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Dhamma Detox

We’re alcoholics. We’ve been in rehab seven times, eight times maybe. We were heroin addicts before. Yea, I was one for 12 years, yea, eight years…so. It’s…I don’t know what else to do? His intentions were to let the three of you guys know about some of those rules… I lived on skid row for two years. It was bad. It was not pleasure. I was in Burma two years ago. It was at
that time that I chose right back to the triangle, the real part of it, like, the
northern Shan State, like, where… just get back on heroin and kill myself. I’m still questioning if I’m…something can make me stop. Most of the people cannot survive by
themselves. As a family member, as a member of the organisation, as a student
as one of the patient or as one of the doctors. They need to rely on each other. In doing good deeds also, most of the people cannot do good deeds by themselves. The mind is the most important. If you think it is
possible it is sure to happen. If you are the person who is suffering from mental disease, if you can accept this method is possible to need to continue and then you are sure to get success. Then I went to China, and ended up
getting offered heroin or saw heroin next to the weed and like said, “What’s
that? F*** it maybe I’ll try it. All my grandparents died of alcohol. I’ve been to jail and prison for like three and a half years altogether. I worry more about dying from just continuing to do it but we just gotta keep trying. Ok. We’re just going to chill out. I, I hit…were you there when I…had…six, seven seizures… hard ones…Bit my mouth, like through almost, and whacked my head on the concrete …’bam’, face first? I was…I was literally out of my mind for days and it it’s not my fault. That happened, because…’bless you’ because I stopped drinking. So I’m taking opportunity out of what seems like a curse and a burden. Just so you know that. Using drugs and alcohol, you have to suffer, seriously. If you can…if you are trying to keep precepts not to take drugs and alcohol, you can be better. The cause of…the cause of the suffering of yourself is breaking precepts. You lose your intelligence, you lose your memory, so you lose yourself you
cannot control yourself; your mind. So now, as a nun, you are keeping precepts…you are trying to keep precepts, that’s why you need to continue like this, for long-term, and then there will be less and less suffering. You may be able to control yourself; your mind. I like this…the way these people live.
I’m not Buddhist, I wouldn’t label myself anything, but as far as like, the goal of
detachment and all that stuff and, you know, just their like, main, like, belief
system their lifestyle is agreeable. Come on man, I was feeling better, I was stopping the bus, with my thoughts and heart. We’ll search on our own and then when we couldn’t find her we will call the police. Ok I’ll try. Hey, have you seen a girl? Have you seen a nun? The police have her already. Ok great. So where do we go? Hello? They took her to the hospital. Sayadaw and like, David, you should go together. The reason we are here is because of me. If it were up to you guys we would be scouring the streets. Sayadaw was the one who said not to bring her to the hospital. Sayadaw was the one who said don’t call the police. So what do you want to do about it? What do you want to do, Al? I’m asking…you have an issue about it so what do you want to do about it? ‘Little people’ were chasing her and she fell down and couldn’t get up. Is she still conscious? They haven’t given her anything yet. She just got there. I told her what happened and she said, ‘Oh, sweetie you’re going have to be here’. She’s going to get, some, ah, medicine. Hey David, how are you? They’re waiting on her blood tests to come back to then maybe give her some medication but she’s asleep now. Oh, thank God. So like ah, what did the doctor say after the… They said that they want to keep her overnight, at least one night they want to watch. Oh, that’s great. It was a purging. Its like, we are traumatised…more than her… You don’t even remember…I unfortunately do. Poor David, and poor everyone else… Hello. They didn’t give her any medicine, so that’s good, she’s not on any medicines. But they had given her something, after you guys left to make her go to sleep. And then when she woke up, ah, it had been so
normal for her to wake up… And the look on her face anytime she came back to reality or woke up from a schitzo episode or sleep or whatever…was fear. Where am I, I don’t know what’s going on, and…she woke
up and just smiled really big. And was back to normal from that point on. And she hasn’t…since getting out of hospital not even a sign of the ‘crazies’. So, I have to think, like we were saying in the car, um, we’ve done the, um… detox from alcohol and like getting back to reality and emotions through rehab, multiple times and through jails and interventions and family and all that but, I think something about this one more than just getting off alcohol feels like, what she was saying, like a purge, to release that amount of like, screaming and anger and like, sorry to put you in the spot here, but like, recounting like, bad stuff that’s happened which the whole van was able to hear I don’t know. I think that was a worthwhile thing. There is not a better place that could have been done than in a van with Sayadaw driving across the country. Because there is no escape. All living beings and non-living beings are created by ignorance and attachment. Because of not knowing about ignorance and attachment we misunderstand that someone who is permanent like God, creates everything. Because of not knowing that truth we are misunderstanding unreal as real, wrong view as right view. We create our family, we create our country. That is because of not knowing the truth about ignorance and attachment. Which is real creator. We all are using the power of ignorance and attachment to create ourselves.

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