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Best Drug Rehabilitation | Graduate Review | Kyle

Best Drug Rehabilitation | Graduate Review | Kyle

KYLE: I’d like to thank every singe person
here for just coming in the doors and helping us all, like… Hi my name is Kyle Force, before I came to
Best Drug Rehabilitation, I was a completely broken person, you know? I—I—I lost everything
I ever had, you know? A loving girlfriend, all the drugs, you know? An apartment, I just
lost everything. My whole entire life, I had a whole entire life built up, and I just lost
it all. Ended up moving in with my— my mom and eventually
that just went down hill. And stealing from drugs and just, you know, just ruining the
relationships and… My little cousin Taylor, she had a uncle that
overdosed on heroin and that was one of my drugs of choices. And she was just crying,
you know, telling me she didn’t want to lose me and I took a good look at my life
realized where I was and, I mean, I’ve been living this life since I was 14 years old,
I’m now 23. It took a huge toll on my mind, my body, you
know? I always thought “this was me, this is what I was gonna be for the rest of my
life”, you know? “This is what I come from, this is what it’ll always be.” And then when I came to Best Drug Rehabilitation,
it completely changed everything about me. I came in here a broklet— broken homeless
individual that just had— I may have acted like I had total confidence in myself but
I didn’t at all. And then, a lot of these times I came here, I started to get a feel of myself and realized I needed to change and I was supposed to come in here and do 30 days and left. Now, I’m here 60, and 7, 8 days sober. I’ve never felt better
in my life. I didn’t want to be here, you know? I was
just wanting to go back to my old life as soon as possible. I ended up staying for two
and a half months. And, you know, just taking everything in and just doing everything that
I could. And then eventually, you know, I went from an angry person who used to isolate
himself in his room to being downstairs in the yard and just helping people and helping
the new people who wanted to leave and explaining my story and telling them what I’ve been
through, you know? Being homeless and just, you know, everything I’ve gone through to
the— where I am today which is a very strong, confident person that believes in myself like
I never have before. Never feel healthier in my life and I owe it all to Best Drug Rehabilitation. I loved all the facilitators which are like
teachers, are— were just great people and they loved each and every one of you, you
know? And every graduation is an emotional one because they— you can see, you know,
it’s one thing to say that they care about you but when that— when that Friday comes
and you’re leaving and they’re crying, you know? And— and it’s good to know that
this whole time, they actually did care about you. So when I came into here, I mean, I— I never
really had, like, actual good friends and there’s people here that have taught me
what real friendships are, even though I’ve only known them for 30 days, 40 days, whatever,
I know what real friendships are. This is not just, you know, rehab. Most rehabs
really, you know, they take— you don’t get to wear your own clothes or they take
your shoelaces and your belt at the door, like, this place has, you know— you know,
you have just enough freedom to where you feel like you’re— you’re free but then
again has, you know, it just makes you feel like you’re in school for how to change
your life and how to be what you want to be because if you’re willing to come to rehab
and you know that you’re— you got that change and if you’re on the fence and if
you ever second guess your life, then you know that you’re ready to change. Cause
that’s wha— what my problem was, I was always second guessing my life and I know
that that’s when it was time to change. If you were to, uh, see me, you know, 3 months
ago, 6 months ago when I was on the streets and just doing dr— like I mean, sometimes
I don’t even remember it, I don’t feel like I ever need to go back to that. And all
I ever picture is being happy with my life and being confident and healthy. So Best Drug
Rehabilitation is definitely a place to be. Y’all helped me so much, like, I came in here and, you all know, like, I was— I— I would think you loved me one second then the next second I’d think all y’all hated me, and I’m up in my room, crying, I never
said that before, but I was crying thinking, you know, “why am I even here? I’m not worth it.” You all made me feel worth it. And, I mean, that’s all I have to really say. Thank you Congratulations Kyle.

8 thoughts on “Best Drug Rehabilitation | Graduate Review | Kyle

  1. This was a powerful story. I had a friend that was struggling with a similar situation. I also like that he did not state that it was like a normal drug rehab place. I think that is a very important aspect to have, as it is something that is not normal. I also think it is really important for them to improve the skills that they need in order to expand their lives and then get them up to where they are better able to handle their lives.

    I think that this program is doing a very important thing for all of the people that are coming to them for help, and I hope that they keep up the good work, and I look forward to hearing more success stories like this one!

