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21-Day Purification & Detoxification Program | Healing With Zen

21-Day Purification & Detoxification Program | Healing With Zen

Hi, everybody! My name is Zen and I am a
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist My practice is called Healing with Zen, and
my office is located in Pasadena I also provide acupuncture services at the
Disney Family Cancer Center which is part of the Providence St. Joseph’s
Hospital in Burbank so I’ve had the pleasure of working with a
wide array of patients from your typical pain patient neck and shoulder/back pain to digestive
problems to infertility/hormonal issues to cancer patients at the hospital and
all these patients have successfully utilized this purification program for
whatever health issues they may have had So I want to turn this around to you and
ask, why are you here today? Why were you recommended to do the program,
and what do you hope to gain from this? Perhaps you have some allergies or skin rashes,
maybe some digestive issues like gas or bloating, food cravings. Maybe you’re on a lot of medications and you’re
looking to get off of them or perhaps you are a veteran who’s doing this
program again in which case I highly commend you This is the program that my husband and I
do twice a year always in the beginning of the year to kind
of restart our system to get rid of some of that excess holiday
weight and we do it midway through the year during
the summertime So once you experience all the amazing health
benefits yourself I hope that you will add this program into
your yearly or bi-yearly routine as well So let’s jump right in and I’m going to turn
off my videos and turn this over to PowerPoint Okay, so what is purification? You hear the word “detoxification” a lot in the health and fitness world but what does
that exactly mean? Well the definition of detoxification or purification
is the natural process that your body uses to break down toxins into safer by-products
neutralizing toxins and eliminate them from the body Now why do we even need to talk about detox? Well to start off we live in a dirty world Toxins are everywhere. Scientists estimate that everyone alive today carries within his or her body at least 700
chemical toxins Now I am no chemical expert, but I wanted
to go through some basic environmental toxins that we may be exposed to on a daily basis So there are dioxins. Dioxins are byproducts released into the air
from production plants and they’re linked to cause lower thyroid
function, lower testosterone levels, and lower estrogen
levels as well Biphenyl A, which is BPA. BPA is a chemical
found in plastic bottles and lining of metal cans when ingested they mimic estrogen in the body
and has been linked to breast cancer, also linked to lower sperm count and increased
prostate sizes Formaldehyde was used in building insulation
until the 1970s and even today it’s still used to make glues for laminates, flooring, furniture, so when you’re
buying the furniture from IKEA you’re not ingesting formaldehyde but there’s
off-gassing as these furniture pieces fit in your house Now formaldehyde is also found in everyday
products such as cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos and conditioners, permanent press
fabrics, inks, the list goes on and on PCBs are used for coolants, lubricants, insulation
of electrical supplies and you actually find these PCB chemicals
in paint People don’t realize that a lot of times they’re
getting off-gassing from the paints that are in their houses,
from dyes that are from the carpet, rubber parts and whatnot and PCBs have been linked to weaken the immune
system, primarily lowering the both B and T cell functions of the body PCBs are also estrogen imitators, so once
again we’re starting to see a trend that a lot of these chemicals are hormone disruptors DDT was used in pesticides until it was banned
in 1972 but DDT is still found in the food chain today It takes many many years for chemicals to
be completely erased from the soil that all our crops are planted
in DDT mimics estrogen and reduces androgens
and has neurological effects in the body once again causing all kinds of hormonal problems Phthalates are chemicals that give plastics
their flexibility Phthalates are found a lot of times in our
daily products: lotions, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes and softeners and once again these
phthalates disrupt estrogen in the body Mercury, lead, heavy metals are becoming more
of an issue today because they’re now found in the fish that
we’re eating Lead and mercury have entered the ecosystem
primarily through manufacturing and paint and these heavy metals have been linked to
decreased fertility and chronic illnesses So these are just some examples of the
environmental toxins that we are exposed to every day I want to show you a quick video. We do a lot of different research projects
at the Environmental Working Group on a wide range of topics but tonight I want to talk to you about one
specific project involving ten Americans Ten Americans who have really been instrumental
in inspiring what we consider to be one of the most important
environmental campaigns in history One day we collected a sample of blood from
each of these ten Americans and we sent it to a laboratory to analyze it for
413 different toxic chemical pollutants pesticides and industrial chemicals alike of course scientists have been studying pollution
