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Alport Syndrome Foundation Teen/YA Miami ACT

Alport Syndrome Foundation Teen/YA Miami ACT

My name is Kevin Schnurr and at the age of 26, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Alport syndrome. Up until that time I had no known outstanding medical issues And as far as my family knew there was no history of kidney disease. When I was first diagnosed with Alport syndrome I felt discouraged, hopeless, perplexed, scared, petrified, petrified, speechless, speechless. Then I discovered Alport Syndrome Foundation. We encourage all youth like we encourage all members of our kidney community to advocate, raise awareness, and to fundraise. With your help we can continue to provide support to those who need it most and further our mission of conquering Alport syndrome. Alport Syndrome Foundation currently provides diagnosis and treatment guidelines, as well as a wide array of resources covering topics such as the renal diet, dialysis, and transplantation. After discovering the Alport syndrome community I felt informed, encouraged, part of a community, excited educated, hopeful, at home, at home, at home, at home, at home.

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  1. Hello, This is amazing! Im 13 and im doing genetic testing for Alport syndrome, My grampy had it and my mums a carrier so i have %50 chance of having it, My brother is 16 and has no signs of kidney disease, But i have, I've had blood in my urine for months now, Much love from Wales, UK

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