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Charlotte Häger, Professor of Physiotherapy

Charlotte Häger, Professor of Physiotherapy

My name is Charlotte Häger
and I am a professor of physiotherapy, previously called sjukgymnast in Swedish, at the Department of Community Medicine
and Rehabilitation here at Umeå University. It can be generally stated that I work
with understanding human movement ability. And it’s also about being able to
analyse why people move in a certain way, and especially if one obtains
injuries or illnesses. This kind of research is important
in order to understand what kind of treatment should
be given to an individual who has been affected by
various types of motion disorders. It may be because one has
torn an ACL in a football match or it may be that one gets
an intracranial hemorrhage and cannot walk the same way as before, and it is not always something we can
understand with the naked eye as what is correct, but we use a
high technology equipped laboratory to be able to analyse
human movement ability.

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