in air water and land for decades but it’s only recently that they turn to the
study of pollution and people and that’s what this project was designed
also to do There are hundreds and hundreds of toxic chemicals
in the air in the United States hundreds of millions of pounds emitted each
year but we know for a fact that none of these ten Americans were exposed to these chemicals by virtue of the
air that they breathed even though we found some of these very chemicals in these
ten people Could also have been the water that they drank
and believe it or not some drinking water does start off looking
like this before it’s treated but we know for a fact it wasn’t the tap water Of course, it could have been food that was
the route of exposure but we know for a fact that none of these
ten Americans were exposed to the chemicals we found in them as a result of food that they bought at the
grocery store, bought at a restaurant and consumed That was not the source. What about personal care products? Our online survey has shown that women use
an average of about 12 personal care products a day and that exposes them to more than 160 chemical
ingredients some of them rather toxic, day after day after
day Men, the exposure is about half that, because
they only use about half of the personal care products that women use But some good news this is not a gloom-and-doom
presentation altogether Almost all of the men were found to use both
deodorant and toothpaste So there’s kind of a silver lining there These ten Americans weren’t farm workers. They weren’t
factory workers. and when the results came back from the laboratory,
we had found 287 chemicals in just those ten people. An average of two hundred chemicals in each
one. When you look at the chemicals by category,
it’s kind of astonishing 28 different waste byproducts: dioxins, things
that come out of incinerators, smokestacks 47 different consumer product ingredients,
the flame retardants in these lights, in this projector Teflon chemicals, Scotchgard chemicals, pesticides, but for my money most disturbing of all, we
found 212 industrial chemicals and pesticide breakdown products that had
been banned 30 years before we took those blood samples and sent
them to the lab in 2004 Who were these ten Americans? How were they
exposed? Well the truth of the matter is we don’t really know very much about these
ten people, about the only thing we know is that as the exposures took place all of
them looked something like this This was the first time anyone had ever bothered
since the beginning of the chemical revolution to examine umbilical cord
blood to see how many toxic chemicals got through to the
developing child. This is pretty upsetting, right? We are talking about babies humans at their most basic and purest state,
before they’ve been exposed to our world before they have drank our water and breathed
our air, they too are exposed to all these chemicals Now if babies are that exposed, how exposed
to these chemicals do you think we are on a daily basis? We probably won’t run labs to find out how
many chemicals are in our bodies but we have a way to figure out how exposed
we are. There is a toxicity questionnaire that I will
send you after this presentation It is a good gauge to see how many toxins
we may be exposed to on a daily basis as well as to figure out how many toxins have been affecting
your everyday health It’s a good exercise to do before the purification Now if our exposure to the environment wasn’t
dangerous and bad enough for us, our internal environment has a lot to do with
our toxicity levels as well So our body creates toxins on its own from
everyday everyday metabolism For instance when your body digests fat, bilirubin
is released into your bloodstream along with other byproducts from incomplete
digestion If you’re drinking alcohol for instance there’s
acetone that gets released into your bloodstream When you have a really good workout and you
feel very sore afterwards it’s because the lactic acid has been released
into your bloodstream and needs to be flushed out And the list goes on and on, from the urea
from protein metabolism, carbon dioxide from energy production, acids
from inflammation in your body So what are the results of all these toxins
in your body? Why do we care that we have these toxins? And if we’re born with these toxins why does
it matter?How does it affect us? Well toxins are substances that don’t nourish
the body and in fact interfere with the body performing at its optimal best A lot of times people don’t realize these
everyday symptoms they’re feeling are a result of toxins interfering with their body functions Things like fatigue, waking up feeling unrested,
or that midday slump when you start reaching for that caffeine could all be because of toxins in your body Difficulty sleeping, waking up throughout
the night, puffy eyes and swelling, gas and bloating or constipation and diarrhea are all signs
of toxins People don’t realize that food cravings is
a huge indicator of toxins in your body, reduced mental clarity, low libido Now more and more toxins in your body lead
to greater and more severe health issues It’s no wonder that serious health problems
occur as people get older Over the years toxins continue to build up
in the body and without purifying and detoxing without resetting the body and giving it the
