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GOUT PAIN RELIEF-Removing Gout Crystals From a Baby Toe!!! COMPLETE TREATMENT!!!

Daughter: We want to make sure there’s no infection. TB: (gasps) D & P: What a big piece! What a big one! D: See, look at that. You’re pulling out a heck of a lot more that I did. (music) TB: It’s really coming out now. D: Yeah, that’s what it was doing too, at night; used to q-tip to pull it out. P: And sometime in the water too, when I wash it. D: Yeah, and then we let it dry out a little bit, but you’re right. It’s more than it was for me. So it’s because she’s got the gout going on here again too and in her other foot. TB: Okay, so pain has gone down completely? D: Completely . Yeah, she said last night even going to the bathroom, she was fine. TB: Okay. So the goal is you have to change the diet; no more steak. I know you’re gonna turn into a big red steak if you keep eating steak. (laughter in room) P: I love steak! TB: I know! You just take chicken, put some sauce on it, make it darker. P: I can’t eat chicken all the time! D: Burn it! I know! Now see, that’s why I said to you, “I’m getting sick of chicken!” My husband loves chicken; that’s all we eat is chicken. P: Fish too; I can’t eat more of it. E: Tonight we’re having pasta. He’s not going to be happy, but that’s okay. TB: So, if you don’t change the diet, you’re gonna keep getting these gout attacks and this these crystals will keep forming. D: Forming, yeah. TB: Like we said last time, we’ve gotta keep cleaning the joint, allow the joint to fill up from the inside out. D: Yeah. TB: But at least it feels better. This was two three weeks? D: It’s been now longer than that. It was the beginning of December. TB: Very good. No, but the last time you saw me? D: Two weeks ago. TB: Two weeks, very good. So what I would suggest is you’re using the nice stuff that (?); it works very well. D: Yeah, exactly. So it’s good to me. There’s no signs infection. There’s no increased heat. D: It’s just it’s the gout, ay? So that’s just gout? Cuz I wasn’t sure now, is that gout or is it infection? TB: Pus? No, no. So I want you just to relax, okay? P: Yeah, I let you know when you are (?). D: Yeah, that’s why I thought it was infection because… TB: It’s a little yellowish. It is. D: Exactly. That’s why… TB: Is this sore? P: No, I don’t feel it. D: But there is definitely a hole there so because I got it out to the point of being a hole. TB: And you’ve got one little hair there! (laughter) You got one little toe here; it wants to come inside the hole. Yeah, it’s there, a hair. D: Should I pull it out? Use a tweezer to pull it? Pull the sucker off! (laughs) TB: You know what, it’s not as bad. It’s filling up compared to last time. D: It is filling up; that’s what I noticed too. It’s filling up, but then I go, “I hope it’s not, I hope that’s not infection.” TB: No. You okay? P: I’m okay. I’ll tell you when I’m not. D: She’s been pretty good with it so now I don’t think it is down as deep as it used to be. You might have a hole still down all the way there. TB: Are you still a little sensitive there?
No? The pain’s gone down huh? Oop! Look at that! P & D: Oh wow! D: You’ve got a real big chunk of white over there. TB: We’re gonna use it on a chalkboard. A little sensitive? P: No. D: Just do it! She’s going to tell you she’s going to scream! She’ll kick you! (laughs) TB: We’re doing it. We’re doing it. We’re doing well. P: That’s okay. TB: I feel the bottom and now we see a little bit of blood. P: Oh, I feel it now. TB: So the more we get out… D: The better it is. We were saying that before. TB: Sorry! Look at that! P: That’s a lot too! D: Yes, that’s okay cuz he’s gotten down to the right down to the end of it. Wow! See because I went down to blood as well too where it was bleeding ever so slightly. TB: Did I give you one of these? D: Yes you did. TB: And you’ve been using it? D: We have been using it. TB: Very good. She’s been good right? P: Yes. TB: You wouldn’t let her touch it before, right? D: I know. TB: And now you see, wooh! P: She’s putting it in alcohol all of the time. D: I’m treating it with alcohol and then doing it so I try to make sure there’s no infection. TB: (gasps) P & D: What a big piece! Look at that! See, look at that. D: You’re pulling out a heck of a lot more than I did. D: I didn’t pull out that much two days ago. D: I’m scared to dig. (laughs) I don’t want to be kicked in the face! TB: So just go nice and gentle. Sorry. P: I can feel that. TB: You know what that means? P: Yeah. TB: It means you’re alive That’s good You and that toe hair are alive. D: There you go! That’s why I said, “Pull that toe hair!” TB: Your toe’s got more hair than me! (laughter) Okay, here we go. You okay over here? P: Yeah. Oohh! TB: Sorry, sorry! P: I feel it! TB: So the goal is we keep cleaning… D: Yeah. TB: Keep flushing it out. D: Yeah. TB: and we gotta keep the gout down. D: Down. I know. TB: Have you gone to your doctor to get any sort of gout medication for this one right now? D: She’s gone and he won’t give her anything. TB: Why not? D: I don’t know. TB: Is it painful right now? P: Pardon? TB: Is it very painful right now? P: No. Not tonight, no. D: She’s taking Aleve; we’re taking Aleve right now. TB: I’m gonna write you a