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Episode 57: Endurance Training – Getting The Most Out Of Your Miles w/ Wim Raes and Bart Raes

Episode 57: Endurance Training – Getting The Most Out Of Your Miles w/ Wim Raes and Bart Raes

all right well I’m ready it’s ready do
this the living room studio exactly the
backdrop is actually dope table it’s now the kitchen instead of the pool pool yes
you can probably see the coffee machine over there that’s about the mostly the
one that makes the gift other than that it’s a bunch of it’s it’s for balding
men sitting at a table my head is shaped whatever way we know what you listen
ours are too okay nobody shaves their head when they have
just perfect head of hair I did yes I don’t know yes there’s only one way to
prove that and that’s you got to grow your hair out again I just don’t know
that that’s gonna I just don’t want to do it so so this week though we have
we’re joined with women part from what’s the name of your organization if you
will does it have a name separate ones – smartboard okay yeah so if you have
noticed it’s a table full of accents today so we have Belgium French and
South Dakota which is okay which is its own country so easily
a Minnesota yeah yeah yeah well it’s gonna be fun so you guys have been kind
of around doing so what you guys seminar how long ago when did you do the so mine
has been almost three years yeah well he because he was the first one in into it
okay so that’s probably the one of the early eight that we like the early realm
of the world tools so it has to be probably close to 300 by the way we need
to bring that terminology back this strong fit world tour because it’s
actually making Instagram posts for something that’s about the strong fit
seminar I’m like world tour sounds way way more Aerosmith then I totally agree
and that’s why we we are rocking it yeah but so the reason you guys are heroes
you guys have been doing a massive amount of work over
last year and a half two years yeah and your space is a space that Julian and I
are insultingly unfamiliar with which is the world of endurance and most
specifically running wealth endurance running means I would not be listening
to any of this so if you see me dozing of that’s why so very similar to how we
had we had Andrew who has taken a lot of the stuff with you be breathing into the
rowing and conditioning for performance folks folks yeah versus what I replay
because Julian and I are not going to be doing that work that’s why that was you
know a good piece to bring on it’s when we see people doing what you guys are
doing which is taking those wrong fit principles and applying it to something
that we wouldn’t touch yeah not for any reason other than it was just not our I
don’t know it’s just not our world nobody’s gonna listen no I don’t want to
eat it either no just cuz know my world it will never
be my world I hire me for running about they do marathon them I it’s bad for you
look the first guy died you know the story right
the dude died it just tells you something about running a marathon I’m
just saying it’s not good for you but but you guys have now done a lot of work
that has not only just taken the the principles we talked about and
solidified them yeah put it into practice Nick but but you’ve also taken
it even further so will you tell me just let’s just outline what you’ve been kind
of working in and then we’ll get into like we’ll just go off on tangents from
there yeah so basically the thing that we’re doing like for I think five years
now is like people who want to run a marathon for example or a short distance
doesn’t really man they need help they don’t know how to build up there are
miles or eight kilometers they they don’t know which speed or pace they have
to run so they come to us and then the first thing that we do is like we test
them so when you say they want to run you’re talking about so people I want to
compete in running yeah they were actually yeah but yeah I won’t really
one of the message I ask like what’s the purpose of your running yeah I just want
to improve my health oh yeah yeah yeah but at the same time they all want to
like have an objective because it’s popularly doing like ten miles and
Antwerp is one of the but some we for health as well it’s not just like
I want to beat the shit out of people you are dealing with the mix of
competitive athlete this is a mix and the weekends it’s going exactly with
rolls going from this most start to run people to you do you do have actually
people that are trying to get to the Olympics
tell me 20 exactly to talk you yeah so it like adds balance yeah so you get
basically both sides of the equation but as high as you can get in your spot
yeah that’s great it’s not actually Tokyo or is it there’s a lot of
discussion in the running world about why they switched it yeah portal right
well right so that it has to do with the climate right right about the
complaining talked you about it of course of course it is very I saw that
it was usually the last event of the of the Olympics is finishing marathon the
last weekend in the city centre draws massive crowd if you think about exactly does that for right yes it’s a dog oh
boy yeah it’s it’s yeah so basically what we do is you so he does the testing
right and I’m more there like I haven’t been there from the start I’ve been
business supporting him from the start with logistics mostly but it I’ve been
jumping in more to fix people like I always copied you’re saying like you can
come to me before or after they get injuries yeah most of them wait to hear
it yeah yeah but go back to the to the test because that is the first thing
that we do it’ll come to us and what does the test what do we do well he’s
just you let him run first of there’s very no pace is no and every repeat you
go a little bit faster and faster faster and we monitor the heart rate see more
in terms of lactate in the blood and then we’ll build up the what we call the
lactate curve and we will start with looking into when are you running in
your aerobic capacity yeah when is it’s shifting more towards an Arabic so that
tells you basically the pace where they can stay without burning out for the
long distance and so we can give them too
pace or heart rates zones that you can say if you run at this pace or this
heart rate zone then you will build up for example more of your endurance
capacity if he will build up in your muscle fibers your meter mitochondria
and other structures and when we go into the interval training or the resistance
training you build up something totally else and so then we’re going to this
because that’s very interesting so you say you have two sides you build you
have basically the mitochondria so the energy level on one side yeah then on
the other is gonna be more like there I will be capacity technically and so how
do you establish how the you know how to run motor on energy-producing
mitochondria and all that stuff yeah that’s really yeah it’s pretty
interesting yeah bring it on cuz I’m not a number of
guys so I think everybody will enjoy going into the technical aspect of this
so the first day do is we asked to them okay we do that because we want to see
from the start to taste for lactate can you please explain my lactate is cuz
okay I some people will not know okay we have to first get rid of a miss common
thing some people think like relax eight is a is a waste product right that’s
that’s supposed to be cool like the guy said and now we call it lactate yeah and
people think it’s a waste product or simple I say like but these lactic acids
and at the splits in your blood into hydrogen iron and then into lactic but
that’s more in more deep to it just just say like what is so it’s not a waste
product yeah actually demise e-bidding produce
so I I know people we have to go through it how is it like tech being produce
let’s not with that when you start running you have to keep it simple two
types of muscle fibers if you’re slow there’s no fives you have to go fast man
yeah you’re slow muscle fibers they work with oxygen so it’s like they burn your
fat and it’s the aerobic anaerobic system yeah
but as well when running at least slow pace there’s already a little bit of
help put your fastest of fibers oh yeah so what did they do they produce energy
without use of oxygen mm-hmm so did that’s the anaerobic capacity yeah but
they have like an effect like they produce as well lactate like you know
yeah so let’s take yeah like tities so it’s not a waste product but it comes
basically at the second part once the muscle starts working it’s gonna produce
a product whole like that and that’s what they call it a waste product
because it’s being produced after you start exactly yeah well what is what is
really interesting in this this is layer your lactate can be re updated and in
the slow muscle fibers so you’re fast once they produce it
and then the inhibitory is being used at the skin yet so it is being used as fuel
I by your slow muscles burn it again so it’s always probably a necessity it’s a
serious problem is this the name is originates from the fact that they call
it elected clearance rate so it kind of clearing means like getting rid of it
that’s not really what’s going on funny cuz we talked about that in our last
podcast when we see the power of worms that people use words that create an
entire issue because they put an idea in place that is very hard to shake most
people think now liked it as a waste product
it is a waste product of the fast twitch muscle but as a fuel for the saw twitch
muscle so I think it’s very important to clarify that because there are pretty
important understand so like that is a few basically is a few for you I aerobic
capacity and there’s also consequence that means that you have to train motor
systems right right because if you train only or Arabic as a capacity you don’t
have enough lactate you know have enough you it’s not not only that because if
you only train at a slow pace it’s really interesting because your
endurance capacity will rise yeah but you you don’t have speed you can’t use
it so you think for example strength training is important for runners but
the opposite is also true by the way exactly
Doctore they’re one of the last podcast I heard you saying like and June’s
training at a low heart rate Jessie interesting hi oh yeah father yeah we
don’t were gonna get to that they’re gonna get that but that’s because I was
talking about training the heart from a software technically a hardware
perspective but we’re gonna get to that but first let’s go back to lactate so
you have you produce lactate and lactate is a few as a fuel but yeah like make it
practical like we have some a marathon runner yeah and he starts at a smart on
pace normally when Rory should know it that he like for example five minutes a
kilometer yeah and he should end in three hours 30 minutes but he went in to
46 now 42 43 so we’re doing it what is it for in a bit but I’ll do a whole
video the moscow i will say that it’s the most common mistake that martin
makers multiverse will do yeah they start too fast right Martin yeah yeah so
what happens that they start with their slow muscle fibers with the help of the
fastest of fibers yeah they produce lactate yeah exactly where the clears
and you have the reuptake when there’s no balance between them your honor
there’s too much clearer than you can we have take yeah problem and mostly that
will be between 30 35 maybe 40 yeah and then they will
suddenly fuck that’s what did he do okay it’s because they they went out of pace
that were okay I see what you’re saying this is one way to the problem is that
balance between aerobic anaerobic systems if you don’t respect it
perfectly a way to hit the wall is like when you when you empty all your glucose
yeah your glycogen slow okay you you’ve fought committee back on your fats okay
then you feel like oh I have no power quality because it’s not the same yeah
yeah okay but when you’re too high and lactate on your sister will that’s what
shouldn’t shut off yeah yeah and then we’re gonna get to that but what’s very
interesting part is that we’ve been doing testing to see what
are we gonna get to that because I want that but first I want to explain how
both sides work because as you were You have two systems: you have to
build the endurance, but you also have to build a strength system so you run fast
enough.. The endurance is mitochondria, all that stuff… But you’re gonna train that by making them go not fast.. True.
