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Advancing Physiotherapy Practice MSc

Advancing Physiotherapy Practice MSc

My name is Clive Liles. I’m the programme
leader and the admissions tutor for the MSc Advancing Physiotherapy Practice programme
that we now run in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences here at the University
of Birmingham. What makes this programme particularly unique
is that it is housed in a very strong research led university, that provides considerable
opportunities for students to engage with staff within the school, both in terms of
teaching and the learning and much of the research that directly informs the modules
that make up the core components of the learning that registrants will undertake.
This programme is particularly aimed at physiotherapists, both home, EU and international, so we’re
looking to attract qualified physiotherapists who are particularly looking at advancing
either their career development, their professional development or perhaps their academic skinning.
I think prospective students need to take a careful look at what we offer, because we
are aware that many of the students that join us are already in full employment and therefore
have to secure time out to study with us. So therefore, in terms of the structure and
organisation of the programme we can offer it full-time or we can offer it part-time
and we hope to demonstrate considerable flexibility within that, because we teach in blocks, we
also teach using webinars and we also offer some distance learning opportunities whereby
students do not need to attend the University directly.
In terms of career outcomes we are interested in working individually with students to assess
their particular learning and development needs, whereby we can design a programme that
is bespoke to their requirements for advancing their practice within the clinical arena.
So for example, when we follow the clinical pathway it is possible for students to take
a compliment of modules that is accompanied by an aspect of work-based learning that is
both mentored and assessed in a specialist area of practice, and this is becoming increasingly
important for physiotherapists who need to demonstrate this advanced competence within
the workplace. Why should students choose Birmingham? I think
particularly when we look at the School of SportEx and Rehabilitation Sciences, there
are internationally renowned researchers who, working in a series of labs that are available
there, are developing work that is so important in terms of health and fitness of populations
and this is such an important component of delivering contemporary health care. Physiotherapy
particularly is becoming increasingly involved in the public health agenda both within the
UK, within Europe and further wide within the international community and really the
synthesis and the amalgam of what’s available and on offer in terms of the expertise is
adamantly suitable to the particular needs of this student group.
I think one of my most favourite things about teaching the course is it just generates so
much flexibility and opportunity of working, as I said, with individuals who have very
clear and often very different and differentiated learning needs and one of the most inspiring
things is actually seeking to find a solution for those who are engaged in what is a really
complex area of providing contemporary health care.
Why should students choose this course? Birmingham boasts a considerable reputation on the international
stage. The school itself, which we’ve now been part of for three years, has very good
research facilities, has a very good research staff who are involved in developing health
care research and associated research that are very important for physiotherapists working
out within healthcare. With the school’s particular interest in terms of the public
health agenda, there are a number of opportunities for practitioners to develop both their clinical
and their wider skills within health promotion and health education, which is an essential
part of any physiotherapy practice within current society.

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