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Couples Therapist Reviews Romantic Comedies

Couples Therapist Reviews Romantic Comedies

100 thoughts on “Couples Therapist Reviews Romantic Comedies

  1. Buzfeed please have a professional antiquer or something react to Storage wars. I really want to know if they’re appraising correctly or just saying random big numbers

  2. My mom is a couples therapist (note: she NEVER shared identifying details or names!!!) and she has a story about a woman who came in w/ her husband. One day the woman was preoccupied for half the session, and all the sudden she said, your tree (office decoration!) is in the wrong spot, it should be there (she pointed,) after which she started bursting into tears. She explained herself saying “who could love such an insane control freak? This is why we’re in couples therapy. I try and control everything and he hates it.” To which the husband replied, “are you kidding? This is why I love you! Who else in this world would care so much about a tree. I love that about you.” Moral of the story was, your partner can fully embrace your flaws even if you think they won’t-and we can tell stories about ourself (I’m such an insane control freak and he hates it) that unconsciously bring distance between one another. When she said her worst fear, he was able to laugh about it and genuinely deny that it mattered to him. I find that story so touching <3

  3. The first one where she says they’re “both on different pages” reminds me so much of Mars Landing (I think that’s the name of the ep anyways).
    Nick: wants to be a trucker on Mars
    Jess: no
    Both: break up
    (But it’s all good in the end)

  4. Her voice is so low and calming… she could never be my therapist because I’d drift off to sleep like a little baby since her voice is so soothing lmfaoooooooo

  5. How about saying this about main characters in TV Shows. Sinething like Sherlock. This is what I really need. And I love her way to speak.

  6. I’m sorry Lara Jean and Peter are not forever? I think she needs to read the books or see the end of the film because that isn’t what happens

  7. Love her analysis and her voice. She needs to do more of these analysis on shows or movies! Please bring her back to do some more!

  8. I to all the boys I love before, I honestly thought Lara would end up with josh. Peter is just so slimy and douche-y

  9. The Big Sick feels like an odd one to do considering it’s based on a true story about Kumail and his wife, so yeah it ended up working out lol.

  10. When I was younger there was a guy that I was good friends with who wanted to b more, but we were so young & I wasn’t looking for a relationship & told him so. We continued our friendship but he still wanted more. Fast forward to today…we’ve been married 18 yrs, together for 24 & I couldn’t imagine life without my best friend, my soul mate. I didn’t want to screw up our friendship but ended up making it so much better when I admitted the feelings I was trying to push away.

  11. love the idea, wish there was more discussion about strategies or do's and don'ts

  12. There was some weird picking and choosing of scenes for this. Like, everything but When Harry Met Sally showed the literal lowest points in each relationship and there was no context to the conflicts for the other scenes. It's a big ask for her to make a call based on such little and really unrepresentative information.

  13. Why was their no homosexual relationships…. Buzzfeed is meant to be inclusive really let me down with this one… not a single one? Wow……

  14. I was lowkey afraid when she got to Harry and Sally, not knowing if she was gonna ruin one of my favorite movies…

  15. I know she's a couples therapist but my goodness I want her to be mine. I don't have one but I would go to her. She's very calming and kind sounding

  16. I have a friend who was in a relationship for at least 10 years. Her lover was also her best friend. Childhood sweethearts you must say.

    Yet in one of her darkest moments, she was tempted to another man. A married man actually. It was not love, it was lust. She confided in me and I knew she felt extremely guilty about it. She neverthless went with the flow and had a small fling, even after I warned her of her consequences.

    Little did I know that true love is not so shallow. Her boyfriend forgave her after a couple of days, when she confessed. She told me how lucky she was, to have found the real love.

    But fate is cruel. He died a few years later in a car crash.

  17. But Peter and Lara are able to make up and come to understand that they both made wrong assumptions or felt insecure and after that, they came to trust one another so……….. what's her point???

  18. I like how she said break for To all the boys I've loved before, but that's the couple that the author pushed through as the romantic leads for all three books.

  19. I would love to see her analyze Fitz and Olivia from Scandal bc lowkey their relationship seems unhealthy but they’re “meant to be”

  20. Don't mind me just looking for the pitch fork comment mob section for To all the boys who were offended when she said Laura Jean and Peter weren't going to make it. 🤣🤣

  21. First of All, 500 days of summer was never a rom-com. It was a movie displaying the unhealthy mindset associated with having rigid expectations of a significant other and projecting those expectations onto another human being. He didn’t love HER, he loved the idea of her. That was the whole point the movie was trying to make. A rom-com’s main goal is to paint a relationship in a beautiful and sentimental light. 500 days of summer’s goal was to project his damaging mindset, and allow him to grow.

  22. I remember watching To All the Boys I've Loved Before and thinking that a couple could never be THAT bad at communicating. Until my girlfriend and I were that bad or worse at communicating haha it was a mess

  23. They only picked those couples bc they are pretty healthy (at least the ones I know) most movie/Tv show couples she would’ve said break in 2 seconds

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