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Happy Together – The Rehabilitation Project [ENG/2016.06.30]

Happy Together – The Rehabilitation Project [ENG/2016.06.30]

Happy to be together on “Happy Together”! – Hello, everyone! / – Hello! (Happy Together, the laughing virus) – That was good. / – Yes. Do you know what rehabilitation means? We use this word sometimes. It means to start a new life. – In other words… / – It means to rectify yourself – and move on to a righteous life. / – So it means – you have done something… / – That’s right. – It means you’ve made a mistake. / – That’s right. – Indeed. / – Hyeongyeong, what do you think? Is there anyone among us who needs rehabilitation? I think it’d be nice if Myungsoo rehabilitates himself. – Why? / – Why me? I wish he’d be reborn. Do you think so? He can’t live right in this life? Okay. I’ll rehabilitate myself when I have a chance. – Someone is here. Okay. / – They’re here. – All right. / – Hello. Welcome. – He said we should be careful. / – My goodness! – Wow. / – What a surprise! – It’s Sangmin! / – Now I understand why the theme is “Rehabilitation.” I can’t believe he’s with us. – He’s on a public network. / – Sangmin is here. Is it okay for you to be on a public network? – Yes. / – Are you sure? – It’s nice to meet you. / – Hyoseong is here, too. – Jiae is here, as well. / – Welcome. – I can’t believe she is here. / – I’m here. I can’t believe this. – Hi, Sugeun. / – Hello. – You’re back already? / – Hold on a second. – You’re back already? / – I’m glad to see you again. – By the way… / – Wait. This isn’t your seat. (Sugeun sits in Hyunmoo’s seat.) – Don’t do that. / – He’s funny. – I was targeting the weak spot. / – Don’t do that. – He’s a funny guy. / – I’m relieved it wasn’t my seat. – I’m so… / – I feel relieved to be with him. I’m so happy to see them again. I’m happy to see you again. Please welcome today’s guests. (It’s nice to meet you.) – It’s good to have you here. / – We have – seen them on the news often. / – That’s right. It’s good to see them on a variety show. – Sugeun, go ahead. / – Announcers still startle me. She might have covered my case. No way. (Lee Sugeun has been…) I hear that the manager of – Sangmin or Sugeun said this. / – What? – He looked at today’s guest list. / – Yes. And he asked, “What have Hyoseong and Jiae” “done wrong to be here?” (The manager was surprised.) – Is it because of them? / – Right. – Have you done something wrong? / – No. I heard that today’s theme is “Renewed Mind Special.” I liked the meaning of the theme. – I know. / – Our staff lied to you. It turns out that it has been changed. Rehabilitation can also mean – a renewed mind. / – That’s right. That’s right. – Let’s introduce our viewers to / – I heard… – the guests. / – I heard it’s about glory days. – Pardon? / – Glory days. – Glory days. / – Oh, glory days? – Yes. / – You’re wrong. Go home. We’ll have different stories today. – It’s a comprehensive theme. / – It’ll be spectacular. Today’s theme is “Rehabilitation Project.” Sangmin, what did you think about this theme? – Is it okay to talk about it? / – Of course. – I’m living every day… / – I’m sorry to interrupt. But you were talking with your hands together. You’re even wearing bracelets on both of your wrists. – It reminds me of something sad. / – Look at him. – You can take this off. / – Please take one off. – Take one off now. / – Wear both on the same wrist. Why are you wearing a bracelet on both of your hands? It makes you look so sad. – Okay. / – Don’t wear them on both wrists. – I’m glad I noticed it. / – Are you traumatized? – No. / – I would like to say – this isn’t an expensive bracelet. / – I see. – People might misunderstand him. / – Right. He gave me one and it’s just made of metal. – It is? / – Yes, he might have skin problem. How did you feel, Sangmin? Sit straight and be confident. He has been successful – on cable networks for few years. / – That’s right. He’s as popular as Jaeseok. Exactly. He’s very successful. But we haven’t seen him on public networks for a long time. I’m so excited to be with him here today. Hyeongyeong, I guess you haven’t been on a TV show with him. – You know who Sangmin is, right? / – Do you know him? Of course. He’s a Roo’Ra member. – Oh, do you know him? / – Yes, I do. – I’m a big fan of him. / – Sangmin looks so happy. He created the famous crying rap style. – That’s right. / – Oh, right. It’s his signature rap style. He still has the same voice. – He’s still charismatic. / – Could you show us a bit? – Please show us. / – It’s been a long time. Please show us your rap. (His high speed crying rap was popular 20 years ago.) – It may be… / – ♪ Don’t beg me to take you back ♪ ♪ Just go ahead and leave me ♪ ♪ I sense you watching me all the time ♪ ♪ It’s all over, never come back ♪ – Wow. / – He’s amazing. – He’s good. / – It’s an old-fashioned style. She says it’s an old-fashioned style. That’s so funny. She criticizes more easily than before. He tried so hard that his face turned red, but she embarrassed him immediately. – You didn’t hear him, did you? / – What do you mean? You didn’t hear him gasping for air while he was rapping, right? He used to finish it in one breath. (He gasps.) (He gasps again.) (He might have needed an ambulance.) You should exercise for your health. – He needs to work out. / – It was great. Shouldn’t we welcome him back? That’s right. Welcome back, Sangmin! (Welcome back, Sangmin!) Thank you for waiting so long. Sugeun, how did you feel when you heard of today’s theme? – I thought I should be here. / – You should. When you try to refresh your mind, you will eventually need to see Jaeseok. You have to see him to refresh your mind and start over again. He’s a moral education teacher and a public prosecutions director for entertainers. – What are you talking about? / – That’s right. Why am I a director of public prosecutions? Meeting him is the final step – of the refreshing process. / – The final step. – I feel… / – Which one is Jaeseok’s coffee? – Do you want a sip of it? / – Is it like holy water? That’s a good idea. You should drink this. Sangmin, you drink first. – Have a sip. / – That’s Hyunmoo’s coffee. (He’s here to be reborn.) (Hopefully, this will help him purify his mind.) – Have a sip first. / – That’s Hyunmoo’s coffee. Hyunmoo was drinking that. (It turns out to be polluted water, not holy water.) I guess it will be hard for him to rehabilitate this year, too. – It won’t be easy. / – You’ll get a lot of criticisms. It’s also good to see Sugeun again. He used to be one of the hosts of “Happy Together”, – but he joined “Two Days and One Night” / – Right. and became very popular. My very first variety show was “Happy Together”. – He was called / – Jaeseok was – “Class President.” / – the first person – He was called “Class President.” / – I’ve worked with on a variety show when I was doing my comedy skit. Back then, it was hard for comedians to host a variety show. – That’s true. / – Right. I hosted “Happy Together” with Lee Hyori – and Jaeseok. / – That’s right. Sugeun and “Happy Together” – have a close connection. / – That’s right. – Class President. / – Yes? You haven’t done research for a while. – Did you do it this time? / – Yes, I did. Tonight… You imitated Yoon Jeongsoo, right? (Jaeseok helped Sugeun when he was embarrassed.) – Didn’t you? / – As I came here on “Happy Together”, it feels like I’m starting over again. Thank you for inviting me. – Start anew as if you’re a rookie. / – Yes. And you’ll make your way up again. It sounds like a closing line. It was like a closing line for a news show. We’ll look forward to your successful future. This show hasn’t changed at all. – I’m baffled. / – Anyway, Sugeun is back on public network through “Happy Together”. Let’s congratulate him. – Welcome back, Sugeun! / – Welcome back! When I decided to appear on this show, – I came here thinking that / – I understand. I could be here more often. He wants to be a host. (He’s here for a reason.) You should always be ambitious. Jiae and Hyoseong are here as guests. However, hosting a variety show is my job. So I think I can replace the host of the show I appear on as a guest. Do you have someone particular in your mind? – Yes, you. / – Me? – You’re my target. / – Me? How about him? Why does it have to be me? Saeho looks a bit like Sugeun. He’s my close friend. – He startled me. / – Today, Jiae is also here with us. Welcome. – It’s been a long time. / – Exactly. – We haven’t seen you on KBS before. / – That’s right. – Right? / – My goodness. I’m so excited to be here. But to be honest, I can’t relate to the theme “Rehabilitation” or whatever. She just said, “or whatever.” – Announcers don’t talk like that. / – It was rude. It might be on a news article. – I don’t relate to the theme. / – I see. I have been a freelance announcer for about four years. I have been having a good time. – I gained weight, too. / – I see. – Did you really gain weight? / – Yes, I did. I’m happy to be here. You’re saying that you don’t mind whatever we talk about today. Yes. I wouldn’t mind being here with Sugeun or Tak Jaehoon. Why did you talk about him? Jaehoon is similar to Sugeun. – They’re… / – That’s not true. They’re similar to each other. Please don’t compare me to him. – Sorry… / – It hurts my feelings. You’ll have a chance to explain everything. That’s the only