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Gerald Andriole, MD

Gerald Andriole, MD

My practice is devoted to men who either have prostate cancer or who are at high risk to get prostate cancer. Every man in the United States is now really aware of prostate cancer and they’re particularly fearful of prostate cancer because they’ve heard the stories about urinary incontinence and about sexual dysfunction. I know that when these men arrive, they’re generally in their late middle ages, they’ve been healthy all their life, and this is really the first time they’re facing their own mortality and it will affect them in very emotional and deep ways. That’s why we try to take great pains to put prostate cancer in perspective. What we offer at Siteman Cancer Center is a combination of shared decision-making and personalized cancer care. First of all, the patient is involved in the conversation, using all of the known clinical information that would be relevant to him, making the decision about how to be treated, then we can also add very specific personalized information to him regarding the genetic profiling of his cancer. So, together the patient, physicians and the family will come together and make a decision about what’s the best and preferred approach for that individual man’s prostate cancer. Many times we can allay the anxieties that the patients have when they first walk into the door, fearing that they’re facing mortality, that this cancer is going to relentlessly grow, shorten and ruin their life. By in large, we can now identify which cancers need aggressive treatments and even if the cancer does need the aggressive treatments, we’re so much better at them in terms of surgery, micro oblations, and oblations of prostate cancers in the life.

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