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Best Drug Rehabilitation Graduation

Best Drug Rehabilitation Graduation

Now this is almost the same feeling as when
I graduated college, and I feel like, I don’t know, it’s different but it’s kinda’ the same.
And I learned so many things that I thought I knew that are preparing me to complete my
life. Just, you really should feel blessed to be here because there are a lot of people
out there that are still using, that are, you know, in jail; dead, you know you name
it. And it’s just a matter of time before that happens to us as addicts, so I thank
God for bringing me here. I was at Hazelton, and I was there for ten
days and I got kicked out. By Friday, I saw graduation coming along and I seen the look
in people’s eyes. I seen the confidence, and you didn’t see that at Hazelton. That’s easy.
You just go and sit there for 28 days and show up. This isn’t easy. It’s very frustrating;
it’s hard. You’re going to have ups and downs, and you are going to get mad. You just have
to get over yourself, your pride, and your ego, and step it up because I tell you what,
this thing and this program has saved my life. Please just take this stuff really seriously.
This is what is going to save your life. You never know when you go back out there, you
stick that spike back in your arm, that could be the last time that you live. My (inaudible)
goes to the lady that runs this place. Her name is Amber, just in case you don’t know
who she is. And that lady, if you go to her and you act like a woman or a man, and not
like a little kid, because that’s what we are. We’re grownups. OK, it’s time for us
to grow up. That’s what I learned from this place. She will help you with anything. And
it starts from the top and it trickles down. And you see it in this place. This is my fourth
rehab that I have been to. I have never seen a staff like the one that’s here. These people, all the supervisors, they’re
here to help you. They’re great. It’s like, it’s their job but they love to do what they
do. I want to ah thank Jean first, the nurse,
because without her I wouldn’t have had some lifesaving surgery. Thank you. Appreciate
that, from the bottom of my heart, I do. When you first get here, it’s kind of odd.
You don’t know what you are getting yourself into. A lot of people say it get’s easier.
I don’t think it gets easier necessarily, but it gets easier to do harder things. When I finally get to advanced TR’s, and ah
it finally really comes to me. It clicks why I’m doing all these TR’s, how I can apply
it to my life, and it really hit the goal for me basically. In a real life situation,
you can confront any situation, bad, good, sad, bad, whatever you feel. You can confront
that situation no matter what. You can really use that. And thanks to the students, everyone that
made me feel like this was home because they are great. Thanks. I came in here broken, I came in here hurt.
And I tell you what I’m leaving here happier than ever, and I ain’t lettin’ nothing hold
me down anymore.

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  1. This really hit deep with me because of my friends drug abuse. Its good to see you guys spreading such a positive message. Its great to see people doing so much better too. 

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  6. It is always sad when people want to get their lives back and live a life of recovery but so many times they go to multiple rehabilitation centers or relapse because they do not find a program that works for them. It is amazing to hear everyone say how each of the staff members helped them individually while they were there and that for the first time they found a place that not only helped them to get sober but that they felt like they were at home. It is obviously a great reflection on the program you have.

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  21. Very inspiring and such a big accomplishment to achieve. Indeed a great testimony for other's to be inspired by!

  22. These are very brave people. Addiction is a hard thing to beat, I have had many friends throughout my life addicted to different substances and most never make it even close to this far. I will have to point them in this direction for sure.

  23. A very productive idea, that of, graduation after a long enduring process that culminates in a memorable ceremony.

  24. It's amazing to see how this program has actually helped people. Most programs promise things that are just too hard to fulfill, but seeing these people talk to us very passionately about it, shows that it has really helped them get to where they want to be.

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  29. This video is incredible! I had goosebumps nearly the entire time while I was watching it.
    It is such an inspiring film and it is great to see people changing their path that they had previously chosen and that they got themselves out of the gutter.
    And this goes to show you that this rehab facility is the one that gets the job done as one of the guys went through multiple rehab facilities, but this one changed him.
    And by the way the rest of the students were talking was as if they knew they were never going to end up the bad way that they were. They were truly set on starting life over aagin with a fresh start.

  30. I really enjoyed listening to these students talk about what they got out of this program. I have known people that struggled with addiction and I saw the product from other rehab facilities, and I wish that he would have gone to this place to get what these people got out of their programs. I was really cool to see how all of the graduates were talking about becoming more responsible and handling their lives. That was a refreshing outlook on things and I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say.

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  33. It's so cool to see these graduates and how confident they are in their abilities to live the life they want and remain clean and sober. BDR has changed so many lives. It a rehab where all the staff and your peers are rooting for you to make it and you don't see that anywhere else.

  34. Great job these people did recovering from drugs and alcohol and getting to the end. Graduating to a higher purpose…living.

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