thing Sugeun can’t accept. – Right. / – Jiae seems quite different from how she used to be. – Exactly. / – Is that so? – She used to be quiet and modest. / – Right. Now, she’s crossing her legs. – She seems very relaxed. / – It’s… – I used to be close to her / – That’s right. – when she was an announcer. / – You two used to host a radio show together. – As a radio DJ. / – I worked with him for a long time. – Right? / – We worked together. He benefited from me. – Is that true? / – Yes, we had good chemistry. Our show was very popular. It’s true, but why did you hit me? She kept hitting me while talking. – She’s feisty. / – Indeed. – She wasn’t like that before. / – All right. – So Jiae is here with us today. / – Right. Let’s welcome Hyoseong, a singer known for her filial love. – I thought that was Hyun Sook. / – Well, Hyoseong, how did you feel about today’s theme? I was baffled. When I talked to the scriptwriter on the phone, I was told that I was going to talk about my glory days. So I told her about the time I was very popular. But a news article said that the theme will be “Revival Special.” My fans got so excited when they read the article. – Why? / – They thought it was about my looks. Oh, I see. – I see. / – I thought the same thing. – While you’re here, please stay. / – Okay. – That was funny. / – While you’re here, please stay. – Of course, she’ll stay. / – That’s right. Good. – Hyoseong said / – Yes. that she looks the most beautiful now in her life. – She’s in her prime. / – She’s proud of her looks. Since I released my solo album, I’ve been paying more attention on my makeup. I’ve also been going to a skincare therapist a lot. Since I released my new album, people around me… It didn’t happen a lot before. – My female celebrity friends / – Yes. keep asking me about the skincare spa I go to. They ask me what I do to take care of my skin. A lot of people asked me that. – Is that so? / – Yes. I used to hear from guys that I look prettier than before. This time, many women are reacting the same. – I thought I look better. / – It makes you feel good. I felt so good. You gain and lose weight because of your fans. – What does that mean? / – Honestly, there was a time when I was plump. There were many harsh comments on news articles about my pictures. “Who is that short, chubby girl?” “She has thick thighs like a soccer player.” “How can she be an idol singer with that body?” There were comments like those. I told myself to lose weight. – I lost some weight. But then, / – What happened then? people said, “I hate that you lost weight.” – “Why did you lose weight?” / – Some men… I didn’t know what they wanted. I was baffled and shocked. In most cases, fans compliment when an idol singer becomes thinner. However, my fans said things like “I’ll let you go now.” Some of my friends who are fans of Hyoseong’s were sad when she lost weight. Why? It’s inappropriate to say that here. Why did you say that? – Gosh. / – It’s true. – They were sad about it. / – Hyoseong is – the icon of healthy beauty. / – Right. – That’s right. / – Sangmin, – you host a lot of TV shows lately. / – Yes. – How many TV shows do you host? / – I’m curious. Sometimes, I host six or seven TV shows. I host four in average. – He’s very busy. / – You don’t even have a day off. I feel better when I’m busy working. When I’m not working, I have a lot going on in my mind. It makes me anxious, so I try to accept any offers I get. Some people say that you seem to work hard to show to someone. I have to show my creditors that I’m working hard. – I want them to know that. / – I understand. – The creditors won’t urge you. / – It’s because… They do urge me, but more importantly, the interest gets bigger than the principal because I have very old debts. I should show them I’m working hard – so I can ask for some deduction / – Right. and pay my debts. May I ask if you still have much to pay? – Yes, I have a lot to pay. / – Still? It’s so much that he won’t be able to pay it before he dies. – Really? / – Yes. I heard you’re into shopping cheap online. That’s right. I’m into shopping online. – Is that so? / – I lose track of time. I bought these trousers for only seven dollars and 80 cents. – That’s a good deal. / – Indeed. – They’re waterproof trousers. / – They look nice. – It’s a good deal. / – It was 18 dollars at first. If you look at these… – In the beginning. / – Really? So I started looking for other price tags. The same product was sold for 18 dollars at the first shop. – It was cheaper at another shop. / – That’s right. – I got a coupon as well. / – I see. I kept looking for other online shops. There’s a shipping fee if I buy just one pair. – So I bought another pair. / – I see. I got a four-dollar coupon. In the end, I bought two pairs for only 16 dollars. (He bought two pairs for only 16 dollars!) – That’s very cheap. / – These socks are 90 cents. – You should buy at least two pairs. / – I see. The shipping fee is two dollars and 70 cents. You don’t pay for it if you spend over nine dollars and 80 cents. You have to buy 10 pairs as it’s two dollars and 50 cents for two pairs. – It was twice… / – It’s like you’re selling socks. – “It’s two dollars…” / – Are you here to sell socks? – It was funny. / – As I was listening to you… When you were a popular singer, – you didn’t shop online like that. / – Right. Where did you shop before? Back then, I didn’t go shopping myself. I would have someone do that for me. I’m embarrassed to say this, but it’s all in the past now. I would spend 20,000 dollars on shopping in a day. You probably bought all the products in a store. – That’s right. / – Wow. I gave my staff 20,000 dollars to buy my clothes. They would buy a 4,000-dollar suit and a pair of jeans for hundreds of dollars, so I can wear them. Talking about the old days only makes you sad. He used to wear high-end clothes only. How much do you spend a month lately? I spend about 1,000 dollars a month. You’re spending too much. – That’s not true. / – Is that too much? The legal minimum cost of living is 1,500 dollars. Even though they seize all that I had, I’m allowed to spend 1,500 dollars a month. – Okay. / – I understand. But I spend only 1,000 dollars. – I spend less than 500 dollars. / – You’re frugal. – Your creditors must understand. / – We didn’t mean to talk only about their hardships. – That’s right. / – That’s not why they’re here. But as we went on… – His story was inspiring. / – Not only Sangmin, but also Sugeun is very busy lately. No, that’s not true. – Isn’t it true? / – No, I host a TV show on KBS, – You host a TV show. / – “Neighborhood Superstar,” where I travel across the country. What do you do in your free time? I spend a lot of time with my children. I wasn’t a good dad because I was too busy. I’m trying to be a good dad now. – They grew up well. / – I attended their school’s bazaar and sold stuff with them. – I spend much time with them. / – They must be happy. Did you do the same when you were taking a break? I couldn’t show up at school during that period because – I shouldn’t startle the teachers. / – Right. – That’s right. / – They would have kept – the children somewhere else. / – They’d be flustered. They wouldn’t have known what to do. Tell us what happened. I went to my son’s kindergarten. The principal was startled to see me while organizing the shoes. She used to seem very glad to see me, – but she was startled then. / – I see. Did you stay at home during the break? – Many reporters came to see. / – I see. – Really? / – They wanted to cover – how I was doing. / – Really? One time, I was really startled. I was on my way home after helping my friend’s work. I was carrying a black plastic bag with some cookies in it. What was worse was that I was carrying a plastic bag from a store. I was wearing a sweat suit and hadn’t shaved, so I had a moustache like Myungsoo. – I see. / – I was wearing a cap, too. You must have looked terrible. At the moment I was turning into the alley to my house, the lighting was turned on, and a female writer showed up. – Then a cameraman followed her. / – Oh, no. – I thought it was a prank. / – I see. They said that they were from an entertainment news program. Staying at home was uncomfortable because reporters came there, too. – I understand. / – My own home felt uncomfortable, so I went to the countryside to avoid people. I spent much time in Yangpyeong or in Ganghwa Island… – Was it a one-day trip? / – Yes. My parents-in-law live in Ganghwa Island. One day, Hodong called me. He said he was in front of my house, and I went out to see him. He took me to Gangwon Province. He had booked the accommodation that we visited on “Two Days and One Night.” – We drank together that night. / – That’s nice. Yes. He cheered me up and gave me advice. I can’t forget that. – Myungsoo… / – He called you, too. He also called me. He called me twice in a short time. On his first call, he said he meant to call someone else. – Really? / – My goodness. How could you do that to him? Why did it have to be him? – Seriously, / – I can’t believe him. why did you do that to him when he was going through a hard time? But he called me back shortly. He called me back and cheered me up. That’s just because he was sorry for his mistake. – He must have felt guilty. / – How could you? How could you do that to him? Whom did you mean to call? Sometimes, my phone makes