It will be long, slow, distance training.. So define slow for
people because I really don’t think they understand what slow means.. It’s an average.. because everybody’s different.. If we can get an average for men, we can say heart rate, keep it below 140.. so that’s slow… For Women, mostly because their heart rates are a bit higher, keep it below 150..
Women have a higher heart rate? no shit? How interesting.. Influenced by age, of
course..By the way we’re saying average, depending on the age so Jen
that’s what you’re gonna establish why do you wanna establish what that number
should be so that they can learn to run their slow at that particular thing and
then how you make them run that through how many on average you would say like
what you make them run like what 30 minutes an hour yeah we build that up For the test, they run five minutes in a certain pace, they come
to me, I play the vampire and check the blood for the lactate.
At that pace I can see, the device tells me within 10 seconds, if
this guy still running aerobic or are we shifting towards anaerobic.
So you’re gonna know exactly the shift from from the two systems based on the lactate in their blood. After 5 minutes you’re going to make them run a little bit faster, then you
keep doing that how many times? Until I see with my device that he has reached a
certain amount of lactate. That’s the thing with the numbers.. That’s their pace. And you measure heart rate, you
measure all that stuff, and you know exactly at what pace they should run to
stay in the aerobic capacity.. To give you an idea it’s mostly measurements of 1 or 2, and all of a sudden it spikes up to
4, and then the next one is 8 or 10. It’s exponential… It goes up real fast. They start, the number is the
same, same, same… Why is it the same? Because they run at the pace but it’s
still aerobic. And when you start to get close you’re
starting to… high on the strength system stuff to
take it doesn’t secret that the switching to sympathetic and determines
the point of this is the heart rate or the speed where your that’s your maximum
capacity this if you do this you can pretty much run as long as you want so
you need to explain those people can tell that pace so you have qualified
most people are already kind of the good runners in that’s a Detroit you know
themselves they know what pace you’re talking about I don’t know that a
beginner could necessarily do that without the data but yeah on people so
they know at what pace they can just keep on it was really also important is
to know at what at what a lactate value can you run for example tomorrow yeah
exact encode yeah the 10k you depending on what you want yeah it’s more and I’ll
row back then so that means that once you’ve done all that this thing you can
tell someone exactly what pace to run for five kids and he goes way beyond
because he has advanced metric eater that it starts from the from the lactate
measurement then he goes into things like if Lama expired it’s really much
determined like exactly the time someone will have for most people they are
already familiar with the vo2 max no no okay expense vo2 Max is like I like your
confidence is before I have less there’s me very much yeah exactly yeah yeah need
to max is like the the amount of maximum oxygen that you can uptake within a
certain amount of time mm-hm to produce your energy yeah so it’s like you can
say it’s like it’s number that you can take responsibility for the aerobic
capacity yeah but yeah for the around you have the error
capacity and like Sebastian Weber I don’t know if the name tells you
something is like a really big coach in the cycling yes right that’s why I knew
that yeah he came up with with the feel of really mix and that’s like the speed
of your production of your lactate yeah it’s not how fast you build how fast
that in your muscle fibers that you’re building up your lactate and that’s like
really important to know yeah because if you can if you can test one you can see
like this guy he has a great endurance capacity and but he’s not building up
like it’s like staying slow that that’s that’s a guy for Martin for example yeah
but if you see like okay is this capacity 5k it’s a problem now for five
because you need to power so he’ll won’t be gassed but you won’t
run fast either yeah yeah so that’s a problem
actually she’s like the engines is the vo2 max
and then the other side you have the animal so the power is being expended by
the v-ray max whichever you have faster one yeah and for a marathon runner he
would want it to be as well how do you say it well you have to for a month
another you have to keep it as low as possible but the highest needed you you
want a certain pace but you don’t want to high pace because if that is the case
and you know but if you if you get a hill or you get some some wins and by
the way you can be on both that’s the point
he’s testing to see where they are now and then you’re gonna try to build based
on what they wanna do exactly make make the difference between recreational
runners and elite winners because when when someone is new its drilling for
example and I’m sure we have a lot of things to win in the aerobic zone yes I
think your your maximum lactate production will be quite high is not
pretty sure yeah I can put you salivate I agree with that
yeah but if I ask you to run long slow it will be a problem fuck yeah yeah you
know why cuz I won’t do it that’s my real problem yeah
but for those people that’s I mean a recreational people by the way I’m
joking about this but that’s very true because I’ve been noticing I’ve been
doing lately what we in December will call like that active meditation is I
cannot do almost any work with the hardware under one Tony
yeah and if I put any kind of my I feel actually my muscle working it jumps to
one forty one fifty I mean capable of doing slow work like
to a degree where I’m like I need to work on this because it’s ridiculous
because I need any effort I’m at ninety I was watching your I would put the
Apple watch I can’t go up and down the stairs without I go from 65 to 90 with
any effort whatsoever now that’s starting to be a problem so then maybe
you should consider being that’s a good point he did a 5k or 20 no longer 20 I
did it in 2022 or something I never went under 20 I only did you want so I just
wanted to make a point and I did only one yeah but there is a large advantage
of training it’s like yeah you explain from the hardware side we’re training
cells to have more energy systems me to convert yeah so yeah that will benefit
you I’m joking about calicoes out of making that job but the fact he is like
dude I cannot do any slower that tells you something about my heart and my
capacity to not pound myself so obviously my recovery between work ups
is affected because I can never calm down
so I need to build that I Roby capacity just so I can go up the stairs at 70
instead of fucking 90 because then I can recover for my next workout so in that
sense I agree with you completely I’ll make the joke all the time but this
is something in the last two weeks that I’ve been doing is forcing myself to do
work at 120 and by the way as raise my everyday energy levels so the whole like
you get more energy out of it even me I can attest directly that it is necessary
but I like the fact that you see what is very important for people to understand
is as you say, its slow.. usually and I wear this one for most
people I think running it’s 150 160 for like and now it’s it’s never slow so
what I was saying okay make the For a recreational runner, you can win easily by letting him run more at the
aerobic site.. You have to build up first the structure you have
to build up the mitochondria and then you can put up some intervals and the
resistance training.. And then it’s interesting because then you have both sides of the arch and the endurance and the resistance and you can
you can start building up. But then you go,
if we see elite athletes, what we see is
their lactate curve is a perfect curve. yeah it’s like long it
stays less and then it rises and and goes to a certain amount of lactate..