proper nutrients to work at its optimal best you can end up with really serious health
issues such as liver problems, kidney problems heart issues, high cholesterol, diabetes and
even cancer So we need to understand toxins so we can
reduce their ability to harm us So let’s talk about, how do toxins enter our
body? Toxins enter a body through three different
ways: from the lungs, from the skin, and from the digestive tract Now unfortunately we live in the city and
we can’t control the air that we breathe So we’re getting the exhaust, toxic fumes,
the second-hand smoke on a daily basis Since we can’t control the air, what can we
do to have the greatest reduction of our toxic exposure? Well that is to control what we put in and
on our bodies So number two is skin penetration. I tell my patients to be
very mindful of the products they use Read the label when they are at the market
buying their next shampoo or their next lotion or face wash Learn about the different chemicals that could
be harmful Things like phthalates, parabens, sulfates—if
you have a more organic option why not opt for it if it’s available to you? Now thirdly, the digestion is something we
can easily control Managing your digestion is one of the best
ways you can control the toxic intake into your body So let’s talk about digestion and what are
Americans eating nowadays? What are Americans putting into our bodies? Well the U.S. allows over 3,000 chemicals
to be added into our foods The average American consumes more than 200
pounds of sugar annually and sugar contributes to an average of 16%
of the total caloric intake in American diets today Now we have not always eaten like this and
I want to show you some data that might be a little alarming This is a map of the United States that shows
the percentage of people that are overweight in 1990 and by overweight we’re talking about people
who have a BMI index greater than or equal to 30 which translates to roughly 30 pounds overweight
for somebody who’s 5’4″ Now if you look at the map maybe two-thirds
of the map is this light teal green and that’s indicating about 10% to 14% obesity
levels in 1990. The rest of the United States looks under
10% Now fast forward 10 years, in 2000 we see
that the colors have changed throughout this map You see a lot more dark green and we see a
lot of this red color The red is now indicating greater than or
equal to 20% obesity levels in the Southern states and in the Midwest states That’s one in five people are obese in these
states The rest of the states look about 15% to 19%
percent obesity levels and there’s only one state, Colorado, that
has this light green that we saw in the previous slide at 10% to 15% So the lowest obesity rate of any state now
is 10% to 14% which was the highest ten years ago Fast-forward another nine, ten years, the
colors are changing again We see a lot more of this light orange in
the South. In the southern states we’re looking at greater than or equal to 30% percent obesity
levels That’s one in three people are obese in those
Southern states What happened since 1990? Well this is the result of fast food chains
that have been popping up, the five dollar Starbucks coffees that we
drink every day, lack of exercise because a lot of our jobs nowadays involves
us sitting in front of a computer Overall we’re less active and we eat worse. We have started to rely heavily on packaged and microwavable foods. How many of us
grab a package bar or throw something in the microwave very quickly
for lunch? As people become overweight, what do we do? Well they want to get some quick results,
they look for fad diets. We starve ourselves, we do things like three
day cleanses, we come up with concepts of what is healthy eating and we trick ourselves Maybe we get some immediate results but there
always seems to be that rebound effect where we gain the weight back or maybe we
gain even more than what we started with There is a huge misunderstanding in the way
that our bodies process foods Why do these diets not work? Well let’s talk about fad
diets and why they don’t work First off, fat protects your vital organs
and muscles from toxins Now toxins are stored in our fat because the
fat acts as a barrier to protect your body If you look at the top left image that’s us
a normal person with toxins When you do a normal diet, you quickly burn
off that fat which releases toxins into our bloodstream But we’re not eliminating these toxins, we’re
just eliminating the fat where they were stored before, so what does
our body do? Our body senses an increased level of impurities
and goes into emergency fat production meaning our body works to produce fat and
hold onto any fat that enters our bodies to store these toxins This leads to that rebound effect because
even if you maintain a healthier diet, your body is still searching for more fat
and is not working very efficiently and that creates a system that is actually
worse for your body So what you get with the traditional or fad
diet is maybe some great short term gain But you actually are creating long-term detriment
to your health Now the difference with doing a purification
or a detox is that if you, as you are burning off that fat you are also getting rid of all those toxins
in your body and what that means is 1, your body does not
go into emergency fat production mode and 2, your body will work more efficiently
without all the toxic build-up and 3, you are able to maintain a healthier
