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AmputeeOT: First time walking after my below knee amputation with check socket!

AmputeeOT: First time walking after my below knee amputation with check socket!

Hi, Youtube. This is the Amputee OT and I’m really happy to show you today’s video because I got my first prosthetic. What’s really cool about this video is that it’s the first time I’ve put my unfoot into a prosthetic ever in my entire life and you guys get to see exactly what it’s like. I think I did pretty good. *Machinery and welding noises* [Doc]: Okay, let’s slide into one. I already shrank I can see all kinds of space in there *clank from the walker* *clank from the walker* [Tisha]: How does it feel? [Christina]: Weird. *clank from the walker* [Tisha]: Yeah, cause your ankle doesn’t move. So this is my opportunity did not be pigeon-toed in that foot. It was always in that foot, too. [Tisha]: Pigeon-toed… [Christina]: Pigeon-toed, my feet turned in. [Tisha]: Oh! Did you ever watch me walk? I walk like Tommy Pickles. It feels right to have prosthetic. I’m like of course I have a foot down there. Yay! Can you see my whole– my body? [Tisha]: Yes. I’m recording [Chuckle] [Tisha]: What are you trying to do? [Christina]: Trying to balance on– on my prosthetic. [Tisha]: Nice butt shot. [Christina]: Oh, yeah? [Doc]: Starting to get sore? [Christina]: The back of my knee I guess is a little sore but they’re starting to get a little… [Tisha]: Oh so you wanna put that back down? Oh. I’m– I’m– I– I messed up. [Doc]: Ah, okay why don’t we… I did that with my– I did that when I had two legs [Doc]: I need you to turn your toe out some more. [Tisha]: I wanna– I wanna see the stump. [Doc]: Okay, turn your toe out just a little bit. Yeah they’re both… [Tisha]: No runnin’. [Christina]: No? [Tisha]: No swimmin’. [Christina]: No swimmin’? [Doc]: Okay, let me get your socks together while you’re walking. [Tisha]: Go home and try some stairs. [Christina]: Eventually [Tisha]: Stop that! Stop it! You’re gonna hurt yourself. [Christina]: No I won’t. [Tisha]: “I will not hurt myself.” You’re gonna hurt yourself. Yeah? But I just got it. Oh, I can– I can see it in the mirror. *Giggles* So he wrapped it with fiberglass So it doesn’t crack. Cause this is not as strong. He made stronger Okay. That’s all for now. Be sure to subscribe to my videos if you’re so inclined. Ask questions below in the comment section. Have a good day and see you later. Bye bye!

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  1. Here's a tip you probably already know, but I'll  say it anyway a thin shopping bag over your shoe will allow you to put pants on without having to struggle with taking the shoe off the prosthetic.

  2. Love your videos.. I just had my cast made for first socket last week. Anxious to get in my leg and try it out. They said maybe two weeks and it will be built, problem is finding parts big enough. I am 6' 4" tall 340# and my foot measures right at a 16 which I think is going to be impossible to find a foot that large!!

  3. Ma"am I noticed a slight limp when you where trying out the first leg.  Was this just the awkwardness of it or was there any tenderness or pain from pushing down in the socket.  Reason for asking…I am AKA and my first few days in the check socket I had trouble putting weight on the stump in the leg, now it feels like the stump hardens with each wearing and pain is easing to allow longer wear daily.  Just comparing for some baseline of normalcy,,,,,Thanks for your great video's. 

  4. Everyones telling me it's going to a breeze because of the disaster of a foot I was living with for 29 years before my bka. I hope they are right. I never could move my ankle or big toe due to all kinds of fused bits, muscle flap grafts and scar tissue but I fought as long as I could to keep it and I don't regret that.

  5. Thank you very much for sharing a difficult time in anyone's life, because let us speak candidly, this is major surgery, I myself have had a trans metertarsal amputation of my right foot also all toes amputated on my left foot. I am still struggling with what's happened phsycologicly, however I was up and getting about,I had asked for a below knee amputation but here in the UK they don't seem two want to amputate healthy tissue, so consequently I am getting infections on a weekly basis, with all the reasons you explain in what I assume is your first video, and each week they take me down to the er and slice a bit more off. I come home feeling very low in mood and I watch your videos, you truly are an inspiration, and I am sure you inspire others as well thank you.