What do you have to do with them? A lot of coaches they’re like, “Hmm,
let’s do more of the same that we did before…..” …and that’s so wrong. into this next part to our one of the
main points that I know that you guys have been working with is removing this
outcome based perspective this setting the pace this all these things from the
way that you train so as you kind of go forward into the next part I’d like to
hear how now you are handling applying constraints to this so that we are
getting the software response instead of the traditional more is better exactly
right we did this before what I just need more miles on under my belt I just
need to know where the pace I just what how do you do that when the culture I
think from what I see amongst some of the runners that have coached outside of
running is very much a goal a time a pace a heart rate any distance it’s all
about distance it starts with the lactate wise he’s been doing for a long
time I think join Edward why is it so good
it’s the perfect metric you can’t turn it into an objective yeah you could
technically be good but it’s very hard for people to encode with a with
objective mind towards lactate you can’t so it’s a measurement yeah and and then
you can define your training program and it’s and that’s when I guess how I link
wanted to to you you have to link up because I was like I’m seeing I’m seeing
the same thing happening at strong but they’re not objectives focused they’re
not networking with constraints he’s basically determining by doing the curve
he’s determining which area those don’t need help yeah right so I think that’s
well you’re different because only other guys they basically don’t care about the
area that needs you do more whatever gets you he’ll do
more of it because he got you here right yeah this has to be good yeah thank you
well as you see from the curb that now we need to address a different did
another approach that we don’t even consider yeah
I’m sure you have to check what is necessary yeah yeah well that makes
sense right you would think they would know it but yeah but you were telling me
so you have all the lactate build-up and everything and so people understand the
numbers we’re talking about to your top people that means you know that because
they can keep like 170 heart rate for like about an hour straight yeah running
yeah that’s fucking insane okay now should wait ten hundred seventy so what
what is the difference between trains runner and then wonder that started
entering here is a train Turner he can use a bigger percentage of his vo2 max
so we can run for example it’s 10k at my tea 59% of this vo2 max and the river
that’s it yeah the music 10k at 90% of is too much is using all of the occasion
is getting is actually using it while as modify intercession like you say 50% of
the guy runs a 10k at 90% of his vo2 max fuck me Jesus Christ that’s impressive
not that I want to do it but it still fucking you impressive Wow
oh yeah oh yes it’s important because if you see like there’s a biomedical part
of it like you start with glucose and you go to Peru father okay yeah but then
you don’t know but yeah so then you produce ATP
yeah yes and that’s quite a lot which in the way of the aerobic system yeah but
if you see like it may be interesting for you it’s like 32 ATP but where does
it go it doesn’t go fully into your muscle fibers yeah
60% of it it goes to heating up your body yeah on your entropy yeah exactly
yeah and only 40% you can use for really moving and and yeah that’s what you say
is like the the entropy fight against a everything always yeah you always have
to fighting us it going back at I found very interesting what you see like
though they can run into care 90 95 % of their max vo2 max it’s insane
looking at those numbers it would be in say to me to consider you’re doing more
of that hmm because the amount of work to go from 95 to 96 percent would be is
exponentially like it’s so much work to get so little result then considering
then you’re already maxing out nearly elite performance oh my god I’m gonna do
this pile on volume on volume on elite level volume anyway that’s what they’re
doing that’s why you see everybody breaking right so add that since that’s
what you have to switch to anaerobic capacity so they went faster yes you can
really increase the vo2 max as well the VLA max starts to come into play cause
at the sole point of view – max is only so much you can do with that you’re
vegan max it’s like your your your border to say like if it’s too high you
cannot you can you cannot use a high percentage of your genomics it’s like
the goyim is gonna save it slow okay you can you can stay running long and long
pay the co-pays blue one is too high so that’s but that’s what you’re gonna on
those top athlete have such an aerobic capacity you to make them go faster
that’s what you start to play with that is how to play with a vlm as you take
into account periodization you see when you and the other race but that’s very
important because that tells the people they are the regular color brown
reverses in elite athletes the regular Club runner needs to work on his vo2 max
because he has so much progress to bring their zero he needs to run slow not fast
from the fast is holy fucking Kenyans meaning chasing that if you are an
average runner then you should not the worst thing you need to be doing there
the last thing you should be doing then is really worrying about what the 15k
you ran on a Saturday morning how fast it was
right so for me like the worst thing you can do is is go how fast I running each
time until your death is the worst thing you can do it was my specialty people
have to understand like go running 78% of the time it ask you
it has to be easy when you mean easy you mean fucking shrew even the average is
under 140 that Pauline means me at 120 which was where I’ve been doing lately
so we talk constraints how do you how do you build that in for somebody do you go
heart rate to do to try on what that piece that’s a funny subject actually
because sometimes we work with constraints where you have to limit
their zones sometimes it’s feeling based that’s
something new that we have been doing with your precise hard wisdom right
while they’re in the race for example even the pace could be a constraint
right like they have to run a test at this pace for them it’s its athletes not
that objective objective is getting their running running at the pace is a
constraint because they want to go faster they feel like they can go faster
but you just put it at like this is put yourself on Rails base okay that is
something like that I had a conversation with endurance person who was like
because it’s it’s open I was making about strength training versus cardio is
that strengthening we know not to max out we know you have to max out you have
to build a new test once every six eight weeks with a lot of endurance people
they test every single run is a test yeah they never build a just test test
and test and test and test that because they see the top people be there
understand you’re not building up yeah you’re never building up yeah a big
factor in that one is that they all wear the nice sports watches yeah and even
the recovery runs get posted to the community page yeah and they’re like
look at my look at my speed in my recovery I’m like what was the goal of
the recovery right so we recovery usually Zach’s like 50% of your max
health rate max right yeah yeah by the way how do you calculate max heart rate
for a person like this because you guys do all this and most people don’t treat
a progressive test so it look a lonely those we load and at the end we do a
full sprint yeah four or six on the meter and they just die and that tells
you you you’re hot right so that’s only way truly by the way those are true
measurements that’s the only way to do that you want to know like that you’re
gonna have to do the blood stuff you want to know trauma true don’t go take that number and well you
telling me 220 minus your age doesn’t work we have no xuan zang athlete where
the default heart rate zones of the watches actually match their heart rates
measured by the length it does not work like that so if you only wanna go got I
don’t know thousand if you’re actually looking at that one and then running
according to some online templates yeah based on what your watch is telling you
you’re not making progress that you’re not not only are you doing things that
aren’t what you think they’re doing you’re chasing Colts that aren’t even
yours right right that tells you something
about assessments and online programming so so I want to go into this further
from the hardware software discussion right so what I like about this is
you’ve come done a very effective job of adding data to kind of back up the the
where the hardware sits yeah and and I’d like to hear from you guys kind of where
that aligns with some of the things that Julian’s been talking about with him the
nervous system specifically the flow fight flight freeze all those things
what do you see those things reflected in what you’re doing and then how are
you using them we’ll start off easy with the test protocol let’s go back so what
we see when people start running actually you get a little spike in the
lactate first mmhmm yeah that’s that’s interesting because people don’t
understand it like oh no I’m running really slow I did 100k little spikes
you’re a little excited yeah you start moving so your body reacts so relatively
so I mean I guess that’s lost because well it’s it’s a sympathetic reaction
yeah and when you cut yourself of course your energy when I see really the best I
know that you’re a bit nervous right I know it your first that’s not always but
then the secretary shows you the access to that’s what that low heart rate like
the second you go to a sympathetic reaction you’re switching to the LM max
instead of staying in vo2 max vo2 max has to be under the sympathetic
threshold which is what we talked about with the heart rate you know the the low
versus high vagal tone he’s done before switching to sympathetic so the Mobius
