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Body Works Sports Physiotherapy Clinic in North Vancouver

Body Works Sports Physiotherapy Clinic in North Vancouver

Welcome to Body Works Sports Physiotherapy we look forward to helping you achieve your very best, whether you’re an elite athlete, sports enthusiast or active with day to day activities, we can help you
recover from injury fast and get you back to doing the things that you love. Hi, my name is Dana Ranahan, I’m a physiotherapist and owner at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver. At Body Works, we are committed to helping you achieve your best we know you are busy and it can be challenging
to fit appointments into your schedule. That’s why we provide focused one-on-one treatment sessions, not juggling multiple patients at once. This means you receive our focused undivided attention. We also spend more time with you, typically a
hour or half hour sessions one-on-one. These longer one-on-one sessions means
we can do a thorough assessment, using our whole body integrated approach. We
develop and implement a customized treatment plan that will help you to
reach your goals faster than typical therapy approaches with fewer
appointments and typically lower overall costs. Our physiotherapists at Body Works, have internationally-recognized advanced training in specialized treatment
techniques including: Manual Therapy, Joint Manipulation, IMS or Intramuscular
Stimulation, Acupuncture and the highest level of sports physiotherapy training. The physiotherapists at Body Works also have specialized training in exercise programs. We develop individualized exercise programs to help you recover from injury
and maintain mobility and strength. Even if you have a mild injury, we can show you
exercises and educate you, on how to ensure that your injury is not get any worse. We also hold small group exercise classes in the clinic to educate you and help
get you strong. At Body Works, our goal is to help you achieve your
best pain-free and we do this by integrating a combination of treatment
techniques, exercises and education to help you achieve your goals. We are passionate about helping people of all abilities get better. We have extensive experience
with elite and international athletes. We volunteer our time at local and international sporting events, charity events and community health and wellness fairs. We believe in a strong community and work hard to support out community in numerous ways. At Body Works we’re here to help.

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