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Davetrina Seles Gadson: SLP at a Rehabilitation Hospital

Davetrina Seles Gadson: SLP at a Rehabilitation Hospital

[ MUSIC ]>>I became an SLP because I
knew that there was diversity in this field, and I knew that
I would have the opportunity to help people communicate. Eight years now in
this profession, I wouldn’t have it
any other way. My name is Davetrina
Seles Gadson, and I am a speech
language pathologist. One thing that I really
enjoy about my day is that it’s definitely
not routine. You’ll say them, and then
I’ll repeat them after you. From working with patients
with voice disorders to neurological disabilities
and speech to swallowing — sometimes it might include
community outings or working with other therapists
to make sure that we’re treating
the entire patient. One of the most exciting
experiences that I’ve had is
working as a travel SLP. I’ve lived in Chicago; I’ve
lived in Dallas, so just having that opportunity as well as
building my career is something that this field has
supported me. My patients inspire me. They have a magnificent
ability to be resilient. So [inaudible] is a
19-year-old college student who had a brain tumor. One thing that prompted
this type of outing is that [inaudible] expressed that
she likes to eat out a lot, and her friends and family
were ordering for her because of her fear of
not being understood. So today was a perfect
opportunity to take her out, have her order for herself,
and build that confidence that she is intelligible
and people understand her. Knowing that [inaudible] is so
close to returning to college and the community is
such a rewarding feeling that it’s hard to put in words. She is an amazing person, and
to have met her at this junction in her life is, I think, more
beneficial to me than her. Yeah. [ MUSIC ]

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  1. "My patients inspire me. They have a magnificent ability to be resilient." Hear from Davetrina Seles Gadson about what it's like to be a speech-language pathologist:

  2. Love her!!! So welcoming and willing to communicate with people at NBASLH and ASHA Conventions, even if she doesn't know you well!

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