is high vagal tone has to be trained with within
vo2 max measures what do I do I do an intake with people the intake it’s like
okay I need certain details of them but the intake is just to calm them down
you’re like okay it’s a test but you know it’s chilly and you know we’re not
alone in this guideline okay now that stress is gone and then they start doing
they stopped the test from those software’s that we actually did our new
detection digit testing a lot of individual testing and start and ever
since you’ve switched the group testing when you see that the the first spike is
actually a soulless is less because the social environment is more yeah that’s a
tribe mentality yeah it’s more and also now most people come in to retest every
few months a familiar procedure that shows you the impact of the software on
the physiology can be sporty also see that they when they comment the first
time after the first loop I think I mean ask okay how long did you run I’ll check
these are a little bit nervous to four or five times they did wonderific
yeah my heart rate was this and that and that shows you like this software will
influence directly the physiology like for example is the LMX like just you
being nervous means you’re gonna run faster and to harbor true so that but
that’s important for runners to know a sometimes like because you can train it
your vo2 max like crazy but the day of the commission your neighbors you switch
too fast to the VLA max that’s exactly what’s really important to let them know
that they have to know that exactly if you like some coaches they say like
today is like LSD are these like the long snout distance oh you have to run
snow I know but if the guy today is it if the athlete is in the wrong the wrong
move why should he run yes right that was he come billet vo2 max anyway is
gonna do something else yeah yeah he’s like in the mood of that me fight today
so yeah and instead of frustrating him you want to actually let him go so then
you make him run faster shorter training and things you change right after we
after all you’re introduced strongly to a man and you start following first it
was like it screening template yeah I know like but this doesn’t work because
they’re not in the right state so like here’s what you need to do an overall
and a week or a month right do it and that’s in my
he’s like that cuz that said that even for strength training maybe today’s not
a bad day like rosanna squad day as long as you do it this week with for maybe
two days is quite there yeah so this is something for sitting like what days is
they or you slow run or are you going to do resistance training what is it today
yeah just the mood will tell you exactly in the first weeks as a coach I will
determine like okay you can see it’s you know your athletes exactly well like now
we’re moving a little bit more like mmm maybe you should decide which day it is
today is yeah I know is different you have that story about that person had PL
the 5k on a day where she was supposed to run 30 K how do ya go I remember you
told me really nice when was it I remember they told me you had an athlete
who was people oh yeah okay yes yeah tell that story because I thought I was
pretty cool yeah we have a similar story more more fresh one action from this
weekend right no that’s too deep but that’s two different cause one is pure
being relaxed start with the 5k stuff like so you had the athletes yeah so I
noticed with when working with yadi that was there for you know core stability
training because that’s how runners perceive strength training right yeah so
for us it was there like we should find someone for entrance for a photo for you
when you like like a world that I can do yeah no no but makes me stronger in the
long run the state wasn’t there there was some sort of going on who’s to run
30 K and I was we’re gonna we’re gonna do everything I know the biggest what
happens you will just go and think and go over all the stuff in your head and
ya know there’s some frustration there’s some anger like go do do a 5k and they
do the 5k and the PR yeah without trying yeah but see like imagining the
psychological impact on the fleet’s but at 30 K would have been like versus that
they getting a pier on the 5k which of course by the way build the trust
between you the coach and the athletes and on top of it you had to major win at
the end of the day which is a win for the monthly versus in
more full session at fucks you up mentally plus that idea of following the
program no matter what it’s such a ballad cause it’s really that says a lot
about being able to trust themselves and how they feel them because then really
they come here they go take a connection again with your own body I gotta run 30
K but I just want to rip someone’s fuckin head that’s still a huge working
boy just trust the way that you are and let it be when you give an athlete
program for a week then to see like tomorrow is the resistance day then
today okay so today I ll be what they say star yeah they start singing oh I
have to save myself for tomorrow no no you just trade today and we’ll see back
tomorrow you whatever state yeah yeah so did give them leeway right yeah don’t
worry yeah but the exactly as long as you do it within a week that’s kind of a
program myself these certain movements I wanna do this week today but you had
that second story where you were saying with one of your three teachers had a
massive PR laptop it was London OPR but it was like she was going to
really a tough period really mentally but also physically like it wasn’t going
very much trying to make the Olympics yeah yes he’s going for the Olympics
exactly and like a lot of stress on her and she decided like okay now I’m
putting all the stress away I’m just going for I do a race no one’s know no
one knows I just go for it then yeah because you can’t go anywhere about
people like good evening Shimano the Martha she went to 31 tested good and
and so she did a semi marathon well run exactly but for fun like we are nobody
it wasn’t about him at the end no it was that girl over sister always basically
known you local local area small town race tell anybody
she had the best feeling ever yeah yeah and she went fast woman and she run
really fast in that condition especially it wasn’t like a perfect perfect track
and you by any means she run the trail marathon half half miles how far wasn’t
no.11 over 12 minutes it was important when I see a lot me she’s going back to
strongman is all I’m saying competing in that shit I see you smiling
all the time right yeah focus smiling and read the report now
she wrote it a small report yeah and you see like at the end like some of the
guys along the lines I guess with jury or something is there yelling it alright
the battles the battle has been fought you can just chill and run to the end no
way and that’s like I’m feeling good I’m just going what was our best half
marathon time it’s 111 so pretty much nails that on a trail smiling by the way how do you smile have
you smoked swill half marathon you should see it I understand but she
basically got the same time on the trauma as we all more half marathon with
all the stress and all the thing in a real competition and everything good
yeah so that brings us to to an important topic because if you go to all
the testing it’s basically the same thing is happening it when you once you
go up a few levels and the hard weight starts rising speech starts riding right
then all of a sudden you Steve is the lectins spiking up right that’s that’s
the very specific point and with each measurement me too we do so each lab leg
like few laps they do we also ask how they feel we have this scale thing very
easy and we asked him for a score how do they feel and one of them one of them is
called spicy you know it’s getting a little spicy that’s you yeah the spice
you have to push now okay so let’s explain why we establish those tests
because the idea is we started to talk with women about this is we wanted to
see the difference between fight and flight in mad at me the difference
between fight and flight is simple fight you want to be their flight you don’t so
spicy you’re getting to that stage where you go like pretty soon I’m gonna stop
doing I’m gonna stop enduring like it’s like yeah I don’t want to be here
anymore keep on running and runners are very
good at that running even though they hate every single step of it they’re
very very good at it so but there’s that moment where they go from doing to
enduring and we saw so that was the fight to flight and we thought let’s see
if we can measure it with actual data and what you guys found basically was
exactly that right that’s exactly we’re now even doing like a double it’s not a
blind desperate double test to check that if our scale doesn’t influence you
know the feedback they give because if you put a scale from 1 to 10 and
people’s gonna select they’re gonna go towards the average so we’re going 1 to
7 is all doing it’s all fine and 8 9 10 is the one where you’re like oh this is
a enjoying yeah we’re getting exactly everything we did the test you can see
it when they come in like you can see the facial expression are they so this
was an argument ation but you can test for fight and flight yes you can
there’s something called a pupil dilation which you can take through but
you also we know the switch to flight basically you start to lose certain
control of the muscle of the face there are many ways to do all this and we’ve
been testing and so why did you see at the switch from fight to flight on this
or I see because you can see reverse you can see the beam coming so you can see a
total yesterday view like the runner is losing like the control right for some
biscotti nhi goes through the coordination suddenly it’s like more –
like utility external torque you can see it they go to the traps they start by
the way that means the chest breathe my breathing is going crazy I think of it
3,000 tests already I can do it I’m really serious I can do it with my eyes
closed I can just think they come I hear the
breathing I know okay now you’re in doing face yeah they’re about reading