  6. I wish rehab would let me put my leg on and walk like you are. It's been awhile now and they still have me pacing up and down the same 10 feet between parallel bars, unallowed to take a hand off. I feel they are holding me back. One day they let me walk a few circles around the gym with a walker. I kept hearing "slow down", "tiny steps to turn" … if I can walk normally, why don't they let me? So annoying! But I will play it their way until I walk out with my leg and then I can do things my way. Soon I hope!

  7. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this experience with your first check socket. You seemed to catch on to it quickly. You seem like a fun sort of person – hope it all goes well for you! My very best wishes!

  8. the the prosthetic leg I'm barely getting to know my proe leg but I have a question when u put the leg on the inside n putter side why does it hurt it feels if its to high

  9. I get my first leg on Wednesday. Although last week I paced back and forth in a mock up version of it. For me, it's been a little less than a year waiting. I can't wait.

  10. Amputee OT I had an above knee amputation and I have a velcrow strap liner that you bring through the the a hole in the socket and bring all the way up until it reaches the a metal piece and then Velcro it down. And then it stays. I was wondering do you know of anyone else with this type of liner. Kirsten Mannello.

  11. how long after your amputatuon was this? I'm 6 weeks and had my first trial today. its easy to use but I had lots of pain…did u?

  12. Thank you so much for producing all of these videos. I had a below knee, trans tibial amputation of my left leg on April 19th. Hopefully will be getting my first test socket in a few days. Like you, I have done my best to make the best of the situation.

  13. hello …I like your video….my mommy is getting a below the knee amputation shortly….I'd like to know how to get one of those prosthetics for her …p.s.. I live in the bahamas

  14. the feeling of walking again for me was overwhelming and pure joy. I've been wearing mine for two months now. I have my life back.

  15. So scared of my leg fell two times hurt my knee it don't stay on good I'm overweight 52 yrs old been in the bed for months you make it look so easy ty. God. Bless. THRESA

  16. I've been watching your videos a little out of order and, I'm curious as to what trama you experienced to have lost your leg. Sorry if you've been asked this question a thousand times. But, thanks ahead of time

  17. Que chevere … Quiero la mia pero que dificil es conseguir una en Ecuador… cuando no se tiene los recursos…$$$ es dificil… quisiera tener la oportunidad de viajar y poder conseguir una… Felicitaciones veo tus videos y me motiva mucho….

  18. I thought you did brilliantly your first time! I used the parallel bars to take my first steps…and I couldn't do it! It took a few weeks before I could really "step into it." I'm not sure if it was a "mental" block? (probably)
    Anyway, this Friday I get cast for my second leg (I'm now a double BTK amputee) I just want to get around again! Sometimes, I feel so trapped. Onward and upward, I guess?

  19. I go to the guy who makes prosthesist on 3/31 and I'm wondering what he will do. I mean is he just going to take measurements or will he give me a temporary leg.

  20. When I got my first prosthesis I was not allowed to start walking right away. At first I had to do exercises and only then could I start walking in the bridge. Crutches were a definite no-no for me, so I use a cane. I have really enjoyed going to the rehab clinic, the therapists are lovely people. One was an OT, by the name of Patricia, and she almost met your fate. She had a broken foot like you, was operated on, then went through recovery and rehab and now she works again. She too saw both sides of the coin, so to speak. I have shared your video about the legoleg with the therapists and the patients and they enjoyed it.

  21. Went through a left BKA right after Memorial Day. Next Wednesday I meet with my physiatrist and (hopefully) the prosthesist. One question – on average what is the turnaround time between casting and testing?

  22. i just found your channel, i want to ask for some things, what was the most dificult thing of this type of leg? and, your foot on this video dont have any movement rigth? is on 90 degrees whit your leg?, thanks for to answer

  23. Hi, Lewie, again,,, WOW! I commented on your sight the first time to see how you put yours on! After seeing you walking right away,, I realized that with my left foot having 'Foot Drop' and my balance way off.. seeing you walk right away makes me smile for YOU, yet wishing I just had one led cut off and the other good'er! Ha.. Way to go gal! After a year of rehab and a great start with the whole event learning how to walk again, had a mid year problem with my heart and more stuff and has kicked me back to more rehab and yet still have hope of getting in shape to walk the beaches in Oregon soon.. Thanks for your site and info.. look forward to keeping in touch,,, Hugs,, Lewe

