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EMS Staff Working On 3D Prosthetic Arm For Student

EMS Staff Working On 3D Prosthetic Arm For Student

Gage Horn, a sixth grader here at East has
had to learn how to do things another way for all of his life. But soon things will be different thanks to the efforts of the folks here at East. Well the whole idea is I saw Gage working. It looks like he could use
something to help hold down his paper while he’s drawing and then from there I
spoke with another teacher, Mrs. Kehoe. He wants something to maybe put a glove on
to catch a ball. There’s a lot of different ideas that we thought about
then we talked to the kids. We have a few students here that could 3d print. Mr.
Dykstra, the science department, is really helpful with 3d printing parts as well
and then it’s just started going from there. This project Mr.Adair came to me
and said, “hey let’s print a 3d arm.” I said, “what” he said, “yeah we have a student
that’s missing part of his arm his forearm and we should try to print a 3d
arm.” So I said, “okay” sounds fun. This project is conducted by two eighth
graders giving up their lunch and their resources for Gage. Well I’ve always
liked tinkering and like 3d printing and stuff and when I can use that to help
people, it’d be , it’s a cool experience. I thought it’d be an awesome project to
do, you’re helping somebody. I guess it would be hard to go to
my school with without an arm and like it’d definitely be a struggle.
Gage has never known life with two functioning arms. I was born without half
of it my umbilical cord got wrapped around it and cut the circulation off
before it could grow. It’s pretty much the same as having two arms, I would
think, not much is really affecting anything. This project is benefiting Gage, but has other impacts as well. I think they’re really like supportive of
seeing like something positive happening as a collective to really see what a
community can do to help someone out and that’s where the real power of what it
takes and what a good person can do. It’s really neat and it just makes me think
that I have a lot of people who care about me.
This has been Brady, Conner, and Travis reporting for Trojan TV.

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