their chest breathing like crazy all in the traders can hear it by reading and
now they’re enjoying and so what did I meet take threshold the five versus five
yeah what we see is that that you exactly come to that point where it is
like kind of like of no return when once you have a
certain amount of lactate you cannot keep this pace forever
yeah people most hours about 45 minutes right yeah when you say like fate
thresholds we say like for most people it’s like 45 minutes to 1 hour 15
minutes and it depends on that stimulates you can keep from there good
that place you can keep mostly it’s like for 10k or 16 K yeah that you can now
that you can keep that is interesting like mmm when you have the perfect curve
like the elite literally okay you know that’s a four million over the the point
of the threshold you can keep it for one hour or one hour 15 minutes is there
anything else that we can look just next to the training endurance training
running training so they can learn to do it longer right because because that’s
very interesting if you have people with the exact same curve exact same point of
no return so they should have the same thing right physiologically hardware
perspective yeah and there’s the same and ya have them race no yeah and yeah
okay you can say the VLA max because it’s not it’s different things test you
can that just can be different between them you know one with a higher VLA max
and then you’re going for a 10k okay probably this one this guy will win if
you put the same guys martin the lower one pure data across you still you can
say even if the VLE makes is the same what do you have to do yeah yeah and
then you can bring him I hope but I know this some principles of strong faith
yeah however actually testing at the moment we were having it we’re having
another test group doing the nasal breathing thing I’m Andrew so which is
we’re doing we have we have to ease into it gradually because the first thing we
have to do it first it’s what is amazing is how amazed by
like they’re running like 5k and 10k 15k and only nasal breathing like all right
he’s injured so it’s not actually doing them so yeah
when your watch yeah he’s not breathing at first like people are understanding
it’s it’s rough like it panics you like first total panic like I’m
hyperventilating or yes once they go come down realize it for them it’s their
only groaning it’s a very slow pace we’re only asking to do it in the first
recovery so like you honey the first no to maxing anyways so by the way dude you
tell me a story that you had an Arabic special for the top athletes at 170 but
you managed to raise it to 178 so what we did with the facility actually where
we want to go so with all that performance training you call it as it
is working on the fight we’re trying to what we’re trying to do is to have them
trained to stay and flow under pressure so that basically means from a hardware
perspective we want to stay under that lactate threshold yeah as long as
possible so that means when you can give the feedback to your body
yeah when you can give the feedback to your body but this is fine so if I get a
certain amount of lactate right the arch between flow and and fight you just want
to have them like running producing as much liked it as they can react take
like if it’s exactly the same thing that’s when that’s what we didn’t get
really really fast for a long time so what we did is try to push that that is
that limit that internal limit that happens so have them so what we did is
just make them go that to that area more like I have this basically what you told
them is to fight yeah right because the idea is that the fight to flight was
you’re trying to push that threshold further and to do that you just wish
them a bigger fight but bigger fight means the flight happens later later I
don’t know higher hardware perspective we we actually see and then the numbers
confirm at that they run faster the hard weight goes up with the lactate
production does doesn’t doesn’t swim anyway so that’s a big big one how do
you teach them how to fight well I did quite a bit of that in strength training
actually I did quite a bit that to know do a nasal reading on a
few test subject we did quite a few of them now we have two bigger groups
joining in and they’re dirty oh they’re going they’re getting to know it but
next week we’re switching to the pace so to a maximum intensity nasal reading
they’re gonna start throwing to use sandbags floods yeah that’s what I do so
I know I fixed it I fixed the people that get it and I don’t do running
specific by the way we’ll talk about this at some point really open for like
let’s try them right let’s see we feel the haters to feed everything do
something else so that the recovery will be limited yeah no they can run their
minds that they have to know they have to run and that we don’t need the
classic like interval resistance training that we need 24 hours and by
the way very importantly you train the software as well yeah that was the key
right into five most of them most of the people I train if they’re runners which
I get mostly to to Bart they can’t push yes so if I haven’t do like at first
they do a few drills to get them stronger and then eventually we go into
the sandbag hmm carries yeah I’ve seen actually seen two and they were both
girls and I think that that’s something to do with it because they’re very good
at doing what you’re asking them to do women yeah
but all the guys just drop the bag yes all the time and then I can’t do it
anymore and then two seconds later to pick it up and they go again and then
they crash and to keep doing like that they’re like but why are you stopping
yeah and they’ll yeah but for example at the Martin they were like 30k and it’s
like 30k fun like they’re like in the flow normal but then I started the fight
starts all right and they can’t do it for like a certain time but most of the
time they would they will fall down right and then they go to flight and
fight mean exactly there’s nothing and then you can run properly anymore on
every single to switch from fight to flight means that your pace has to go
down and then that you can run with the problem mechanics which leads to
injuries and everything so just by pushing so I can judge that by pushing
the fight in the strength training so training the software you can delay that
moment where they’ll run like new rules and drop the pace and stuff like that
here is that I mean just just oversimplify it almost keeps that place
a little more familiar which means there’s just a little less panic you
know it’s funny cuz you say that it means you don’t want to be there anymore
you go there in training just so that you are aware of this is how a very
competition yeah and then then when you get to that point in the race you’re
like I can do this and as long as you can keep getting that feedback to
breathing to posture to visual focus as well which are all factors so that’s
what we’re working on we work on these points just keep giving the feedback
that’s fine I got this I got this I got this is basically what you’re telling
your body and as long as you can do that it’s all good as soon as you start your
mind stop so wandering you start focusing on the pony tail of the girl in
front of you then then you’re like no so that was about to twinning this software
before I have to understand how important this software is the or that’s
the problem I see you see with the coaches like we’re gonna turn the vo2max
on this but you’re not really standard sure how much the minders don’t even
mind the software’s and important it is part of the software like the
understanding the difference of not going into flight seems to be the
biggest relationship the smallest one of the biggest challenges in your sport
yeah yeah because if you want to run fast and not crash you have to learn the
difference between fight and flight that means training the mind to take the
pain of flight and not go to fly what we see is that the debt goes hand-in-hand
with the inner energetic system when you see like their lactate levels okay when
it rises so the nervous system supersedes new energy systems when did I
say that on that fucking video well that’s so personal because I said the
energy system goes as well the nervous we have to prove that even in the
hardware side and by the way did you test for this like with hardware numbers
yes so fuck all of you really there you go yeah if speed you like the tradition
you have what is all testing is that it all testing for you out there
oh yeah you can go further but that’s like rightness comes before the proof
yeah so yeah all your parts to it now we have the proof I hope it’s enough for
you guys they’ll see it’s not because we like the same thing I have about if
there’s other topics on the same thing we did a lot of testing on the neoprene
you know I think my body fatness is it fucking amazing the neoprene stuff oh
it’s easy I was so fucking surprised I don’t understand why not everyone on the
mentoring program is doing it because all the time we talk we to talk about it
there are some directed you see at 15% increase in muscle that was mine that
was it was one of my 15% 15% increase in to not what we saw myself and I checked
the number before hand before joining the podcast we have the neoprene
training compared to what I was doing before which is the same kind of
training sandbag so just your added in your previous edit any Bri it’s what you
dint like put more contacts case we’re just getting in is going to elevate the
nature of the fight with just regular strength training strength for now now
trying to fight yeah you’re creating a hostile environment that you have to go
right and so now we put the neoprene on and 38 percent more effective then the
training we did quit out talking about the muscle quality so not just just that
measure what we’re talking about how do you measure it now I have 80 people I
need 30 fully document I send it send it over I know we’re going to publish it at
some time we need to yes please fat percentage which is also very important