  2. Wow! What an amazing transformation for this guy. I mean you can really hear it in his voice the confidence of a person who has really made a chance for the better. I think that is amazing to see people be able to overcome such a difficult situation and really come out the other side. The Best Drug Rehabilitation center sounds like an incredible place that tries very hard to make the difference in someone's life. I love to see people do better in life and make it. I know people who have been through similar situations and it is a very hard situation to grasp. Thank goodness there are good people and good places out there to help!

  3. He came from very deep in life, to such a nice point. He really looks like he is very happy and he is doing very well now. I would have not think that he has been on drugs for such a long time. I swear Best drug rehab really changes people. Wow! I know some people who have done their program, and they are really a changed person, no one would tell that they had a deep patch in their life. I think what they do is really fantastic, they are changing lives for the better, they are helping so many people to live a happy healthy life, incredible. If you feel like you are ready to get real help, from professional people, than do not hesitate, go to Best drug rehab, there you can really change your life around. Ad what is really good, is that you will get a very personalized program, they are going to go through with you on the options you have as to rehab and you choose what you think would work the best. There are different methods applied such as individual and group counseling, 12-Step groups and educational activities. They can also participate in AA or NA meetings, and Conscious Decision Making/Moral Reconation approach, which helps clients rebuild their self-image and develop a positive attitude. They also learn to think differently and basically they come out like a completely changed new person. Also they follow up, they have a great after care program, even with those who have does the program years ago, they still listen to them and help them any way possible. Their attitude that truly sets them apart from any other place. Just can not say enough good about them. So if you are looking for a rehab, than this one is for you, the best in patient rehab center.

  4. It true what he said. When your there, you do feel like you're in school to change your life. I really like that about BDR. You get treated like a human being there, one that's making changes in their life. The counselors and facilitators understand this and a lot of them have been through their own recovery and so can really relate to you and the struggles you're facing in your life. The people working there care so much about each client. When you're in recovery there you don't feel like you're going it alone. You feel like you have a whole team backing you up and it really helps.

  5. He looks pretty happy and he should be proud of himself. he went through very hard time but he did it and that`s what count. Congratulations you did a great job! I wish the best to you!

  6. Beautiful story. Go Kyle! And to think that was the only life he knew from age 14 to 23 and still he was finally able to rid himself of these demons. Best Drug Rehab sounds like a fantastic place to go to and get your self-respect and confidence back, as well as find out what life is really all about…friendship, helping others. He went from anger and isolation to helping others. How many more are out there feeling that anger and living in that isolation because of these terrible drugs and alcohol. It's just such a trap. I will be happy to share. I'm so glad this Rehab is out there for these people.

  7. Very amazing story. So well done for what you have achieved so far, you did so great. That is one deep of a hole to come out of, but you did it, you are really amazing. And it is true what he was saying, you have to change your point of view and you have to think you can be better, and you have to want to change. It is so nice that he was at the end helping other people talking to them and helping through the rough times and helping them stay. He really did transform a lot and i really wish him to stay like that. I like this place, I like how they motivate their clients and help them, and they encourage them to find hobbies and things that they enjoy. One of those are sports which are excellent and necessity for a healthy body. The other activities, like arts and so on, it is great that they encourage that too, cause it is always good a person likes to do artistic activities that take their mind off of their problems for a little while. I think the programs are pretty good and the entire selection of activities are great. This rehab place really looks like it has so much to offer. All these different exercise are really good, and I think this way people can get more involved in them. Also the programs that are offered after the initial detox process, are very diverse, and the thing that is also a good thing, a positive point, is that it is an open ended program, so you do it till you are ready and properly rehabbed, not when the days are over. If one does it with the purpose of living a clean life, than this works well.

  8. Amazing that after he has lost all and went into such a horrible situation, he still had hope to get better. Very great that he ha changed and that he decided to go to rehab, it would be a shame that so nothing bad would happen to him. Amazing that he staid 2 months, I am sure that he changed a big deal and how good is that he is persuading others to keep going. It is true that people are very scared and they just do not even want to try, they just give up and hide. There is no point of hiding and being scared and so on. It is really just the best to go and get help, and i think that the amount of care that one gets from best drug rehab and help and love that it os really a good choice to go there and get help from them because they really are good. Watching all these videos is really amazing, seeing how many people have been helped and that they are really all doing good and now out of drugs, that is just excellent. I think that they are doing a fantastic job at best drug rehab, they really are, and people should not be scared of going to them to get help, and they should just really let them know everything they have a problem with so they can be helped out of that situation. And the programs that they offer to people are also very excellent. They are all working and people get the needed skills and data that they can than use in their life once they return and will not use drugs again. They have helped many people so I think it is right to say that best drug rehab would be an ideal place to get off drugs.

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