a call by itself. It dials random numbers. – That happens sometimes. / – Right. – He called me by mistake, too / – Accidentally. I picked up the phone, and he said, “Hi. Why did you call me?” I said he was the one who called me, and he said, “That doesn’t matter!” Then he hung up. – My phone malfunctions at times. / – That’s hilarious. Oh, that’s how it happened. So I ended up dialing Sugeun’s number, but I couldn’t end the call. I was like, “Hello? Hey, Sugeun.” – The button didn’t work. / – No, it didn’t. I kept pressing the button, but it didn’t work. When he wasn’t prepared to talk, he touched the “call” button. – Sugeun answered so quickly. / – I see. He answered at the second ring. It’s because I’m always holding my phone. My phone is always with me. As their colleague, I’m so glad that we can now talk and laugh about these things with Sugeun and Sangmin. – I agree. / – It makes me happy. – It may be a little early, though. / – You’re grateful for Hodong, but I heard that you give him a hard time these days. He’s lost his enthusiasm. He doesn’t have that energy he used to exude in the past. I sometimes look at him and think, “I could beat him if I attack him now.” (Can Sugeun beat this man of strength?) – He has almost turned into a girl. / – I agree. – You should call him often. / – Okay. He must love talking to Jaeseok. – Really? / – I’ve been… He said, “I talked to him on the phone yesterday.” We last spoke on the phone three weeks ago. I should talk to him on the phone more often. He’s like a girl now. He’s not the Hodong we used to know. Jiae, you said that you have to rehabilitate and start afresh. During my four-year hiatus, I reflected on my past a lot. What did you reflect on, exactly? It was about my attitude towards working in the industry. Hyunmoo can probably empathize. Oh, I guess he may not. Well… – Why do I feel insulted? / – I’m sorry to interrupt, but were you always this direct? – She used to be a big liar. / – I’m surprised. Being honest is good, but she lets everything out. You should keep certain things to yourself. I really wanted to talk, but I haven’t had a chance to do so. – Yes, that’s right. / – I found it very frustrating. You were a news anchor in the past, so you probably couldn’t talk – about what was on your mind. / – I couldn’t. It’s because I represented the public network I worked for back then. Watch out for your pronunciation. – “I represented.” / – That sounded so wrong. – It sounded Japanese. / – You sounded like a grandma. I’ll explain. If I tried to get people’s attention by being loud like Hyunmoo and by doing different things… – Gosh, my head hurts. / – If I did that… That’s funny. that was frowned upon in the organization I worked for because I was the face of that TV network. – I was one of the employees, / – Right. so I was cautious about standing out or talking about myself. – In other words… / – He must’ve had a clear goal of becoming famous quickly so he can quit. (He set out a goal to quit as soon as he got hired!) Hyunmoo won’t be able to deny this. We can now talk about these things. I heard your husband kept talking about Hyunmoo to challenge you. Yes, he talked so much about Hyunmoo. When Hyunmoo talks about his past shows, he always says that he didn’t get into MBC because of Oh Sangjin. – We were hired the same year. / – It was also because of my husband. Two people didn’t get in and you went to KBS instead. Today, Hyunmoo is… Are you here to kill me or what? This is by far the toughest show for Hyunmoo in the show’s history. Sugeun came to give Saeho a hard time, too. Jiae is a tough one. Jonghwan and I were hired. They started in the same year. – Isn’t he a reporter now? / – Yes, he is. I would sleep for long hours because I didn’t have things to do. Then my husband would call me from work in the morning. “Hey,” “Hyunmoo is in a meeting looking all puffy.” (What is this now?) Is that a compliment or an insult? Why did he have to say that I looked puffy? – Was he mocking me? / – To sum it up, he wanted to say, “He came to work even when he looks like that.” “He can’t even take care of himself.” – Was he making fun of my face? / – It’s not? – Wasn’t that what he meant? / – No. He wanted to tell me how hard Hyunmoo worked. “You’ve been sleeping the whole morning,” “but Hyunmoo already did one show” “and is in a meeting now.” “Jiae, are you still in bed?” Your husband told us that you have a bit of a crazy side. (My wife has a bit of a crazy side.) Your husband said this, so it must be true. I knew of Jiae, but I wasn’t close to her. Do you remember running into me after you quit? Yes. Don’t talk about it. We bumped into each other. That was the first time we spoke one on one. – Do you remember what you said? / – What was it? – What did I say? / – “Hook me up with jobs.” (“Hook me up with jobs”) – I said that? / – I was so flustered. (Being a freelancer is difficult.) I can’t believe it. How can I hook you up with jobs? – I can understand. / – Before Jiae quit, she was the face of the cable network. – Definitely. / – She was such a snob. – She was. / – I was so surprised. – She always held her head up high. / – She did. You guys thought she was a snob? That was the first thing she said. – She used to be like this. / – I was a bit like that. Anyway, I didn’t hear back from anyone and ended up taking a hiatus for four years. – Is that right? / – Yes. Who is your role model then? Hyunmoo is a guy, so would – Park Jiyoon be your role model? / – No. – No? Who is it then? / – Lee Keumhee. – I see, Lee Keumhee. / – She’s very charming. Then you’d have to age quickly. Are you saying that Lee Keumhee is old? – She is older. / – Stop it. – I don’t see any resemblance. / – Really? From what I’ve seen today, – you’re different. / – You’re very different from her. Then I’ll say it’s Park Jiyoon. – Park Jiyoon. / – Yes. – So her role model changed. / – She’s willing to do anything. – She’s ready to work. / – She’s full of energy. – Could you also dance for us? / – Of course. (Of course I could dance for you.) She said she can dance. – I think she just said it. / – I look forward to it. She’ll have to keep her word. Let’s meet the last guest who needs rehabilitation, Jun Hyoseong. (Jun Hyoseong is here for rehabilitation.) – She has beautiful gums. / – Hyoseong. Hyoseong, you’re known for your healthy-looking gums. What do you think about it? I’ve never thought that showing gum while smiling or laughing looks bad. I think I look pretty good when I laugh or smile. – You do. / – Thank you. Your gums look healthy and pink. It shows that she’s healthy. Yes, it’s pink. Some of my fans have told me – that I gave them confidence. / – Of course. “Thanks to you, I can smile and laugh confidently.” Many people identify themselves with me, so I’m very proud of my gums. Do you always check your gums before you go on stage or before shoots? Yes. I always look at the mirror. – Is that right? / – How do you check them? Lipstick tends to get on them often because my smile is wide. – On your teeth, right? / – Both on my teeth and gums. Lipstick gets on your gums, too? – Yes. / – It’s usually just the teeth. – It’s because I smile like this. / – You’re right. – On your gums. / – I can see why. – Do I have lipstick on them now? / – No. No, right? So… – How do you get it off? / – Like this. I heard you have a special trick. Yes. I do this with my finger and do this. Lipstick gets inside your upper lip. Inside this part. If you wipe that part like this, the lipstick will stay put even when you smile. I thought it was going to be a special trick, but it was this. She just wiped it off. – Then… / – I thought it’d be a special tip. Isn’t it better to wipe it off like this? I thought she was going to show us something special. It was for the inside. It’s hard to reach that part. – How do you all do it? / – It wasn’t anything special. I just do this. (Watch out. Doing this could make you look ugly.) That looked worse than what Hyoseong did! – So this is what you do, Jiae. / – Yes. – What about you, Hyeongyeong? / – I do this. (This could make you look even uglier.) You just made it up, didn’t you? No, she really wipes her lipstick off like that. That’s how she really does it. Is she always this funny? – She’s hilarious. / – That’s what men do. I’ve gotten scolded for it. I used to do it before every shoot, and people have told me – not to do it. / – Men wouldn’t like that. Do you ever smell your fingers after doing that? (That wasn’t funny at all.) (The production team is sighing.) If the production team dislikes you this much, – you should know to… / – We help him out a lot. What are you trying to say? The staff sighs whenever you try to do something. It’s a love and hate relationship. They don’t like you. – They should quit, then. / – You started targeting Myungsoo unlike what you were doing earlier. Does this mean you’re done with me now? I’ve never felt this anxious on “Happy Together” before. You have been looking anxious indeed. (Sugeun wants Myungsoo’s position.) Hyoseong, you’re known for your sexy charms. – What’s this now? / – Does it ever stress you out? I’m actually very happy that people perceive me as sexy. I’ve always wanted to look sexy even before I debuted. (The randomness is making them laugh.) And hearing that I’m sexy is… Gosh, please focus. (That made these guys burst into laughter.) I’m