topic because even in elite level athletes and journalists there seems to
be sort of a level where they are kind of stuck they come lose more fat but
they can I know it’s really high yes you guys what about eighteen ninety percent
is quite a high so even for these people with the neoprene yeah we got massive
amounts of reduction in body fat and localized and look yeah localized we did
we have we have one where the triceps was was really he had a lady athlete
white where the left tricep had like so imagine using something called sculpt
which actually is something useful what do they use it originally for it’s
a medical application medical activation so it’s a beyond stuff and then the left
tricep I had like what 10 percent more body fat than the right one or something
like that you there was a huge number maybe in the 16%
like there was I posted it was 23 240sx asked some ridiculous number like that
then you put a new print on and you got the left tricep to basically equalize
them the right that alone should tell you to read in your brain and not only
that because the tricep forest was not the most important thing no we worked on
the gluts as well for example but whatever to sculpt it is kind of the toy
version so to speak of a medical application but it still does what it’s
supposed to do tracking it’s an assistant yeah so so what we saw is why
by working under something I’ve been preaching for a long while
even up against with the discussion with all the physiotherapists yeah for a
runner working on the glute max for example is one of those of these things
this one is for Wendy oh yeah so what they see from a little bit Hey classic
physiotherapy will tell you what the glutamate is function during very
stabilizing your physio yeah so they know yeah so people know yeah so so they
will they will tell you the glute med is for stabilizing during running right
that’s the main function of a movement right so if you get an injury you get
inflammation and a glutton melt or you get some problems anywhere else in the
area let’s let’s make the good bit stronger yes yeah so have you been using
it so much that now it hurts so let’s do it more I try to explain an IT and they
know yeah so that they understand where I’m coming from but I’m basically saying
like how about we make sure that doesn’t have to work so much because you have
other muscles in that there are other fucking muscles even in the glute area
than the glute meter can we stop with just why is it only one muscle in that
you stop no I’m you see you just take and just throw it and that’s so
important you can hit something else yeah-oh against one person I she’s in
our club and she’s actually helping a lot of people which is also also
controversial dry needling it’s one of you think I’m telling these videos as
people I’m talking about the system of physiology
the physiotherapy the way it’s being applied sometimes I’m like guys you have
to stop it’s a hammer oh you know who everybody with a hammer I’ll be seeing
is a nail that’s a little bit hard everything you’re not for the squat so
they took that for the glutamine and now every time there’s a problem with a
squat but–my exist in the world now problem
solution yeah but it doesn’t doesn’t take into account state it does take it
under consideration other muscles how to create tension yeah
so if you’re people you test them they don’t have the main IT chain muscles
external oblique fluids they don’t they don’t work properly or they’re not
strong enough they’re basically running like a wet noodle right so and then they
get problems in the nice and light event because then that has to start
compensating if you like starts with hormone it’s the same thing all over and
then another one we see a lot its Achilles tendon that’s an external
talkers they rotate everything I saw that with sprinters alone yeah they keep
getting that and yeah it’s just simply because India in video teaching you know
whatever people worsening it’s a good idea to be explain it again they have
more power they’re stronger in that chain but it’s not supposed to be used
for a long yeah so we try to explain him that and then they’re like yeah it’s
running in et will destroy you because it’s not designed for that can you do it
yeah but at the expense of your own yeah I’ve been doing are all problems related
to that chain use how is the tension being creative yeah it’s always the same
thing and then then you have to go and try and find have helped people find
their glutes help them find their hobbies it’s the same thing right and
there’s there’s anything they don’t so it’s always the same problem but it’s
very hard to do it yeah because it usually it means when they have to go to
that chain they’re not used to it so when they started making right weight
they will actually run slower in the start and press by the way there would
be many orders it is sore yeah yeah and so how do you guys move through that
because I’m guessing the feedback you’re gonna get at that moment isn’t maybe
always the best like I’m doing what you told me to do I do now because of all
this outcome shit that’s been beating my head my whole life
running so so you have to take note equal slow wherever you take it away I
have one specific edit where I’m thinking about yeah I just removed the
data otherwise there was not possible yet she and her and her husband as well
and the coach as well we’re very analytical looking at the data if
there’s an item I always say to my at least like look at look at me know my
colleague she runs like the long faces there’s the slow pace it’s like let’s
make it simple five meters a kilo meter it’s no fun because she runs them this
year as a margin and three minutes 30 seconds the kilometer there is no link
between training 70% in your slow pace and your Martin pace is known all right
so marathon pace he 330 people kilometres and you make a run at 5
minutes thanks is that super slow that’s what if it’s in slower oh shit
yeah no strings they were like that’s vo to the vo2 max twenties or 70% of all
trains so basically yeah because the chicken won’t flow ever all that pace
yeah what else did we do so we took away the data but to go back to something so
for example if they can’t find their glutes or the hammies you found that
putting the neoprene on that suddenly changes everything cuz now they can
actually find the muscle well we found because the users count as
well that’s actually that’s I got him to is to win is that wherever when they put
the new pin they feel the warmth corresponds exactly with the sculpt
telling us that the quality of the muscle is low so the score seems to be
measuring the quality of the model because the capacity of expressing
fights in that muscle so that’s been a huge help firms
for strength has been tremendous but for individuals it’s totally new yeah yeah I
want to pin this point out too that we talk about especially when the more
elite your athletes get as runners there’s just fucking mileage getting put
on them which means when we’re trying 200 a week we’re trying to add try them
toward can be what two other killer what did you say they run 200 kilometres
away you fucking tree so what if that guy’s
even more bird okay how are you gonna like cut when you’re adding strength
training you talk about something being 36 38 percent more effective like doing
it in a neoprene well that’s time that’s that’s that’s just
effective trend that started you know how we collaborate because I need the
coach to be open for this and I need them to in their in their training
schedule like make time for this like swap out all the trainings you come do
both at the same time it’s almost like I don’t like like you you need that coach
to compromise there we’ll just a little bit give me a little space in this for
strength training music and I will give you the most effective and efficient and
best use of your time for that strength and purpose video sports I like without
saying a month right we’re saying a week but first of all how much I’ll defeat
like can you imagine the work on the feet and the hips like do they have any
nails left toenails laughing yeah that’s fucking insane well yeah so if you could
diminish a nice if you could diminish the amount of kilometres Pro a week like
that that’s misleading into that size our point of view as now it’s where
we’re going up is there a point where you’re trying to get that to really get
to be less so that your index can really because what they need is to run fast
anyway they don’t need yeah one of the reasons we’re experimenting with all of
the stuff the neoprene with nasal breathing with all the other fight mode
stuff is that weekend we we believe that that we can do better than than just
doing more yeah and we don’t have to add this how much more can you can you live
200 kilometres a week that’s fucking insane
yeah and of course it has to be it has to be planned out for the races that are
important so it has a problem with high doses of kilometers it’s no it’s no more
room for quality training yeah yeah you doing all yeah same it was by the way
okay once you get to that certain point you spend
so much of your training resources maintaining what you already have
exactly but then it’s like all right any progress might require a step back which
I suppose then has to be built in there here and it’s it look like a step back
but it’s like I saw the podcast but I would call with the mind and the know
multi-search yeah it can look like a like a step back it’s not a step back
you just thinking oh right you know what to go back for because it’s a being out
of amazes not you don’t know what the step is necessary most of the courses in
this world last time let’s do the same but a little bit more of the same
because that’s what this time by the way it’s not the same person anymore
you built from a 45 percent vo2 max to a 90 percent it’s not the same athletes
like now now the the need have changed and they are blind for the for the next
stepping stone yes exactly right yeah they have a straight line dish is gonna
keep going through that yes they have one pattern and it can’t change like
