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AmputeeOT: How to destroy a prosthetic socket

AmputeeOT: How to destroy a prosthetic socket

Hi guys, this is Christina, the Amputee OT. In this video, I’m going to be trying to destroy this thing. This is a prosthetic socket that I got off of eBay, and I want to know exactly how strong one of these things is. It seems like the walls of these are sort of thin and so you would think that it might be able to break pretty easily. Now this is actually made of Carbon fiber, although it is epoxied with a pigment so that it looks kind of like human skin, though not really. I just wanted to see what kind of abuse this thing could take before it actually broke, so that in the future you guys who are amputees who will know just how much abuse your socket can take before it breaks. Okay! Let’s get started! *grunts*Hwuh! *clang* *clang* *tap* *tap* *clang* *tap* *clang clang* *bang* *bang* *bang!* *thud* *laughs* *bigger thud* *thud* All right, here’s what’s happened so far- not a whole lot. All right. I need the hammer. *clanging* *clanging intensifies* *grunts*Hwuh! *crash* *metallic sound offscreen* *slip* *objects collide offscreen* Offscreen: “AUGH!” “oh my gosh!” *slipping sound* *slipping sound* Okay guys, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this video! *laughter* Don’t try this at home! You can put more flames on there. That’s not enough. This is the one sure way of destroying your socket, but it releases lots of toxic fumes. Lemme see that. The cool thing about carbon fiber is that it doesn’t burn. What’s burning here is the epoxy that is impregnated into the carbon fiber. The actual carbon fiber itself does not catch on fire. So you can see that carbon fiber sockets are pretty resilient. It takes a lot to destroy them, like fire or running them over with a car, which hopefully won’t happen, that would probably destroy your foot too. So, moral of the story is that your carbon fiber socket is way stronger than your meat leg. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments section below. You can subscribe if you like. I put out new videos every Wednesday and, see you later! Bye! The scratch my leg, where are you going? [alright], uh I don’t think you can wear this anymore. I Think it’s done. Can you fix it? That’s more epoxy on it. Yeah, sure show it real close Yeah, top [Carbon-Fiber] ash, don’t breathe this

35 thoughts on “AmputeeOT: How to destroy a prosthetic socket

  1. I'd guess it works the same as anything else. Folks move onto bigger and better prosthetics and don't need their old ones. New amputees don't want to spend tons of money on a brand new one they might not like. Also, there are aftermarket parts sold by the manufacturers that are maybe not covered by insurance but are good to have.

  2. Ha ha ha ha. And here I thought I'd NEVER get to see anyone, let alone an amputee destroy their own prosthesis. High five.

  3. People use the old components to make back-up sockets or make their own if they do not have insurance. Those little pylons and tubes and bits and feet are *really* *egregiously* expensive if you buy them from a shop. People don't generally buy them for the sockets but for the other parts.

  4. My wife's friend, an amputee 50 years ago had her prosthetic fail a few times dumping her in her words 'on her bum'.  She changed to a peg, initially hickory later alloy.  The hickory one was used to light the stove on their boat when the leather socket got 'hard and horrible'.  Dual purpose…….Your neighbours are radically different to ours in the UK where any deviation from the 'norm' is met with teeth-sucking.

  5. I don't think you need to "fix it".  Unless some Legos would work?  LOL
    One more thing I don't have to ask.  "Hey, how easy is it to destroy a prosthetic leg?".  

  6. That is insane how much torture it can withstand. The burning part was cool! I can't believe it turned to black cloth ash afterwards, I thought it would retain it's shape, the pigment would just be gone & it would be black.

  7. down here (western australia) you are not allowed to do public burning like that Christine, that is a fire hazard. later on it could become a bush fire.

  8. Like, some day if you ever see this burnt socket again, you will be revisiting an old flame.  Just don't make an ash of yourself.  You go, girl!

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