sorry. Hyoseong, that was funny. – That question was so random. / – That was hilarious. That was good. I really liked it. – “Please focus.” / – You’re sexy, indeed. She’s laughing again, showing all of her gums. What was I saying? – Your sexy charms. / – Oh, right. Gosh, please remember the question. (Her cuteness is contagious.) When it comes to someone’s image, I think that many people associate looking pure and innocent with positive things and give negative meanings to looking sexy. I think many people think that way. I’m against it, though. I love looking sexy. (She wants to look sexy and healthy.) It’s one of my charms, and it makes me confident. Doesn’t it stress you out to only focus on looking sexy? I was once reading online comments about me and saw these. “Jun Hyoseong is known more” “for her breasts than her singing.” It said you’re better known for your breasts. It’s because that’s what the media focuses on. I also read this one. “A singer who sings her heart out.” It’s a play on words, but there were many comments like that. – It’s not a bad thing, but… / – But I can’t say, “Yes, I’m better known for my breasts.” (I can’t say such things.) – Of course. / – I’m obviously a singer. So I said, “I’m a singer, so I want to be known for my singing.” That’s what I said, but it was turned into “Jun Hyoseong wants to be known for her singing,” “not for her breasts.” Someone else wrote that? – The articles said that. / – I see. The articles were worded in a provocative way. Words can be interpreted in different ways. – You’re right. / – Yes. Prior to my debut, I had no idea that I’d end up with this kind of sexy image to be honest. I used to be very chubby as a kid, so my focus was losing weight. After I debuted, I realized that people find me attractive because I’m not skinny. People now tell me that I look sexy and healthy. I had no idea that something like this would happen. – You know what I think? / – What? I think she’s the sexiest female singer in Korea. – Well… / – Did you see her commercial? She danced on a chair in that commercial. (Sexy chair dance) The producers should hang on to their cameras tightly. – It’s amazing. / – Really? Would you please show us the chair dance? – I need a chair. / – She just needs a chair. Sugeun keeps on doing my job. – It makes me nervous. / – I am sorry. – It’s okay. / – I didn’t realize it. I understand that you only want to do well, – but it’s my job. / – Saeho. – It was nice working with you. / – I am sorry. I only talked about a dance I saw. You should go easy on me. – Saeho is too desperate. / – No, I am not. I am nervous because when Sugeun talks, his eyes are on me. – Seriously. / – He has an agenda. – He is watching you. / – Saeho must be worried. I think Saeho is wary of Sugeun. – This is so funny. / – I won’t take your job. I don’t like the way he looks at me. Comedians have a tendency to try to outdo one another – when they meet at a variety show. / – That’s not – what I did. / – He’s constantly thinking, “How do I make people laugh?” That’s not what I did. It’s important to listen to each other, too. (The sexy queen, Hyoseong’s chair dance) (The sexy queen gets started.) – Look at the way she moves. / – My goodness. She is so flexible. – My goodness. / – My goodness. Look at the cameraman. (Grinning) (He quickly closes his mouth.) (Jun Hyoseong) (He squints his eyes.) – My goodness. / – My goodness. She is amazing. She can dance very well. Everyone looks happy. Camera crew’s reaction is so funny. – My goodness. / – Look at Saeho. Look at Saeho. Saeho. He doesn’t know where to look. – Saeho. / – What is this commercial for? – Saeho. / – My goodness. We don’t know where to look. Saeho. (I am Jun Hyoseong.) My goodness. Let’s end it here. (He suddenly feels thirsty.) – That was amazing. / – I know. I know now why people call her the icon of sexiness. – She is amazing. / – Did you see the camera operator? – Camera operator. / – I saw him shaking the camera. This is what he did. (He was feeling the groove.) He moved to the rhythm. He moved to the rhythm. The camera operator next to him showed us a toothy grin. (His smile showed most of his teeth.) She had that effect with just a chair. She is amazing. – Jiae. / – Would you show us your dance? Would it be all right? – I need high heels. / – Here they are. You need to think about your career at KBS. – Would it be all right? / – She is the wild anchor. I figured out in advance what I can do. She doesn’t deliver news these days. (The wild anchor will dance.) Now, she will… – My goodness. / – How are her legs so long? – Excuse me. / – She is like Daddy-Long-Legs. – Her legs are impossibly long. / – They are so long. – Jiae, / – She looks like she’s walking on sticks. is it your trousers or are your legs actually long? Where do her legs end? She pulled up her trousers too much. – Jiae, please stand up. / – Please stand up. Look at her legs. (Jiae is Daddy-Long-Legs.) Her legs make up two thirds of her body! She looks like someone who gives out balloons. – Balloons! / – They make animals with balloons. – Jiae. / – She sat on the chair. – She is the wild anchor! / – She’s back! She is back after four years. She is done with sitting idly. Watch out, variety shows! – Jiae, the wild anchor! / – Give us the music. – There she goes. / – Look at her facial expression. – What is she doing? / – She is slouching. What is she doing? (Swaying her hips) For goodness’ sake. She is like Hyeongyeong. She is like Hyeongyeong. (Take this) My goodness, Jiae. (She recreates the entire dance from her memory.) My goodness. She is like Hyeongyeong. Get rid of the chair. It was the kind of dance you can see at parks. Seriously. Sangmin, you briefly talked about – the way you used to be. / – Yes. Were you aware of your penchant for pretension? Roo’Ra sold the most number of albums among dance groups. We sold 1,980,000 copies. Since I have always been interested in producing, I became a producer. I produced Country Kko Kko – and Sharp. / – Sharp. – Sharp. / – You produced Sharp, too. – Yes. / – Sharp. – There were Diva and Chakra, too. / – Chakra. – Sohodae. / – Sohodae. I rarely saw Sangmin standing up back then. Other members were standing up, but he sat in the back wearing fur and holding a cane. Fur coat was Sangmin’s trademark. – Fur coat. / – That’s right. Hyoseong, you have never heard of Bros, right? – Jiae, I bet you remember them. / – Yes, I remember them. They were a bunch of people dragging fur coats. She remembers them clearly. “A bunch of people dragging fur coats.” ♪ Don’t stop here, win, win ♪ ♪ Don’t stop here, win ♪ YG Family debuted first. The two groups began working on albums around the same time. I saw them on TV and I was surprised. There were about eight members in YG Family, – including Yang Hyunsuk. / – That’s right. Because there were backup dancers on the stage, it looked like there were 20 to 30 people. I thought that since YG Family has 20 to 30 members, my group should have 100 people. (100 people) – Really? / – Yes. – You didn’t want to lose. / – No. Bros had about 15 members. How did they fit on the stage? I thought of a way to have 100 people on the stage. I added an orchestra – even though it wasn’t strictly necessary. / – Right. There were 48 members of the orchestra, 13 members of Bros and 12 backup dancers. I also added close to 30 chorus singers. – Was the stage big enough? / – There were 100 people. – It must have cost a lot. / – However, the producer said, “The stage might collapse.” – He was worried. / – Yes. He asked that we have fewer people on the stage, so I got rid of 40 people. – That leaves you with 60 people. / – We decided not to have all 60 people on the stage at the same time. Bros had to sing three songs in the end. This happened because of YG Entertainment. – That’s right. / – You wanted to win. That’s right. That’s how things were back in the days. S.M. Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment rule now. Back then, it was a fight between LSM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. You think those two were the key players in the field. – Yes, I do. / – What about JYP Entertainment? Back then, my agency had Chakra, Country Kko Kko, Diva and Roo’Ra. Hyunsuk’s agency had Keep Six, 1TYM, and Jinusean. Jinyoung’s agency had Ryanghyun and Ryangha. “I Didn’t Go to School.” – That’s right. / – Hyunsuk felt threatened, right? I am sure he laughed. “He is trying to beat us.” “He is spending money on unnecessary things.” On the stage, there was always a fight against YG Entertainment. Artists fight over who gets the last stage. – The last performance. / – If you look it up, you will see that Bros always gave the last performance. – I see. / – It couldn’t be helped since 60 people were going on the stage. (There was a sea of people.) There was no other way to do it. Since there were 60 people, – Bros couldn’t perform at any other time. / – I see. There is another reason why Bros got the last performance. YG Entertainment used a helicopter. They showed a video footage of a helicopter, and the sound of helicopter would fill the studio. Then artists will enter the stage as if they got off the helicopter. We had to do something after that. Kim Sehwang was the guitarist at the time. We decided to use him for the performance. He would appear with a gush of wind from below the stage. Then I would join him