  24. I just want to say thank you. I’ve been watching your videos since I made the decision to amputate, which was about 45 days before my actual amputation. I was allowed to take my check socket home with a loaner k1 foot for a few days. Up until just a couple minutes ago I hadn’t been able to take an unassisted step. Not sure if it was a mental thing or if I thought the slight discomfort I was feeling when trying was a bad thing. After watching you walk while holding the walker in the air I decided to just suck it up and try it out like that. SUCCESS!!! Because of you and this video I just took my very first unassisted steps. And though it was only four, there will now be many more to come. Thank you for your videos.

  25. When I lose my leg, ( and it is just a matter of when) my biggest worry, is two things.
    Riding my motorcycle, and going for a swim at the beach.
    Can you speak to either of those two things?

  26. Hi, I am a transtibial amputee (right) since September of this year. After a pre-operative of about 2 months, this December 17, I walked again with my pre-prosthesis. I liked watching your video where you walk again.

    I was surprised that on your first walk you almost did not use metal support.

    Pity that your videos are in English, however the images are worth a thousand words. A hug from Santiago de Chile.

  27. 😇🙋💑❤💙💖💛💚💝💞👑🐇🐢🐩🐈🐰🍻🍇🍎🍌🍅🍉🌹🌸🍀🌺🌷🌻🚘💐👍

  28. Hi, Ive watched some of ur videos previously, but this is the first time Ive seen this one and I do have some questions.  I am a BKA from a botched surgery.  This was about 18 mos ago.  I spent nearly 6 mos in rehab and finally came home.  It was all a very difficult time for me, more psychologically and emotionally than anything else and I still struggle with it.  I have a prosthetic that Medicare paid for so it's nothing special but it's what I have.  My prosthetician is coming to see me at my house next week so Im just not sure what Im wanting .  I see you said that the "check socket"  is made to try out and not meant for long term use..  Im pretty sure that's what Ive had since leaving rehab and no one ever mentioned anything different then or for later..  My  stump, Im sure, is excellent.  The surgeon was a master and it looks amazing so no problem there.  So should I be asking about some other type of prosthetic or can u give me some help with what I might need to know or want to know.  Also, something that really caught my attention……… mentioned pigeon toed!!!  I have been pigeon toed my whole life.  I was teased all through school about it and it is pretty extreme.  As a result, I am not able to "walk" with the prosthetic and figured that I will have to learn to be wheelchair happy forever.  My knees rubbed together so badly,  they put padding on the prosthetic just to keep the bruising to a minimum on the other leg, but u mentioning it has sparked my interest.  Any information, ideas or help of any kind will be so appreciated.  Thanx, Robin

  29. I'm waiting to get mine. I have the same amputation as she has. I hope it's as easy as she makes it look.

  30. This vid gave me unreal expectations… It took me several months of wearing it just hanging out before I could actually walk

  31. i cannot find an ot or pt that believes this is possible … why do you make people who are
    limbless believe they will walk like this the DAY they get their prosthesis. it takes training and
    time. this is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Thank you for sharing!! Your spirit is amazing! My brother just had his leg amputated after a motorcycle accident. This is comforting seeing how well you are doing w yours! Thank you!

  33. Looking @ ur videos make me learn more I hope 2 get mine soon it's going on a year now I had my leg amputated but when I was in rehab I had a phone and it open my wound back up so I guess that's what was taking so long for me

  34. I am about one month from getting my first prosthetic I lost my leg three months ago in a motorcycle wreck it has been so hard because after my surgery it got infected at the hospital but it’s healing good now I’m almost there but I can’t take it anymore I’m so tired and feel so helpless as the man and breadwinner of my household if you read this please keep me I. Your thoughts and prayers if you believe in prayer thank you for this video I’m ready to smile and walk again

  35. Oooh so beautiful dear , but u are abit walking in internal rotation of foot,,,
    I am prosthetist in Tanzania, YOU ARE MOBILITY OUR PRIORITY, i love to see some one walking again

  36. That’s really cool I’m hoping to let my let really soon but I know there going to want to put me in a stump shrinker first I have to do step bye step

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