weight because when you do eat foods that maybe are not so healthy for you, these
toxins are not busy looking for fat to hold onto This means you’re less likely to have that
rebound effect Purification is necessary in order to keep
weight from returning, period. Now I often tell my patients weight loss is
not the main purpose or goal of this program However it’s the fabulous side effect to the
program So let’s talk about how our body deals with
toxins The body has three options when dealing with
toxins 1, bury them in the body fat like I said earlier 2, they deposit them into the tissues and
this is more chronic and serious issues once the toxins have entered in organs and
muscles and whatnot and 3, the body has the option of removing
them and this is obviously what we are trying to do Now how are toxins removed from our body? Purification is done in five ways. Our bodies naturally purify in five different
ways 1, we breathe it out through our lungs 2, we sweat it out through our skin 3, we poop it out through our intestines 4, we pee it out through the kidneys and 5, we detox. And remember I talked about detox, We’re referring to the breakdown of all these
toxins and getting them out of our system And this is all done in the liver. The liver is detox central. The liver is like the body’s oil filter. People change
the oil and filter in their car every 5,000 miles or so That’s, what, roughly two to three times a
year But they don’t think twice about neglecting
their own bodies filter which is the liver And we only have one liver for an entire
lifetime Your liver is designed to detoxify and cleanse
your body without building up sludge like an oil filter But when you do have all these toxins in your
body the liver can be easily overwhelmed and kept from performing its own self detoxifying
procedures When we are talking about detoxification,
we are really talking about the liver’s ability to break down toxins And to prepare them to be expelled out of
the body There is a timetable with the way this happens. Specifically there is phase 1 and phase 2
Detoxification has to be sequential. If the steps cannot be completed from phase
1 to phase 2 then detoxification will not occur at all And in fact may cause more harm than good
like we talked about earlier The reason this purification program is so
effective and is unlike any other cleanse or diet is because it targets both phases of detox by
giving it enough time to complete each phase. Now the program is 21 days. Phase 1 usually takes five to eight days to
complete before going into Phase 2 People who do a juice cleanse or short diets
that last only four or five days They merely start phase one of detox and may
never allow their liver to complete its function and to enter the second phase of detoxification Phase 1 and Phase 2 require different nutrients
and enzymes for them to be processed correctly and this program gives the body the tools
needed to complete the detox effectively. Now sometimes people ask me, Can I just do
part of a detox program? Or can I just detox the liver, or do a colon
cleanse? Take a magic pill? Well unfortunately you cannot just do a liver
detox or a colon detox or a kidney detox You really need all the organs of detoxification
to be working together for purification to occur When these organs are not supporting each
other purification may not happen at all Purification that is not complete can make
you sicker because the toxins end up in your bloodstream without anywhere to go So how do we eliminate toxins correctly? The key to detoxification is using proper
supplements and food to get toxins out of our systems So this program and regimen is about 1, limiting
your toxic intake 2, allowing your body the opportunity to reset and 3, creating good habits so we can maintain
a healthier lifestyle So now you know why we want to purify, let’s
talk about what we will actually be doing during the 21 days of purification The journey begins! The program is broken into two parts: Days 1-10 basically you will be eating lots
and lots of vegetables and fruits You will be taking three to six protein shakes
a day. You will be staying active and exercising and you will be taking whole food supplements
to promote your body’s natural functions and encourage detoxification Days 11 through 21 are the same as days 1
through 10 but we will start to introduce meats and protein into your diet As well as changing your supplements as we
enter Phase 2 of liver detoxification I do want you to be aware that meat is
eliminated during the first 10 days Now why do we do this? We’re giving the liver
and kidneys a break because they will be working on overdrive with all the whole food supplements that will
encourage detoxification Meat is very hard for our bodies to process
so we need to reset our system before we introduce meat back into our diet So you might ask, what will I be eating then? Most juice cleanses and diets limit your intake They make you go hungry and you starve yourself Well I have good news for you you will not
starve on this diet. In fact, most of my patients tell me how surprised
they are because they feel so full on the purification You will be able to eat unlimited amounts
of certain foods So what are these foods? You will be eating unlimited fresh organic
salads And why organic? Because it doesn’t have pesticides and chemicals
sprayed on them and we’re trying to stay away from chemicals