for the performance. We gave a great performance. My goodness, Lee Junghyun descended from the sky with a fan in her hand next. (She is the warrior of techno music.) You couldn’t win. It was beyond my imagination. – Junghyun / – It must have been impressive. descended from the sky. A performance stands out only if there are no perfect performances – before or after. / – That’s true. We didn’t think Junghyun’s performance would be so great. But then, the intro played. There was a huge fan on the stage, and it opened to reveal Junghyun descending from the sky. She also had a microphone on her finger. After that, 30 backup dancers holding a fan – entered the stage. / – That must have been a sight. “I didn’t think it would happen.” ♪ I didn’t think it would happen ♪ You were prepared for a video footage of a helicopter, but not Junghyun’s performance. Bros’ performance came next, and it looked shabby in comparison. We have the video footage. Let’s take a look at it. (Bros is a shortened form of “Brothers.”) A shortened form of “Brothers.” We are getting ready for – the next performance. / – There are so many people. – Vicky, X-Large… / – X-large, Bobby, – There are so many members. / – Chakra… There were 13 members. That’s incredible. Then I made an appearance. – He’s wearing a fur coat. / – It must’ve been so hot. He was the leader. (Sangmin in a fur coat led his artists.) The microphone was specially made. (Vicky of Diva) It’s Vicky. That’s what the performance looked like. This is from 1999. It’s Bobby Kim. (Sangmin shows his explosive charisma.) That’s good. My goodness. There are so many people. I can’t tell these people apart. This is like “Produce 101.” (He is embarrassed.) – He remembers it now. / – It was like “Produce 101.” – Maybe I feel this way because / – Wow. I heard your story prior to watching the performance, but it was the epitome of pretension. He should have saved money. – I know. / – He could have saved so much money. Had he saved money back then, he would have been able to wear a leather jacket now. Your microphone was up here. It was specially made. I am sure you thought it looked cool. – To be honest, / – I thought it was a harmonica. it looked very strange. What was the thought behind it? – It was near your mouth. / – Back then, Junghyun’s microphone was on her finger. Some artists also held their microphones like this. – Yes. / – It happened frequently. Artists tried to come up with stylish ways – to hold the microphone. / – That’s right. Artists had their microphones specially made and covered the microphone stand with crystals. – Yours was specially made, too. / – Yes. You can’t tell from the picture, but it was made with pure silver. What? The chain that went around my neck was. I can’t even see it. It was made with pure silver and – attached like this. / – You should’ve saved money. It looks like the microphone employees wear – at ticket offices. / – Seriously. Did you really borrow authentic jewelry? – Authentic jewelry? / – Back then, members of YG Family wore a lot of necklaces. – They were imitation jewelry. / – That’s right. – They were made with beads. / – Yes. I thought artists of my agency should wear authentic jewelry. – What? / – For goodness’ sake. – That’s why… / – Why did you do that? I called the jewelry shop. Did you buy or borrow the jewelry? – The shop probably lent them. / – I told the shop that Bros would like to wear authentic jewelry for music video and photo shoot for the album cover. – Really? / – Yes. The jewelry shop accepted my request. Since I was a well-known producer with a big agency, they found me trustworthy. – They brought jewelry. / – Really? Yes, 3,000,000 dollars’ worth of jewelry were brought by five security guards. They put the jewelry on the artists. Next to the artists, security guards kept a watch. They didn’t stop until the end of the shoot. – They were vigilant. / – They were worried. – Jewelry can be switched. / – They can be dropped. Each security kept his eyes on a specific artist. When the shoot was over, they took them back in cases. I didn’t notice the jewelry because there were so many people. Did they wear them in the footage? They are not very noticeable. – You did it for self-satisfaction. / – Yes. You were focused on the rivalry with YG Entertainment. Sangmin’s penchant for pretension was widely known among celebrities. – He never said hello. / – He used swear words often. – He never said hello. / – That’s what I heard. He ignored senior singers, too. He kept his age a secret. Not many people knew Sangmin’s age. You can search on the Internet now. However, Internet was not widely used back then. It was impossible to know a celebrity’s age if it was hidden. You didn’t greet other celebrities to put on airs, right? I was incredibly arrogant. I was very arrogant. Since I was a leader of the group as well as a producer, I didn’t appear on variety shows. – You rarely did it. / – I made other members do it. I sent Kim Jihyun or Chae Rina in my place. If the program was hosted by Jaeseok, – I made an appearance. / – That’s right. – Is Jaeseok older than you? / – Yes, he is. Despite being older, Jaeseok addressed me very politely. – That’s right. / – I could not treat him in a friendly manner outside of the show. – I remember that. / – I assumed a haughty manner. Like he said, he was the CEO of an agency back then. Everything I did led to good outcomes. – That’s right. / – I am serious. – You had the Midas touch. / – You were unstoppable. My entertainment company released eight albums in 1999. I did nothing but work for a year. The eight albums sold about 2,000,000 copies and I made millions in profit. I was practically raking in money. My father ran a barber’s in the 90s. His life’s dream was to save 100,000 dollars. In the 90s, 100,000 dollars secured you for a lifetime. Even to this day… It’s a large amount of money. You could buy a house with 100,000 dollars. You could buy several houses in the countryside. – It was worth a lot more back then. / – Right. How much is that? An acquaintance gave it to me. (An acquaintance gave him a bracelet.) It will give him metal allergy. It’s made of iron. – Metal allergy? / – Don’t go near a magnet. Sangmin must occasionally sit alone at home and get lost in thoughts. “If only had I not worn that fur coat!” You must have had that thought. Seriously. I have a list of regrets. – A list of regrets? / – You have a list? It’s a list of regrets. People usually keep a bucket list. – Sangmin’s list of regrets. / – There is an event that makes up the biggest part of that list. – What is it? / – It’s meeting MC Hammer. – MC Hammer? / – Yes. He came to Korea in search of an artist. I heard a rumor about it, so I met up with MC Hammer. I told him that I want to make a group for the American market and asked for his help. He told me that it would cost 300,000 dollars, so I gave the money to him on the spot. After that, I lived in the States and accompanied MC Hammer to the best recording studios. A year went by. I asked him when my group can perform on MTV or other music programs. He said that hip-hop musicians need to start from radio programs. – It’s like that in the States. / – I asked him when they will have a debut performance, and he said that it can take anywhere from a year to seven years. When he said that, I got very angry. Of course you did. In Korea, once you make the music video… – Then you debut. / – You hit the music program. It’s just a matter of securing a spot at “KBS Top 10 Songs.” The fact that you know the show is telling of your age. – It’s called “Music Bank” now. / – “Music Bank.” – You perform at “Music Bank” and… / – You have to. – That’s right. / – That’s how it works here. When MC Hammer brought up an obscure radio program, I felt like I have been scammed. That’s understandable. I told them to pack up. – In front of MC Hammer? / – Yes. I had spent 1,100,000 dollars. No wonder you were upset. I had spent 1,100,000 dollars. I spent 200,000 dollars on music video, 300,000 dollars on MC Hammer, 250,000 dollars on recording… – And your car. / – I bet you also spent a lot of money on entertainment. He wasted money on entertainment. He probably ate steaks, too. We went to San Francisco on weekends to sip champagne on the 59th floor. – Really? / – It was a sky lounge. “We went to San Francisco.” – He is ridiculous. / – He is so pretentious. Even though I had spent 1,100,000 dollars over a year, I asked the artists to pack up. I wasn’t afraid. I was in a bad mood and I couldn’t trust MC Hammer. I told the artists that they will debut in Korea first. They came to Korea and debuted. – What happened? / – I didn’t think that the album would be a total failure. It was the first time I had experienced failure. What was the song called? It was “You” by X-Large. (This is) (the flop that cost 1,100,000 dollars.) I was shocked to see an African American rapper in Roo’Ra. Wasn’t his name Romeo? – Romeo. / – We recruited Romeo. Jihyun decided to debut as a solo artist and Roo’Ra was missing a main vocalist. We decided to recruit Mikey Romeo to give Roo’Ra a boost. He was actually pretty old. – Really? / – Was he old? We lied… I guess it wasn’t exactly lying. No one inquired about his age. We were not asked about our ages. Other members’ ages were unknown, too. We just didn’t talk about it. He is about 20 years older than