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Game Therapy Clip

Game Therapy Clip

Damn! This looks like a spaceship. This is what I call “Game Life Node.” Or GLN, if you prefer. With this,
you can literally live inside a video game. – I can’t believe it. How did you find this place?
– A secret file in Holden’s latest game. – An Easter egg?
– Exactly. I found some coordinates, came here,
modified a few things, and here we are. You’re out of your mind! All video games in the world
are part of a multiverse, a series of dimensions, each with its own rules. The game codes go through these cables
and end up in the control unit. The multiverse is arranged in
concentric circles, like Saturn. You understand? The control unit lets me access the game engine,
but only one universe at a time. I can program missions, modify things, but I can’t put a gun from Sniper Elite
in Devil May Cry. – Understand?
– Sure.

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