during this program You will be eating unlimited fruits and vegetables
raw or cooked, and I encourage everyone to experiment with different cooking methods. You can roast your vegetables, grill them,
bake them You can make soups, you can stir fry with
good quality oils and butter And by good quality oil we’re talking about
oils that can withstand high cooking temperatures Such as avocado, grapeseed, coconut oil. Oils that do not withstand high cooking temperatures
leach chemicals while they are cooking You can cook with salt and pepper, and all
the spices and herbs you desire You’ll be drinking 3-6 delicious protein shakes
a day. You’ll be drinking lots and lots of water And you will be adding high quality lean proteins
back into your diet starting day 11 And what are high quality lean proteins? Salmon, fish, lamb, grass-fed and organic
beef and chicken if possible So some examples of what you can be eating
or what I have eaten on the purification are listed on the right column You will also be getting the One Degree of
Change cookbook which is full of healthy and wholesome recipes What will I not be eating? It’s important to understand why
we are staying away from these foods First of all, we are going to stay away from
processed foods and what are processed foods? Breads, pastas, grains, anything that comes
in a box and doesn’t need to be refrigerated We’re going to try to eat as fresh, natural,
and organic as possible You will not be eating any kind of refined
sugar or artificial sweeteners No margarine, spreads, corn vegetable safflower
sunflower oil and all hydrogenated oils and trans fats And instead we’re going to be replacing it
with all the good high quality oils and butters that we mentioned previously We will not be eating any dairy and eggs,
nuts and beans, and the reason for that is Sometimes people have food allergies or slight
food intolerances that they may not be aware of You will not be at ingesting any soda, alcohol,
coffee tobacco, or other stimulants If you really need some caffeine a little
bit of green tea is ok Now there’s a program guide that has all the
details that you need in case this is too much for you to remember In the back of this program guide, there is
a handy shopping list that you can tear off and take with you when you go to the store. I took a picture of the list on my phone so
I always had it with me and I can also give you an electronic link to the shopping list There’s also a free phone app that you can
use when you shop as well to keep track of all the details in the program Okay so let’s talk about the purification
products we will be using All the products in our program are provided
by a company called Standard Process What makes these products different than any
other supplements you will find at your local health food store? Well first off, every single pill, scoop,
shake, powder we are going to use on this program is made from whole foods not chemicals made
in a lab These whole foods come from Standard Process’s
certified organic farm in Wisconsin Whole foods are defined as foods that have
been processed or refined as little as possible And free from additives and artificial substances
so basic foods that come from the earth And are grown naturally such as carrots, kale,
and Brussels sprouts So what is so special about a carrot? Carrots and other
vegetables have vitamins and nutrients that are healthy for us Nutrients such as beta-carotene which is a
precursor to vitamin A Inside a single carrot you will find a very
complicated list of naturally occurring compounds as seen in this slide Sure we could synthesize these compounds in
a lab and throw them together in a capsule But I ask you, is that really going to have
the same effect as eating the carrot? Chemists try to mimic vitamins in a lab, but
nature put the compounds together in plants in a unique way and in certain dosages to give whole foods
their energizing and life-giving properties Our bodies are not designed to process vitamins
without all their synergistic whole factors and enzymes What this means is we do not absorb beta carotene
efficiently without all the other compounds found in the carrots. This is the basis for whole food nutrition. This is what makes the supplements we use
in our office and on this program so unique and beneficial. There are four main products that you’re going
to be taking during the purification And the first one is SP Complete, which is
similar to a protein powder However this is much more than just a protein
powder. It’s full of whole foods like kale and Brussels
sprouts to fuel your body and provide the proper nutrients
to get you through the purification You will be taking fiber every day because
part of the detoxification process is done through the intestines in the colon And the two essential products that we’re
going to be using are the SP Cleanse and SP Green Food Now remember I talked about phase 1 and phase
2. This is where we change. Phase 1 we’re going to be using SP cleanse
to prepare the body for detox and phase 2 we’re going to be using SP Green Food Now when you start off this program, it may
feel they feel like you’re taking a lot of pills But because these are whole food nutritional
products they are less concentrated We need to ingest high quantities of these
products to achieve the desired effects of the purification So what can we expect to feel on the purification? Well 1, you can expect a frequency of urination. It may occur because the body is starting to flush out a lot of toxins and I do recommend