me. – Really? / – He was already old back then. He must be close to 60 years old now. I remember his part. ♪ Look up high in the sky ♪ He was a featured artist in a popular song by German artists. – ♪ Tonight is the night ♪ / – I know that song. ♪ Hold me, hold me ♪ Romeo rapped the part. Really? He rapped the part. ♪ Hold me, hold me ♪ I sang that song so many times. Myungsoo sings that song often. ♪ Hold me, hold me ♪ He became very popular with that song. It was a well-known dance song. I offered him a position in Roo’Ra. – Really? / – That’s how he was recruited. It must have cost a fortune to recruit him. He received 40,000 dollars when he signed the contract and received a monthly pay. He worked with Roo’Ra for two or three months. During his time in Korea, – he had a complaint. / – What was it about? We always ate packed lunch with bulgogi at the time. It was bought from a store nearby. It was the most convenient choice. At first, he liked bulgogi because it was tasty. He asked if we can have something else after a week. I told him that this is the only option we have. We always had the same kind of packed lunch. – It’s tasty. / – He exploded after a month. What did he say? “Every day, bulgogi!” (I am sick and tired of bulgogi.) He was upset. “Every day, bulgogi!” He said to me, “Every day, bulgogi!” He was sick and tired of it. Romeo left a funny phrase. – “Every day, bulgogi!” / – “Every day, bulgogi!” He ate it too often. I also regret not buying the building of JYP Entertainment. It is now the main building of JYP Entertainment. A real estate agent told me that I must buy it at 900,000 dollars. He gave you advice. I told him I have no use for it. – You had a lot of money. / – Yes. I told him that a property won’t make me much profit, and he said that its value will increase every year. Since I was making enough to buy two such buildings every year, I didn’t see the need to purchase it. Instead, I rented a place across from the building of S.M. Entertainment. You rented it out? – Back then, / – You rented it out? the deposit was 200,000 dollars and the rent was 25,000 dollars. – That was in 1999. / – I see. Did you say 25,000 dollars? I spent 1.1 million dollars for the recording studio in the basement. My goodness. With all the equipment, it was around 1.5 million dollars. (What was the result of his investment?) The landlord wanted me to return the place – to the original state. / – My goodness. I moved out because I was broke. – Oh, dear. / – My gosh. I didn’t have the cash to return it the way it was. That cost another 20,000 dollars. My goodness. You can’t sum it up in a few minutes. – This is a like a drama. / – It’s like a dream. It should be made into a drama. This is like a TV drama where the character hits their lowest point. If you write a script like this… You should make a sequel to “Descendants of the Sun.” It should be named “Descendants of Hammer.” I actually had a question for you. When I look at Jaeseok, I realize that it’s difficult to be successful unless you seize an opportunity. That’s the fundamental rule of life. He always controls and restrains himself, but there are so many things he probably wants to do. – But… / – It’s like he’s a religious leader. I was wondering how you are able to keep living this way. Now that you mention it, I started wondering about it. Perhaps an incident made me this way. For me, I was unknown as a comedian for a long time and realized this. Others around me quickly became popular and then disappeared. – There are ups and downs. / – Once I saw that, I told myself that I’ll never do what they did. That’s what I thought to myself. I’m not that brave, so I can’t do business. That’s not me. I wish I could have learned this attitude from him. I don’t know why I can’t. – Are you reflecting on yourself? / – Yes. Let’s move on to Sugeun. After Sangmin’s story, I have nothing to say. I’ll pass. – But still… / – My story is nothing. – You can tell us a few things. / – It was intense. – It was intense, right? / – Yes. I’ll just talk about how poor I was. I could say that I didn’t even have spoons, so I ate with hands. You have a lot of stories – from when you were working really hard. / – He does. I remember how your hands were covered in dirt – when I saw you. / – Right. He was so popular on “Two Days and One Night” though. – That was a good time. / – He was at his peak. – Indeed he was. / – I wasn’t envious of anybody. (He volunteered himself to do all sorts of labor) (and led “Two Days and One Night” to its heyday.) That’s the most difficult part. We’re starting over again, but we think about how things used to be. We have great hosts here, but I was so busy back then, too. All I wanted was have five days off. I wanted to rest for those five days. You were extremely busy. I didn’t know five days would become two years. You were off for a long time. Yes, my image on the television was somebody who volunteers himself for others such as driving. I ended up getting involved in gambling, so people were even more disappointed. – You had a set image. / – I was like the handyman. It didn’t look right for me to gamble. I was supposed to be a diligent worker. – Am I allowed to smile? / – You can. – Can I? / – Yes. You were really busy when you were on “High Pitch Impossible,” right? Didn’t Byungman have to fill you in a few times? That’s how busy he was. That was during the World Cup. – He was so busy. / – Yes. I actually have to say sorry to Buzz for something. I have to apologize to Min Kyunghoon. “Reds Go Together” is their song, but we sang it on “High Pitch Impossible,” so everybody thinks it’s our song. (It doesn’t help to be a good singer.) Buzz wasn’t invited to perform the song, but we were invited instead. How does the song go? ♪ Let’s go, let’s go together ♪ We even shot a cell phone ad that’s usually for actors. We were invited to all the events hosted by the city hall. We were always the opening performance. – Can you show us a bit? / – Show us how it’s done. – What was the funniest one? / – What was it? It’s Kim Jongkook’s song. – Is it “Lovely”? / – It is. I need your help. – ♪ From head to toe ♪ / – ♪ From head to toe ♪ – That’s all you need, right? / – Excuse my voice. – We are clear, right? / – We’ve done this many times. – We both know comedy. / – One, two, three, four. ♪ From head to toe ♪ ♪ You’re lovely ♪ (They even move the same way.) ♪ I’m proud that ♪ ♪ You’re my lady ♪ – This is it. / – That’s how we used to do it. It was undeniably the best. Even I was shocked at myself. – I don’t know how I thought of it. / – Right. – There are times like that. / – I kept on going up, so I thought I might reach Jaeseok’s level. I used to think that way. I knew it wouldn’t happen but I used to imagine things like that. Like you said, there are times when everything falls right into place. Your environment helps you out. This is a perfect time for you. – Everything works in your favor. / – I find it odd. – Wow. / – I mean it. Back then, you could make people laugh by farting. It was disgusting but people used to laugh at it. There are only two people who can make others laugh by farting. Unless you are Sugeun or Myungsoo, you can’t make people laugh by farting. I agree. It has to sound smooth and smell, too. He’s lucky that his fart even smells terrible. Did something ever happen while you were farting? – I heard something came out. / – That’s gross. – Did you poop? / – It happened once. – There are a few people who did that. / – Right. – There are Sugeun and Kim Joonho. / – And Kim Joonho. – That was on “Gag Concert.” / – Joonho did it while filming “Gag Concert.” And I… (That’s a fatal blow.) did it during “High Pitch Impossible” days. Ryu Dam kept on sleeping in the car. We were at a pit stop but he was sleeping with his head back. I lifted my butt up so that I could wake him up. I actually waited for an hour so that – I can let everything out. / – You gathered it. – You were accumulating it. / – Oh, my. I wanted to fart and wake him up. – I let it out / – I see. and it came out. (How tragic) My goodness. (I haven’t tried that.) It would have woken him up. It was okay because it wasn’t a lump. – My goodness. / – That’s gross. I have a question. – You know that you’re funny, right? / – Yes. How would you rank yourself out of all comedians in Korea? – Just as a comedian. / – I might sound arrogant but… Be honest. If I you tell me to be funny, I think I can come out on top. – In all of Korea? / – Yes, if it’s as simple as gathering everybody and doing comedy on a theme. Would you surpass Jaeseok? He has so many qualities that we don’t have. He’s got qualities that we cannot even dream of. I’m saying to disregard all that. He’s really random and unpredictable. He’s like that when he’s with us. – He’s right. / – He’s very random. Myungsoo, how do you think you’ll do if you participated in such contest? If I give it my best, I can come out on top. He has everything that Sugeun has. – He has his poop stories. / – He’s tough. – He’s not an easy opponent. / – He has fart stories. – He’s at your level. / – Right. He’s not afraid of taking off his clothes. That’s right. Everybody’s seen it. What about you, Saeho? I haven’t made jokes out of farting or taking my clothes off yet, so I think I have a chance. – I think I have a chance. / – It’ll be something new. I’ve been watching him for a long