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Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf

Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf

When we started the series, triggered, I promised you that we were going to get practical.

8 thoughts on “Detoxing Your Mind: An Interview With Dr. Caroline Leaf

  1. wow what an amazing sit down i always love how Caroline Leaf is always able to put things into perspective her clarity on the matters of the brain and understanding of scripture I always feel like a neuroplastician after listening to her but the combination with Ps Steven thats just out of this world the realness is just amazing the questions perfect and yes the whole thing is amazing ……

  2. Am confused what she is talkng about, evaluate internal and external?

    The Bible offers the only wisdom we need. "Delight yourself in the Lord" – think about what you will say or do that pleases for Lord. That's the way to live.

  3. So much WISDOM in 1 conversation between 2 WISE people.

    **The Bible says in ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭8:33-34‬ —

    “Heed (pay attention to) instruction and be wise, And do not ignore or neglect it. Blessed [happy, prosperous, to be admired] is the man who listens to me, Watching daily at my gates, Waiting at my doorposts.”

    You will want a pen, paper, & dedicated time without distractions so you may take notes and get the most from this.

    It’s some advice that will 100% change your life in so many positive ways. Best thing I’ve seen about Renewing the MIND as we walk with God on a journey full of thoughts 24/7 that never stop.

    May God Bless All Of You,
    In Jesus name.

  4. First, off. One of the biggest lies is the devil ain't real. Secondly. I don't trust anyone who suggests someone shouldn't pray period. Thirdly. There is power in speaking the WORD OF GOD. God's word is alive sharper double edge sword. The bible speak against murmuring and complaining. It's important and I do believe we're to take everything in prayer before God.

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