drinking a lot of water to facilitate this process 2, you may experience increased bowel movements
but this is not a program where you’re going to be running to the restroom. It’s going to feel like nice healthy bowel
movements 3, for some people they might experience a
minor headache, maybe some general aches and pains, itchy skin, or maybe a little bit of
fatigue. This is common if it’s your first purification
or if you have a lot of toxic buildup in your body If you have a heavy caffeine addiction, you
may want to think about weaning yourself off a week or two before the program These side effects usually lasts just a day
or two usually are usually around day three or four And I advise my patients, if you don’t feel
completely right or if you feel a little bit off, drink another shake. That’s usually what’s going to help. Keep some SP Complete in plastic baggies with
you on the go And that way you’ll always have backup and
extra nutrition when you need it 4, what you might may expect is weight loss. Typically men will lose 11-14 lbs and women
will lose 8-11 lbs Now if you really want to lose weight on this
program, it’s very important that you minimize the fruits you’re eating Because fruits you have a lot of sugar and
also you should minimize the wild rice and pseudo grains as well Like I said before weight loss is really not
the main goal of this program But it’s a great side effect that does happen
for everyone that detoxes Now you can enhance your purification and
get better results by further detoxing on your own We mentioned the body naturally detoxes through
sweat so if you exercise, if you do yoga, if you go to the sauna This is going to help enhance that. You can also get massages during this time
because it helps move the lymph in your body Deep breathing exercises will help release
those toxins and make sure you’re getting enough rest What I noticed during my first purification
is the quality of sleep was so amazing You fall into this very deep sleep and you
wake up feeling very refreshed before the alarm even goes on And you’re able to get through the day without
any caffeine or energy drop Which brings me to all the other benefits
you might feel on the purification A lot of people like I said will will feel
increased energy, have better quality sleep Better digestion overall, meaning less bloating
and gas. Shinier hair, clear skin. Every time I do the purification people ask
me what I’ve been doing differently with my skin because it seems to have this
natural glow as my body eliminates the toxins Tissues that heal and repair well, so this
means if you have chronic health issues, organ issues or whatnot You may be able to heal faster than normal
and repair what’s been damaged If you have aches and pains you’ll notice
them start to go away as you have less inflammation in your body And a lot of times people start to have better
concentration, they think better And they love the fact that they’re able to
lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle If you’re someone who is on a lot of medications
I encourage you to get blood work done right before the program and right after the
21 days I’ve had many patients who were able to get
off their high cholesterol and blood pressure medication after doing the purification and adopting
better habits So what’s included in the program? Besides all the 21-day whole food nutritional
supplements to purify the kidney, liver, and colon You will be getting a pill tray. It’s a seven-day pill tray and each day has
four compartments Morning, noon, night which is really handy,
if you fill up the whole tray beforehand You just pop out the day that it is and pop
it into your bag and you have all the pills that you need for
the day You will be getting one shaker bottle. You’ll be getting the One Degree of Change
cookbooks that I mentioned Orientation and follow-up sessions which I
will plan to do via webinar as well We’ll meet maybe for 15 minutes before the
start of the program just to go over the protocol one more
time And to answer any questions you might have
plus nutritional counseling if it’s needed This program includes the phone app for support
and advice and 21-day email support program which I found really beneficial Every day you’ll get an email into your mailbox
with details of how you should be feeling that day What to expect, a recipe of the day, and advice
to help get you through the program You should be getting receiving an email from
me after this with a link to purchase the program If you sign up today you will receive an extra
shaker bottle which is very useful, I usually have two shakes with me on the go And another bonus, if you refer a friend to
do the program you will get twenty dollars off I highly recommend having your partner or
a friend or family member do the program with you It helps to do it together. My husband and I always do it together and
it makes it easier because we eat the same foods and we make
sure we are there to support each other and make shakes together So that’s it, thanks for listening! I know everyone is busy so if you don’t have
any questions you can sign off and look for my email to sign up for the program. Otherwise if you have questions you can enter
them into the chat box and I’ll stick around to answer them Thanks for listening!

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