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3 weeks left, 3 weeks before the fight The preparation goes well. It is very intensive. I do a lot of sparring every day a lot of situational sparrings wrestling sparrings, some are short and intense others are long and exhausting I focus on every aspect, every day. I’m also focused on my strengths And on those of my opponent I know he will be physically well prepared This fight is important for me I want to prove that I am the number one in Europe I want to make sure that he has no chance, that the fight only goes in my direction I want to dominate him, in all areas of the fight After my fight if I win I will explain my game plan. The trainings are repeated. Ever more intense and the date is getting closer It’s always a strange feeling to be in a hurry to be there and to want the time to slow down, for fear of not being ready When I see the investment I make, I tell myself that it’s madness. A crazy investment without any insurance of results As we approach the fight, I reduce my circle of partners it allows me to reduce the risk of injury and to work with partners who have the same profile as my opponent I take the time to rest too to recover It is the most difficult in a preparation. Accept to do nothing to become better I train alone too. In these moments you can not cheat. you have to find inside you for your deep motivations. As in battle, it’s you with yourself then there’s the other one In this case, it is often the one who shows the most desire who wins I just started mental preparation. or rather another aspect of mental preparation A mental preparation to be even more efficient in the fight. For now, it’s doing well during training The fight is in less than three weeks I am fit. My mind is on top. My gameplan is established and drilled every day There is only one thing left. Implement it.


  1. Waouh quelle vidéo. Bravo frangin je suis tellement fière de toi, impressionnée aussi de cet investissement et de cette force mentale. Je crois en toi, hâte de te voir donner le meilleur ! ❤

  2. Bon courage pour la fin de Prépa et ton combat.💪 Si il y a un lien pour regarder ton combat le jour J. Je suis preneur et je serais présent pour te soutenir ir depuis la France 😁

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