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Finding the Right Therapist – 5 Tips from a Navy SEAL

About a month ago I did a video on how I
personally deal with social anxiety and I had no idea how many people deal with
social anxiety or how many people that would actually resonate with that got
almost a million views and just over two weeks and we got a ton of emails on how
much it helped a lot of people and in those emails there seemed to be one
really common question which is how did I find my therapist the right therapist
for me so when I was doing my search I just had to kind of figure it out myself
because I was too fucking embarrassed to ask anybody on how to find a good ones
but I had five things that I kind of followed and so that’s what this video
is gonna be is the five things that I kept in mind when I was doing my search
to find the right therapist for me just a quick side note for you guys coming
home from combat getting out of the service when I got out I had nobody to
be accountable to I had no purpose and this was probably the one thing that got
me back on track all right so if you’re looking for you know a way
to get yourself back on track and to find a purpose and for some
accountability accountability this might be the perfect thing to help you out so
you hold your therapist is gonna hold you accountable all right you got to be
there on time you can’t be drinking the night before you go in there if you want
to get something out of it and it will help you get your mind right it’s
probably the best fucking thing I’ve ever done for myself so what that being
said let’s go over these five things that I
kept in mind when I was doing my search so the first question I asked myself is
who do I want to open up to don’t want to open up to a male or a female
and initially maybe in a combat vet I thought the only person that I could
open up to would be a male who had been in my shoes who had been to combat so I
looked all over the place for somebody probably in the Vietnam area who was now
a therapist and to my surprise I didn’t find any
so my next train of thought was well I’m not gonna be able to open up to a male
that has never been to combat or experience the things that I’ve
experienced and I would have that expectation so I chose a female which
doesn’t mean that’s what you need but that was my train of thought and just
for the record it may be better that I never did find a male who had been to
combat because who knows maybe I would have been you know comparing myself to
that individual the entire process so anyways what you need to do first is
decide who you want to talk to if you want to talk to a male or do you want to
talk to a female the second thing that I looked for was the type of therapist
that I wanted to talk to so we got three types here we got counselors we got
psychologists and we have psychiatrist all right so what are the difference
between those well psychologists and psychiatrists are both doctors for me
personally I wanted to talk to a doctor and so that ruled out counselor
immediately the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists is the
major difference for me was psychiatrists can prescribe
all right they can give you a scrip for meds they can prescribe your meds and
psychologists cannot all right that doesn’t mean they don’t have a network
to where if you need something they can’t get it done but I personally
didn’t want to be fed a bunch of pills and so the best choice for me was to go
with a psychologist so keep that in mind all right who do you want to see
counselor psychologist or psychiatrist so the third thing to keep in mind is
what do they specialize them what is that individual doctor or counselor
specialize in is it insomnia is it anxiety is it family issues is it
marital issues is it addiction is it PTSD you need to figure that out you can
find that on our website or on our Psychology Today profiles but find
somebody that specializes and what you think you’re going for all right and
that should be pretty cut and dry but they don’t all specialize in everything
so make sure you read up on whoever you plan on going to see the fourth thing I
did and this is probably one of the most important is I did my research on who
they are as a person – all right I chose a female when I started narrowing it
down you’d be surprised what you can find on Facebook Instagram a quick
little background check all right a lot of the psychologists that I were looking
up I’d pull them you know especially mid 20s early 30s
I’d pull them up on Facebook and the next thing you know I see the
psychologists and I’m getting ready to open up to bong and beers off the side
of a yacht and a g-string all right may not sound too bad for some of you
out there but for me I wanted to separate that side of my life from my
therapist and I didn’t want to be thinking about anything other than
helping myself get better in therapy so do a quick background check John I’m all
right do you know there’s that app been verified you can check that that’ll give
you a quick background on just about anybody and you know look them up on
look them up on the grim look them up on Facebook see what you can dig up about
them you might be surprised if you’re serious about it I wouldn’t go at the
party animal that you’re gonna be thinking about other stuff in the middle
of the session so do a quick background check the fifth thing you just got a
call and see if they’re even taking on any new patients all right usually the
first sessions free that’s a great gauge all right use that bounce around if you
need to all right make sure whoever you’re gonna open up to you’re gonna be
able to connect with it’s not only for you it’s for them they need to be able
to connect with you as well all right so if you don’t feel comfortable you’re not
gonna feel like real comfortable in the first session but if you feel like it’s
similar that you could get comfortable with if you feel like the environment
that you’re gonna be in because you’re gonna spend a lot of time in there is
comfortable then that might be a good option for you if the environment and
the person that you’re talking to you don’t feel comfortable with will find
another one but call them up make sure they have availability and take
advantage of that first free session see if see if it’s gonna work then lastly
just a couple of things that really fit in either of those categories any of the
five but referrals alright just like anything everybody’s got referrals
everybody has the best photographer they have the best medical doctor they got
the best fucking painter all right they got the best therapists alright just
because it’s the best therapist for them doesn’t
mean it’s the best for you the other thing is when you go in there if you
were to take a referral which I referred a lot of my friends to mine but you
might find yourself wondering where whoever referred you sits or what they
talk about or how you compare and your therapist eyes to whoever referred you
that didn’t affect me so just keep that in mind when you’re taking referrals and
or giving referrals all right insurance most therapists that I found did not
take insurance why probably because they want to keep your files confidential and
they don’t want to answer to a fucking insurance company so that means probably
gonna come out of your pocket all right I have VA coverage I personally don’t
like the VA I don’t get to choose who I see at the VA so I came out of pocket
alright I think it was well worth it if you have somebody like use them but a
hundred two hundred bucks for a session per week or however a lump much are
going I mean a lot of people spend that on a trainer that took a two-week course
on how to keep your ass a little tighter so your heads probably a little more
important than your ass so sport the money it’ll be well worth it I promise
lastly I said at the beginning a little bit I’ll say it again you guys coming
home from combat that are looking for some stability looking for some
accountability and looking for a purpose you’re not gonna find it tomorrow you’re
probably not gonna find it the next day probably not gonna find it next week all
right what you need to do is get your head right by going to therapy you’re
going to have some stability because you’re gonna be in there it’s gonna be a
program or a not a program more of a schedule
that you can follow and look forward to hold yourself accountable to alright so
like I said it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself but alright
that pretty much covers how I found my therapist I’d love to give you my
referral but I don’t think they will go over too good cuz I’ll probably lose my
slot but alright guys good luck to you I don’t see you soon

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