whether you are restricted to eat Guava or not. Guava is also a source of Vitamin C By which the immune system of your body will also get boosted Along with improving the immune cells Guava also kills the bacteria and virus that may cause infections It is recommended that Kidney patients should avoid the foods that are rich in phosphorus because, phosphorus will help in worsening the condition of kidneys So, such patients should consume only those fruits that are the least source of phosphorus Guava is one such fruit that also imbibes fiber But kidney patients should eat Guava only by peeling because the peels of Guava contains a lot of potassium That we discussed earlier is harmful for kidney patients During kidney diseases you should know benefits and side effects of everything you are consuming Antioxidants present in the kidneys also decreases the cholesterol levels in your blood gradually and prevents you from getting infected from various infections During kidney diseases, chances of getting caught by bone diseases and Anemia increases but nutrients present in Guava absorbs iron and reduces the risk of Anemia and Bone disease risk of Anemia and Bone disease So beware that during kidney diseases you can eat Guava but only after peeling And if you want to get free from the food restrictions then you have to first get rid of kidney diseases And for that You can take help of Karma Ayurveda Here Dr. Puneet Dhawan has cured national and international more than 35000 kidney patients We hope that you have liked this video We hope that you have liked this video Do like and share the video and subscribe to our channel in case you have not So, will meet up in the next video. Till then stay healthy and stay happy. If you are undergoing dialysis and want to get rid of this painful procedure then you can visit Karma Ayurveda You can connect with us at Our Address is G-20, NDM-1, Plot number B 2,3,4 Opposite NIMS Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura, New Delhi 110034 Pitampura, New Delhi 110034 Phone Number 09871712050 09871712050 011-42644274 011-42644274 Our email ID is [email protected] [email protected] Or Visit

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  1. I started to take guava as kidney stimulant after watching your previous diet chart for kidney patient videos but started bleeding in motion by the way ! Cause may be guava or not ??

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