time. I think Saeho is always the same. The world has changed though. (The world has changed?) – What do you mean? / – What does that mean? Saeho hasn’t changed but the world has changed in a way that they’re able to take his jokes. He’s always been the same. That’s why I’m saying that he’s got perfect timing. People like him are seasonal comedians. (He’s a seasonal comedian.) He’ll get some attention while the real stars are taking a break. – He’s like a migratory bird. / – That’s right. – The stars are coming back. / – That’s right. – Enjoy it while you can. / – Look at his face. – I… / – Saeho… (He’s worried.) – We haven’t seen each other / – What’s with that face? for a while but I’m so baffled already. I wish we had this. At the end of each episode, the producer can stand up and say something like “Sugeun, you passed.” “Saeho, I’m sorry but you didn’t make it.” Wait. I’m confident about one thing. Look at his face. Try to keep a straight face. I’m confident. (This is him being confident?) You’re flustered. – People are… / – Thank you for your effort. – People are pretty fond of me. / – You’re flustered. – Thank you for everything, Saeho. / – People are… People are pretty fond of me these days, and I am going with the flow. It’s like how migratory birds go with the flow… Why is your face so red? I’ll show you. I’ll show you how good I am. What do you think about Hyunmoo? He’s on so many shows. He got really lucky. During that time, all the funny comedians stopped appearing on TV. He’s right. I was flustered because I was offered to host so many programs. No, your abilities were already recognized – by people, / – Hyunmoo is smart. but not good enough to host so many at one time. I agree. I admit it. – That’s so mean. / – What is it? They just said I’m a thief. A thief? It’s true. If this is considered as larceny, he deserves to be in jail. Hyoseong, you are known – for your sexy dance. / – Oh, my. You’re an idol singer. (Her sexy dance is powerful) (and her charisma dominates the scene.) I heard you move according to the angle of the camera. How do you do that? When I’m performing on stage, each TV station has their ways of angling their cameras. This doesn’t change from week to week. So I watch the music shows and memorize the angles. I analyze it and if I’m dancing dynamically, I aim for full shots or dolly shots. – The zimizib comes down as well? / – Of course. For instance, I’m dancing like this and let’s say they are shooting a full shot from the side. Rookie singers try to look at the camera straight and turn sideways but it’s awkward. (It’s awkward to turn your head.) – Yes. / – You’re right. I care about the side face. It shows how relaxed I am. I make sure to glance at the side and make a pretty face. (She makes a sexy face.) – That’s how it goes. / – So you look to the side. A zimizib is usually on the side. It sounds like a boyfriend’s nickname. – Zimizib went to the side. / – Zimizib. It usually moves like this. It will move like in a music show. – All right. / – It’s coming. I’ll start at the count of three. – One, two, three. / – One, two, three. That’s how you look at the camera. – One, two, three. / – One, two, three. (She makes a sexy eye contact with the camera.) Then you leave. (Zimizib is shy.) There’s also a camera dolly – that moves across the stage. / – I know that. – The one that moves sideways. / – Yes. – That one… / – Sir, please move to the side. You are the camera dolly. – Come on. / – You have to get moving today. Don’t stay there. (He’s a human camera dolly.) – Usually with a dolly camera, / – That’s not easy. they shoot from below. So our legs look long. I don’t have to worry about looking good. I just have to move my hips well. While you look straight ahead, you have to move the pelvis. – Like that. / – That’s what you should do. (She emphasizes her sexy hips.) (She even acts naturally.) – I see. / – If you look down, – your angle below looks bad. / – That’s not good. – Rookies always make mistake / – What do you mean? of looking below to the camera. When the camera comes near, they do this. – They look at the camera. / – That’s right. – You’re not supposed to look. / – Right. In the past, we always looked at the cameras. – We did. / – We tried to dominate the cameras. Right. We had to dominate the cameras. How did you do that? When the camera moved around… (He stares right into the camera.) – How about the dolly camera? / – That’s hilarious. (His confidence soared high.) (He stares at the first camera.) (He stares at the second camera.) (He stares at the third camera.) (He stares at the fourth camera.) He moves around quickly. That’s what we used to do. – That was hilarious. / – Indeed. You had to look at all the cameras. We had to dominate the cameras. – When I was active in the 90s, / – Yes. I collaborated with a cinematographer and came up with a new camera angle that later became popular. – What was that? / – What was that angle? The cameras used to enter the stage – during a music show. / – Right. I told the director to trust me – and to throw the camera at me. / – Really? So I grabbed the camera and took it from him. Then I rapped. When I turned the camera, the director rotated it. Then I would lie down, and he would shoot me from above. (Sangmin would lie down.) – You started that technique. / – Yes. – Are you sure? / – He’s the creator. There’s no way to find out. It was like that in the 90s. (The famous technique in the ’90s was the camera) (entering the stage and rotating.) Can we try this? I am sorry we’re making it hard for you. – He deserves a bonus. / – Yes. This is how it begins. (Come on, Camera!) (The camera rotates once.) (Sangmin lies down.) (This is how it looks from the side.) (The cameraman falters) (but he manages to finish shooting.) Bravo! (He’s the first entertainer to lie down on TV.) Wow. – Wow. / – You’re amazing. (He’s professional.) He’s amazing. It’s your first time working together, right? – Yes. / – You two make a good team. He rotated the camera, and he went like, “Gosh!” (It was a bit tough.) He was a little upset. – He’s a veteran cameraman. / – Hyoseong, do you want to experience the 90s camera move? – It’s been a long time. / – This is so funny. – We rarely see this move. / – Right. Dominate the camera. Don’t be afraid of the camera. (She’s full of energy.) “Top 10 Songs.” – The music is nice. / – Dominate the camera! (Rotating) (The camera moves fearlessly.) He’s excited. (He turns the camera.) Oh, my. Did you see how he rotated the camera? (The camera constantly rotates.) (She’s better than Sangmin.) That’s great. (This is not the end.) Where are you going? (She tries to dominate every camera in the studio.) (Everyone falls in love with Hyoseong.) She’s amazing. (She ends with the zimizib.) Good job, everyone! The cameraman danced more than Hyoseong. (Let’s compare the two scenes.) (He rotates the camera twice.) (Then he rotates it three times,) (Four times,) (Five times and six times.) It’s hard work for the cameraman. He’s talented. (Hyoseong has endless charms.) When people approach you for pictures, you check the app first. – What app? / – Oh, that. I often use public transportation without makeup. – Right. / – Is that right? Yes. When I’m walking down the streets, some people still recognize me. They ask for a picture. – They recognize you without makeup? / – Yes. I know the angle I look good. So I volunteer to take the picture. I then find my good angle and – take the picture. / – You don’t care about that fan. It’s not like that. I use photo apps, so everyone looks decent. Why don’t you try with Saeho? Let’s say he’s your fan. I am sorry, but are you Jun Hyoseong? – Well… / – This is crazy. Can I take a picture with you? Please? Do you have a photo app? – Yes, I do. / – Let’s use it then. – Okay. / – Okay. – One, two, three. / – His face is too big. (The fan takes the picture first.) – There we go. / – Saeho would look good. – I’ll take one more. / – One more? – Can I take one this time? / – With my phone? – Yes. / – You can’t take it. It’s mine. The fan is confused. Is there a timer? – A timer? / – A timer? Where is the timer? Her fan must be happy to spend that much time with her. Here we go. – One, two, three. / – His face is enormous. – It’s different. / – Saeho took this picture. She looks thin. She looks very thin. – You look very thin. / – Yes. (Her face appears smaller.) Jiae, what would you do if a fan approaches you – and asks for a picture? / – I would be so grateful. I thank my fans for asking to take a picture with me. – Do you really say that? / – Yes. – I’ll start walking. / – You’re Jiae, right? – She’s beautiful. / – It’s you. – Do you know me? / – Yes. I can’t believe it! She’s really happy. – Hello. / – You know me? – He’s pressured. / – I haven’t been on TV. I am sorry, but why are you approaching me? (He stops her.) (She’s sad.) Really. Don’t try to beat your fan. I was trying to take a picture of myself. – Do you want to take it with me? / – Yes. – Her legs are so long. / – One, two, three. – Great! / – Thank you so much. – Okay. / – Don’t forget me. Okay. Thank you. – How is it? / – She looks fake in the photo. (She put on a fake smile.) She wears a fake smile to look like a good person. – Right. / – “I’m a very cool girl.” – Right. / – That’s how it feels. Let’s try with Hyeongyeong. You’re Uhm Hyeongyeong! You’re Hyeongyeong, right? The