yeah but that’s the hips lower back knees feet man why don’t if you run like
this like your neck must be fucked up by like like the question is it normal even
for an athlete as a there you go two times a week to to a kidney right so
physio one or two times a week to osteopath like all those thing is that
normal right but then that’s when they see well performance cost you
yeah but maybe doesn’t have to cost that much exactly yeah I agree I agree there
is in your also amendment your clients there is it it’s a discussion I get into
often makes people like are you running for health or are yearning for
performance right or I’ll come over Greenspan DuPont yeah well if you raise
it if your race time is really that important as honestly my opinion is as
soon as soon as you go over 10k you’re not doing it for the help anymore
hmm anything over 10 kg yeah you can do it for L but you have to you have to
train smart you know it can it can it can be healthy but it’s still going to
work that by the way you know what I would like also to see me is if you’re
running 200 kilometres a week is how you mental health is the amount of pro light
the amount of time in flight you spend hi flight you so it was it was the
actual words of you at me saying I don’t want to be here yeah yeah right yeah
yeah it’s exactly writing station in Tenerife is like ah it’s the best place
to be I don’t want to be quiet do what you like yes just run toward case yeah
you had mentioned something in the performance workshop – about how you had
had an instance where somebody yeah I think you had some data that even from
mr. where you could almost see the point in which someone switches from doing to
indoor range you guys remember that tell me about it during the rest actually in
the lactate test we we saw it by it by the way they it’s a rate exertion
perception so it’s a score they give based on their feeling that one tells
you the lactate and confirms it yeah usually there’s three things
reading as well yeah there’s a little things delay between both because as
soon as people start going over it they don’t actually feed it right away
they’re drunk they’re still fine so another thing I like 45 minutes after
like a half hour that they start feeling it and then the flight orders or the
light will start yeah and then I have to see like how long you’re using switches important one we did see by the way so
an elite-level athletes when we did same people it was the opposite like most
people will start the people started going all the way opening more and more
and more so more dilation as soon as they were going over that spicy points
right and there was a focus yeah but this no no you get yo put it and as soon
as they start getting spicy I thought wow yeah as if I’d started like now nah
it’s just the ability to do what we talk about the negative consequences of
fighting and interest that is more like what we talked about with or so what I’m
looking for with flow under pressure you get there and it’s like no no I need
control you know so I have to invent some extra torture at the end of the
session with a few guys yes just to get them to yeah just it’s not do you don’t
want to do that for how they ask him their permission in advance if they were
up to and I didn’t know what it was it was oh basically what happened after
their maximum sprint test on the floor under the 600 800 meter
I was like I got some extra stuff for you and he thought he was done right
look spring to Deadpool and come back it’s like no way
no anybody was like no no you agree to do it then he was done again thank you
thank you like now the dead one and just to give you an idea home and then it
start opening yeah yeah better that is the mental shock that gets us as soon as
they don’t really want to do it anymore but they feel like I have to they don’t
but isn’t that what we’re doing with the training tablets with people following
the training tablets even if they matter well it’s exactly the same thing they
don’t want to be there they do it because the coach thousand-two because
their training template so yeah being lazy and I’m so happy wanting to go out
because it rains it’s different right I think I think being lazy and being
misaligned or two very different exactly and there was a time I was like I got to
do this I’m like I don’t have this today like this is not the day right now if I
do that 10 days in a row either on lazy or really miss alone yeah but there
should be a fucking conversation to be had about yesterday like there was
enough Letha normally normally according to the schedule you shouldn’t run like
12k but you know I didn’t feel like recuperated enough so he wrote me in a
nice coat and his coach box is like a program to the food like you’re like I’m
so sorry coach but I didn’t run it today I mean we’re teams like dude don’t
apologize yeah it’s just good you listen to your body
I know that he almost keeps me it’s one training in one month it keeps it’s not
because it’s like day off today instead of two days later at the end the average
is out there we anyway so yeah that’s another trap people run into with any
template base where you’re just doing as you’re told as everybody believed like I
don’t know if you know this but your body is not that certain that there’s
seven days in a week yes and so what what if you had your weekly training
cycle done on a eight-day week bonus week depends little changes that people
don’t even think about I remember I wrote programming templates and I put
just but rarely Monday Wednesday Friday yeah
well I think and I’m getting told on there like well is it okay if I do that
work out on Tuesday Thursday I’m like yeah you’re my buddies I know it’s
Sunday dude like I mean like Jeff does but you don’t yeah but I really want to
follow the program as you made it but we see that so much we see that I make it
it interaction with you you don’t have to give immediate feedback and that’s a
whole different podcast or not it not it we don’t know we listen and they they
also sprinkle anything like to work on the fight mode we put them into
uncomfortable positions so they have to go if people that don’t do races like
their local races all that much they’re like he’s like programming the races
like do some more of these local races yeah just to get used to like that
feeling we that that was the point of the new peanut was making that point at
the owner pick Center is like because they have some that might have key you
know like the guy who got the gold medal like he’s a doctor too
he’s one of those guys he loves testing so he has no problem with our pressure I
love that but they have also wrote diamonds that do very well in training
very poor in competitions like all right so I have a simple way you’re gonna hate
me but you’re gonna do your stuff with compression gear I’m not in your brain
with compression because then you’re gonna be hot in comfortable it’s gonna
mimic how you feel the day of the competition plus in a marathon
especially if those things are often done as big events and how most runners
train is certainly not how the first few miles of a marathon feel loud music
balloon and it’s like well this is going on for a lot of this race and you are
training in silent darkness yeah oh you’re and by your Zen you wonder 101 is
a start of a full sympathy sympathetic eight o’clock
adrenaline is flowing in the – like what if I had today like a
really good day that brings us to another talk right we did we did this
because the carbo-loading topic multiple times because it’s a highly
controversial it’s not controversial everyone’s can convince that if it works
carbo-loading right mm-hmm but we one of these things is that that
carbo-loading just when you do it there’s there’s another point where we
probably need to talk about but the day of the race they start using highly
highly clacking mixture carbs right and then they feel like all right I got this
I got this and then they get overconfident they’re like I should be
able to do this this is what you this is always a famous last words
because yeah yeah when you can say that I should be able to just up to 32
kilometers I’m fine because then you can fight for one hour but if you say that
at the start of the ones taking me longer probably you won’t make it
because because and then you go to the fish story and stuff right the
prediction I should be able to do this but the marathon is never an easy thing
and so no matter what you’ll be disappointed I have to correct your
prediction with reality down or you should be able to do it right yeah as
soon as you assume it your your Wow the second you said that it should be fine
on the math on running at full speed like that’s the stupidest thing to say
anyway this is the first margin of most people recreational
it’s mostly feeling-wise ready really okay they don’t know what’s coming they
don’t exactly and you are them don’t start to first tell them don’t worry
about it yeah don’t start too fast okay then they go and okay second time like
it did a while like the first and then yeah but I did a good last time now I’m
gonna burn out around 3035 yeah an hour which is the man the guy with the hammer
yeah no a hammer dyneisha so any musically the world hitting like
it huh no time when you’re and most of it is attributed to energy right because
the classic gaming is like this is an energy matter I’m running out of fuel
yeah you use your glycogen yes getting low when you go you’re getting to the
fats on the festival one gave you the same pace you went and also the feeling
will be like yeah but it’s a softer thing is because from the beginning you
were exactly yeah I don’t think they understand the effects of the crowd and
the beginning of the race on how they feel
the problem is and we’ve seen that a lot for example with those raw diamond that
on per formula competition is the gap between how you feelin and performance
they associate how they do on how they feel and sometimes those yes those two
are not related you are not what you feel it’s not the same so do they up the
Commission you’re gonna feel a certain way that is not how you actually are
performing but because of like the changes in your environment it pushes