prescription for something stronger. D: Okay. TB: Okay? It’s a stronger anti-inflammatory. D: Okay. TB: It’s indomethacin and this is for gout. D: Okay. Is it the yellow pill? TB: I’m not too sure the color because sometimes it changes. D: Sometimes, my husband gets gout; that’s why he’s got the yellow pill. TB: Yeah, there’s two. They give you Colchicine or Indomethacin. Okay? I’m gonna write you one. The goal is to keep the gout down and then the crystals will stop building up. P: I had something a long time ago. D: Yeah, your other doctor gave you gout medication. This one (doctor), for whatever reason, doesn’t want to give her pills! P: And that one don’t give me (pills). TB: Okay, let’s just clean this one out. You okay? P: Yeah. What is that? Alcohol or just water? TB: It’s salt water. P: Okay. TB: It’s going to the Mediterranean today; it’s going for a little swim. D: Yeah but that’s what helps, right? TB: You okay? So it’s much cleaner now. TB: Still a little bit left. I’m trying to… P: So I’m going on a diet. D: You’re on a diet! (laughs) P: I don’t like too much fish, I don’t like too much chicken; that’s my problem. D: That’s what I do with the thing to try and clean it out. P: I like veal. TB: You like veal, uh? You like all the good stuff. P: I like it. D: That’s it. TB: Is this sore? D: Does it hurt? No, I guess not. P: It’s okay. TB: So I can feel the bottom. P: It is a big hole. TB: It is a big hole. D: You made a bigger hole than I can make. P: Oh yes. TB: Is it sore? P: No, it’s okay. I feel it a little but… D: Now it’s a big hole again but it was closing up, so… TB: It’s gonna take time. D: Yeah. See, it’s just gonna take a little bit of time. P: Old age is bringing everything on! TB: A young girl like you? I don’t think so. (laughter) P: A young girl like him! D: He’s gonna tweeze your hair, Mom! TB: So, we’re going to clean up some of the dead skin around the area. D: And you can shave off the hair. TB: We’re gonna shave off the hair! We’re gonna give her the buzz cut! TB: Okay, here we go. TB: You okay? P: Yes, I am. TB: Blood is good because we want healthy tissue in there. TB: It’s not sore? P: No. D: I got her to even go out yesterday for a little bit. TB: That’s good. D: We gotta get out of the house; if you can walk, get out of the house. You can put the shoe on. TB: You okay? P: Yeah, I’m okay. TB: So we’re moving a lot… D: Yeah, cuz it was a lot of skin there too. TB: Dead skin. D: Yeah. If you can shave it down a little, it’ll be better. P: It’s okay. TB: No pain? P: No pain; none at all. TB: Because we’re just removing the dead skin. P: What she did was dry it out already, then she clean it out already, and then start this one. TB: Well there goes the hair. D: There goes the hair! Did you just get the hair out? P: Did you get a hair out too? D: Yeah, one hair you had, one hair! P: I give it to you! TB: You’ll give it to me? That’s so sweet of you! D: Claude will want it, not him! My husband! TB: He needs some of it too? D: He needs it too! TB: Don’t worry, it’s gonna grow back here, so… P: He don’t meet him? D: No, he went to (doctor’s name). TB: So he can take the first one and I’ll wait for this hair to grow back. D: You’re going to wait for it! TB: Then I’ll take that one. Okay. D: Now she told him to get cushion for under his foot. Like I forgot what she called it; he’s got a hammer toe. TB: Yep. D: So it was that that cushioning to put under his toe to try to straighten it out, I guess. TB: Yes. D: What do you guys call that? TB: There are different kind of pads, crest pads… D: Yeah, she told him to get the one that’s the gel? TB: Okay, for just for the toes? D: Yeah. TB: I’m seeing a little bit… D: Is it still pulling out? TB: Yeah. There’s a lot. TB: You okay? P: Uh… D: Uh… (both laugh) TB: Is that a “yeah” or a “ahhh”? D: That was like an “eeeuummm”. D: We’re surviving! TB: I still see more. D: Really? Yeah, because see, her gout came back so now you’re gonna get more in your toe. TB: So, D: Okay, we’re dieting! TB: If it’s not closing up, this is something where sometimes it has to be surgically cleaned out and closed, or we’ll never get this closed. So that’s why you have to get the diet in check, okay? P: Yeah, okay. I will do the diet then. D: Yeah or else we’ll see a surgeon then; he cleans it and stitches it up. TB: So, I’m just gonna dress it with some iodine today. This is just the liquid one until you can get the good stuff on tomorrow. D: Okay. TB: This can stay on all of today. D: Leave it all on today? TB: Yeah this band-aid and… But the good thing is the pain has gone down. D: Yeah, the pain has gone down. P: Yes, I was sleep very good last night. Even when I wake up already, one feet was this way and the other was that way. But everything was okay. TB: Okay. P: Okay, cuz sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed. TB: So it’s hard to dress the little toe. D: I know, ay? TB: Yeah. D: I did it with the gauze, two bandaids and then big one. (laughs) TB: Very good. Okay. As long as there’s no increase in pain, no increase in redness, and heat… D: Okay. TB: We’re okay. I didn’t see pus. D: Okay, and that’s what I was worried about that’s what I thought that stuff was was pus. TB: I did not see pus.

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