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AmputeeOT: Safe Showers and Baths for Amputees

Hi, everybody. This is Christina, the Amputee OT. in this video. I’m going to show you some different methods for showering if you’re an amputee. If you’re an amputee, whether you’re an above-knee or below- knee amputee, showering can be a little bit of a tricky issue, because of the limitations you have when you have to take off your prosthesis. in order to take a shower. Getting in and out of the shower can be tricky business whether you have two meat- feet or not. So here are some different ways you might want to go about taking a shower. When you’re taking a shower or bath, and you get out of the shower, you often have slippery floors and you’re not wearing any shoes ,which means that you’re more likely to trip and fall. One good thing to do is to get a shower bench so that you won’t have to stand when you’re in the shower. Make sure the shower bench is nice and adjustable so you can adjust it to your height, and make sure when you do adjust it that it’s nice and stable and sturdy, so that it doesn’t wobble when you sit on it. Rather than taking off your leg and then hopping across your bathroom in order to get into your shower, a better idea would be to get in the shower with your leg on, and then, while you’re seated, take your leg off and put it on the outside of the shower. Also, be sure to put your towel and other toiletries within easy reach, so that you can get them once you’re out of the shower. And then, putting on your leg is the same thing. Without getting up from your shower chair, put your leg on and then get up from your shower chair. If you have a tub only, then you might want to try something a little bit different. Here, I’ve got a shower bench on the outside of my tub, and I use that to sit on while I take my leg off, and then I lower myself into the tub. And then when I get back out of the tub, I climb out of the tub onto the bench, and then put my leg on before I go hopping across my cold slippery bathroom floor. Of course, your mileage may vary on these different techniques, and you might have to use a different technique. Especially because most people don’t have bathrooms that are as big as mine, and so there’s limited space with which to install shower benches and transfer chairs and those kinds of things. You might have to experiment on which method will work the best for you. But keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to avoid trips and falls by making sure you never hop across slippery bathroom floors, so that you’re less likely to injure yourself. Okay, everybody that’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments section below. You can subscribe if you like. I put on new videos every Wednesday. You can follow me on Facebook. That’s And… See you later, bye!

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