you to I’ll be feeling that does not match your performance and now you in so
much trouble so you train a certain way and now you’re performing a different
we’re basically saying I put their potential performance is their
performance – the interference they guess actually what’s going on so the
more you mess with it right not understanding that the crowd all that
stuff has an effect it has a positive that’s where the problem is everybody’s
like I this also word goes a bit wrong with with mafia vents like a big March
on the coast yeah call me you can train us you can like meditation or yoga or
things like that but so what you need is you need the software of the hardware
because you need to know your face then after that you need to know how you
handle all this I really love to make my elites from progress and a probably of
progress it away you do the Martha like if you started
the start players like slower than than the page of the end oh yeah so they keep
winning you know you give the also you give the energetic systems the time –
yeah actually not so he’s winning every cue
Marrero is a sick leave 4016 and then first you get a lot of amount of food
fans that you’re burning and then you go to your towards your sugar and then
towards the black region but if you start too fast like like glycogen right
away and then at the end you can stomach will be like oh we will need to visit
West when you go to a fight or an flight especially especially flight though is
that your body functions like the chemical processes they they don’t get
prioritized anymore optimal glycogen synthesis just just
isn’t there anymore you were explaining me how how all these glycogen in
processes work I was like HM was i yes this is flight your your your body your
energy is going towards enduring whatever it’s needed to do or not
towards being op efficient and controlling a vibrator so how did that
work with T with the synthesis from chronic likely I found it very
interesting it’s a chemical process but it yeah yeah if we say like like when
you want to keep your glucose or your glycogen yeah let me say like you do car
blowing it’s a wave that is that it’s common in men muttering like heat okay
can do it but you can pull the question like why can’t you just eat normal and
like from fats and and then click on new yeah like cob is a very convenient way
of doing it that doesn’t mean is the optimal way yeah this is difference
between convenient and optimal between you two because they’re so he was
explaining me the entire process from a chemical site I’m like sure but but does
when we know software does what it does right but anyways comes yes how does it
work you go to two or three days without carbs yeah most of all is like the
reason so nice yes for example mom ate choose it was a you go low carb and then
they start on the high carb okay it’s almost like a bodybuilding thing
they complete an Indian Muslim they don’t know what means Lokar what means
high-carb how much do you need to eat the kid I got the exactly right
really like oh no it’s high comple or everything in the water stays in the
body was okay but most I did it we will see that we see that it works for most
of the people would admit in which way really sure no it works but the problem
is we don’t have comparison with anything else it’s like doing it that I
realized and on top of it address would like to see how deep reading curves I’m
putting it back in how does it affect sleep for example can we talk about this
because that’s the loan would affect oh yeah it’s all about the fact that sleep
is never calculated to any of this I found just they think certainly for
quite experienced experienced Martin ORS like they know already the feeling like
it’s Thursday I’m preparing myself for tomorrow I get a little bit into and
then you can say okay he stressed anyway so okay you can kill you can eat carbs
mm-hmm they won’t make you stress even more because you’re already in stress
yeah I think I think it’s because the earth going slightly sympathetic anyway
yeah digestion if you put in heavy protein at that point it probably won’t
work no that would be a good explanation as to why yeah but in I would give them
a protein easier to digest rather than going on at ourselves but that’s we can
do that in your northern portion so we can go because that’s gonna it also the
fact that there’s a there’s a pretty high coral correlation to the fact that
most many very elite athletes professionals
and almost any sport have what can be described as an uncanny sense of calm
amongst those stress yeah like LeBron James ain’t freaking out the night
before the final even go far the guy that 10th man on the bench might be that
might be worried but what makes you great at what you do is kind of your
ability to maintain that therefore we’re kind of now we’re taking these general
thing and applying it to every and this software and so so that’s why
I’m open with the carb loading thing like yeah okay marathon is not a normal
one our training session I did the same thing here’s an epitope eople too strong
fit and there listen to the podcast about nutrition and they’re like but I
need my sugars when running yes when you’re when you’re together again we’ll
do a podcast about this but the it’s not you need sugar I’m like okay fine but
the question is how much if you have too much you’ll get insulin spike yum
question for because of the brain so tune in which will likely the dampener
but high-intensity exercise will limit an insulin spike so how far is too far
that’s the true conversation but could you use sugar as you train it’s a
fucking test know what the whole knows what you guys have been doing with the
data with the hardware the software as your may I finding a way to find that
balance that is efficient so when we talk about this is just kind of the next
phase of problems right the nutritional balance how does that apply to this end
of levels you today yeah it’s all about the price to pay so we know this works
we know this kind of works now we got to figure out how they blend these things
we’re slowly great there’s no lead yeah but the reason they’ve been having so
far is ridiculous now he shows you we we on to the right thing because the
results like I’ve seen the I’ve seen an owner of the right yeah just you know I
was very resistant to strong fit in the start when I thought I actually emailed
you the thing right after the seminar the monkey so there were points where I
didn’t agree or where I didn’t feel I could feed it right so there was not a
matter of opinion more feeling choice right so it took me I think a year or so
to just chew it and then play with it in daily daily activities and then I was
like alright so this is kind of works and then you start getting more and more
into it than any and then for him it was the same thing I introduced it to him
yeah when in the start it was the same story all over again so there’s
resistance yeah that’s not what its unconventional
I know what everybody has been saying you know Meal Time I totally get it ya
know now we’re getting run over getting the same from that but is exactly what
you say we’re trying to mix it because we know it works yeah there’s something
there I’ve got a stew that’s the beauty we wrap up on this is what what I think
it’s important to know is you guys didn’t set out to prove that something
works what you did was set out to find what works and then to figure out maybe
what’s behind it and why it works and I think that’s what makes it more valuable
than coming in and saying I came here to prove the APRI training is more fair you
got nothing because that’s not it what you wanted to do was see what’s gonna be
more efficient for your athletes especially especially for him he was
he’s very successful he’s becoming quickly becoming the reference an entire
gym you know for all that and all that it’s enterance to prove reason to follow
me into the and I was like yeah but I can see from the dead out of it that
your stuff is working why did I not do it when you’re good at something the
only thing you care about is getting better you have nothing to prove you
just want to get better at what you do that say exactly yeah yeah cool well
let’s rock and roll here we’ve we have some American guests who are starving with a flight sorry
so let’s rock and roll but guys where can people find you out
yes Marsh B and baby as well as the same I’m a I’m a UH Rolf it don’t
be e or Facebook or whatever okay Julian’s a strong fit one I hear on
Tyler F install ookay 32 where Barracuda strong fit calm strong fit equipment
calm Julian’s corner calm structured equipment that EU core support the
podcast go to podcast a strong faith calm other than that you see the late
week I know well I studied that’s hearing the numbers alone I’m like fun
yeah that’s amazing I the respect have anybody capable of doing stuff like that
that’s amazing shit and they they get paid like this I
know but but I do it because I love it oh yeah well 200 miles away oh shit yeah
yeah that’s very impressive that’s that’s very awesome well thanks for
doing this guys and we’ll see you next week thank you guys you

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  1. great discussion once again!
    what kind of neoprene do you wear? is it actually a full on surfing wetuit?
    after this podcast on endurance It would be great to have someone as switched on figuring out kettlebell sport(strenght endurance) within the strongfit and nervous system principles…
    Thanks again
    Keep on linking the dots!

  2. Bonjour pense tu refaire des sous titres français ? Je comprends un peu l'anglais mais l'accent de t'es invité c'est compliqué haha. Cela serait bénéfique pour les français t'es conseil.

    Je me demandais est ce que les dirigeants de crossfit connaisse et reconnaisse ta méthode ?
    Je trouve que cela devrait être intégré a la formation lv1 crossfit .

    Au prix des abonnements crossfit , c'est dommage de ne pas bénéficier de tous cela pour être vraiment fonctionnel sans blessures.

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