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EVERYTHING LEFT BEHIND! Abandoned School of Physiotherapy – Urbex Lost Places Harz Germany

The forgotten place we’re visiting in today’s episode is a real insiders’ tip. Initially this building complex was a luxury hotel having no equal. Later this site became a school of physiotherapy. Apprentices didn’t only learn in this place but lived here too. In the whole building you can still find remnants from this period. It’s day two of our big urbex road trip. On a hill near the first destination of the day we had built our camp the night before. It was just a short walk to the huge house full of nooks and crannies. Real quick we realized that this site can look back on a long history. Everywhere you can find leavings from a period when this building was used as a first class hotel. The time when this place was built is unknown to us. However, what we know is that 90 years ago the hotel was advertised as a place with running water in every room. The site is located in a spa town which is famous for its fresh mountain air. People with nerve and metabolic diseases are supposed to find healing here. Many years ago this hotel must have been a magnificent place. What we realized real quick too: We had to move with care through this forgotten place. I don’t know if you can see that… …but… Over here is the hallway… And up there the ceiling is sagging and the walls are collapsing. Here you can see that just fine. The floor is sagging too. Look. It’s going down over there. Looking really dangerous. I won’t go this way. Here you can hear how the floor is creaking. *nothing* Well, maybe not. Okay… *creaking* Over here! Ghosts are real for sure! Go this way. Dude, wtf? Oh! I see. A step on the floor next to the door… Over here the floor is sagging that much the door closes itself. I’m not sure if we should go this way. – No, I don’t think so. Look how the hallway is sagging… So you guys can see how cold it is right now… Cold as ice. At some point in the late 30s guests stop going in and out. Take a look in this room. This one? Holy shit… Where food has been served were now medical cot beds and equipment. And now, Marco… C’mon! It’s getting even better? – I’ve discovered more. Maybe you’re thinking: Around this corner there’s nothing special… But take a look. How awesome is that? Yep. That’s freaking awesome! The hotel became an academy. At first sports- and gymnastic teachers were trained here. In 1994 the job title “physiotherapist” was introduced as well as the German Masseur and Physiotherapist Act. This school was one of the first places in Germany where physiotherapists were instructed. “applied kinesiology” “stress management – learning guidance – self-management” It’s a selfie stick… …and you can use it as tripod too. It’s cheap and works just fine. You mean as a tripod for the 360° cam? – Yep. It’s a nice place for the camera. Place it… …exactly over… …here! Well, I’m going to search for a place where we can eat. The other two are taking pictures in the meantime. I’m going to look around. We need a place where nobody can spot us… …and where is fresh breathing air. And then we will have lunch! Looking good so far. Looking good. Can’t you set up the music stand? Too rusty I guess. However, no one is playing music here anymore. Some keys aren’t working anymore. Nice. “Penis Ltd.” You’ve just ruined my shot. In every abandoned site you can find a penis. In this building you can see it over there. I can’t see any penis. Oh, over there! “Penis Ltd.” Now, now! Who is promoting himself over here? What’s that? – A personal data sheet. For what did she apply, this young lady? She wanted to become a physiotherapist. At this school in August 2003. 2003? It’s not a long time ago. You can still find many documents from the time when this place was a school distributed all over the building. Some of the records even have delicate information like addresses and phone numbers. According to our sources this site was shut down in 2006. It seems like everything was left behind. …it’s from the employment agency… Training contract… I’m looking for some grades. A report! From ’96. Employment contract… A personal record. Look at her. It’s about a dental assistant… “Technical knowledge: very good” A key… No way! It’s a recording device! Sweet. What’s over here? Looks like bones. Graphics over there… Hip bones… What’s that? Maybe a shoulder? Dunno. Anyone want to play a puzzle game with me? Up to 30 apprentices were housed here per year of training. The young women lived in single or double bedrooms. On five floors with two staircases there was plenty of space for the trainees. Class rooms weren’t locked after the lessons. So during leisure time the students had access to teaching materials and medical devices. In the end the academy had to be closed, because of the run on apprenticeship places. The physio school was simply too small – despite the large building. The facility had to move to another place. This place is amazing. A surprise is awaiting you around every corner. We rarely find a place with that much interesting equipment and furnishings left. “class schedule” Our road trip didn’t even last 24 hours. And yet after the first two stops we already knew that this journey will be an unforgettable adventure. And we even had 14 abandoned sites left to explore. But not every exploration was that smoothly. But you will see that for yourselves in the next episode: During our attempt to infiltrate an abandoned sugar mill we ran into difficulties with security. Oh and check out Facebook and Instagram for pictures and information about our journey.

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