sad-faced girl. This is crazy! You’re not as pretty as I imagined. – There are people like him. / – I’m disappointed. I’m tricked! Gosh! I am so disappointed. Do you want to take a photo with me? – Okay. / – All right. – I’ll move back a little. / – No, I will. – My head has to appear small. / – I am a celebrity. I am a celebrity wannabe. I won’t take it then. (They fight over the size of their faces.) This is so funny. – You are too far back. / – I am a celebrity. – They are competing. / – Two, three. Hyeongyeong, you moved too far back. (She might travel to outer space.) She kept stepping back. I heard Hyoseong has some kind of an obsession. She can’t handle free time. Yes, I am like that. Before making a debut, I was on a survival audition show. I am not sure if it’s because of that experience. I always feel like I have to survive and grow. I get those compulsive thoughts. Even when I have time, I can’t rest. I practice and get lessons. I train and get beauty treatments. That’s my life pattern, so I only got to travel once after making a debut. – Just once? / – Yes. – You only traveled once? / – Yes. Even meeting up with my friends and family makes me nervous. – I’d rather train or / – You feel worried. get vocal lessons. It makes me feel better. The industry is really competitive these days. There are many young and talented ones. As a CEO of an agency, what advice would you give her if she was one of your own singers? Well… The person I envy the most is a happy person. In the past, I envied people who are richer than me. When I had 100 thousand dollars, I envied someone with 150 thousand dollars. When I had 300 thousand dollars, I envied someone with 350 thousand dollars. But these days, whenever I see mother and daughter or father and son walking together happily, I am so jealous and envious. They look so beautiful. So when you have happiness, just be content with it. (He gives very useful advice.) I am thankful for everything I have, and I feel so happy each day. I didn’t feel grateful in the past. I have always complained and felt irritated. But now, I’m very thankful and happy. You should write an autobiography. Actually, they ask me these questions on TV shows, but I’d never talked this much. You are willing to listen. – Yes. / – And, so many things happened in my life that I will need three volumes if I write an autobiography. It’s the same with my mom. (Life is rehabilitation.) This is the highlight of the Rehabilitation Project. Sugeun and Saeho will… – That would be fun. / – Yes. (Saeho is the hottest entertainer on the rise.) Will I be able to do it? (Sugeun is the nation’s most diligent entertainer.) You did it! (Saeho versus Sugeun) Wait. I’ll go get changed. (He suddenly gets pressured.) Why… Why are there so many stars on his outfit? That’s because I have a dream. Are you an observatory or what? – I’m dreaming. / – It makes me dizzy. I don’t want to say this, but since I’m regular here, – you can do whatever you want. / – I know that. – There’s a problem here. / – Okay. Your outfit stands out too much. There are far too many stars. My dream is to become a star. – Okay. / – What’s the first match? They are the two shortest comedians. They will compare their heights. – I see. / – Okay. (The Hobbit, Unexpected Journey) (Round One – Turn your weakness into something funny) – Saeho is… / – Wait! Saeho is 172cm tall? (That’s on his official profile.) How dare you! Deceit is a big crime, you know? – I am 172cm tall. / – I can change it today. – Hey, I’m 172cm tall. / – I will change it today. – You’re clearly smaller. / – Actually, I’m 166cm tall. – I’m actually taller. / – It’s a small difference. – That’s a huge difference. / – Right. Ready. (They try hard to appear taller.) By the way, why are we doing this? It’s funny. I get all the other things we do, but why are we measuring height? I didn’t come here for a medical check-up. – Why are we doing this? / – I might have to leave the industry because of my height! Let’s see who’s smaller. – Ready? / – Oh, it’s to see who’s smaller. (They are flustered by the twist.) Okay. One. (They show off their charms.) One. (The smaller they become, the funnier they look.) You can’t lie down. Our bottom can’t touch the floor. – Okay. / – Your bottom can’t touch the floor. – One! / – This is funny. (They become more peculiar.) They are like animals. – One. / – One. – So it just began. / – Yes. – One. / – Wait. I’ve seen a lot of these in the movies. It can end any moment. Seriously, why are we doing this? – One. / – Saeho might win. – At least you’re a regular here. / – Two. – Awesome. / – You have to be smaller. One, two, three! (Who will be) (smaller and win?) (Sugeun falls.) Yes! – Saeho wins. / – Yes! Saeho wins. Saeho won the first round. He won because he’s younger and more flexible. That’s right. – Next is Chinese contest. / – Chinese? All right. (Sugeun can communicate with fake Chinese.) (Saeho is popular in Chinese TV industry.) (Round Two – Use fake Chinese to make people laugh) Even if it’s a pretend Chinese, you lose if you get stuck. Are you ready? I am good at speaking Cantonese. Even native Cantonese speakers think I speak their language. – Sometimes. / – Start. (They start the fake Chinese speaking contest.) (You can’t measure up to me.) (Pass the job to me. You’ve done enough.) (It sounds like Korean.) Why can’t you say you love her? I am sorry. I can’t do it. He started talking in Arabic language. What does that even mean? (He’s humiliated.) – I was… / – What were you saying? It just came to my mind. I will give you one more chance. – One more time. / – It sounds more like English. Begin. (Aren’t you eating a lot these days?) (What I eat is none of your business.) (If you saved the money, you would’ve bought a house.) (You should treat me first before telling me that.) A huge bowl of sundae? (It does sound like real Chinese.) (I am hungry. Buy me a bowl of soup.) You like eating soup. (Your tummy will explode if you keep eating.) (He speaks Korean again.) This person and that person. – What about that person? / – It’s over. You can’t speak Korean. – “This person and that person.” / – He lost. Sugeun won the second round. To make it funny, you have to mix in some Korean words. Can you try it? It’s very nice to see you again. That’s how you do it. It’s very nice to meet you. (Is this the end of Saeho?) You’re good. – He’s good. / – He is. I don’t have anything, so I’ll give you this. – I won’t wear that. / – Please wear it. The stars frustrate me. – You’ll become a star. / – It’s too much for me. It’s okay. Please give it up for them. (The entertainers are rehabilitated.) It is the Rehabilitation Project, and we talked with four guests today. I hope to see you more often, Sugeun and Sangmin. We’ll come back next week with a better show. – Thank you! / – Thank you! (See you next week!) (Next week) (Shin Hyeseon and Sung Hoon visit “Happy Together”!) (Song Jaehee and Seo Yoojung are a strange couple.) (Tony and Kim Jaeduck are friends who live together.) Tony dances well. I’ll kneel down. What are you doing? – Oh, my! / – I am shy! He said he didn’t have any work and asked me to go to a vacation. You did that, remember? Hey. He asked me to meet him at the restroom. So I followed him. He said, “Take off your trousers.” – What? / – What? What’s that? (What’s the ending of this surprising story?) (“Saying with Love” by Lim Dohyeok)

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  1. They were kidding about Myungsoo being funny right? I don't watch Happy Together often, but he never cracked me a smile, Sugeun on the other hand is hilarious.

  2. rehabilitation:

    the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.

    the action of restoring someone to former privileges or reputation after a period of disfavour.
    the action of restoring something that has been damaged to its former condition.

  3. i like these guests.. i think all of them have screen time with their stories… hard to see like that if lot of guests at once

  4. The best thing about Soogeun and (especially) Sangmin is they both admit their mistakes and never give up in fixing them. They became nicer and more humble after their hardships; they also keep on striving.

    I never knew I would be a big fan of 40(ish) year-old ahjussis like them haha. They really inspire me in life.

  5. when I watched this episode, I realized; hyoseong's face does remind me of T-ara's Eunjung and Stellar's Jeonyul, I am amazed that they didn't notice it.

  6. Seriously, if Sugeun's fart gone wrong thing was caught on tape, his clip would have been on an episode of a asian game show dedicated to showing funny videos.

  7. I really missed the days where Hyoseong was on all types of different shows. It is the nature of the beast/business that younger/new entertainers take over which I understand but still sad. I love her personality and and her gum smile. I remember on some holiday special show where Gikwang from beast/highlight and Hyoseong got paired up and he had to carry her to different locations and the fortune teller told them that if they got together that they would have a lot of babies LMAO..good times.

  8. Wow… Sangmin's story is so inspirational for me. Nobody knows what happens in life, today you can spend 20,000 dollars only for buying clothes but next week or even tomorrow you can have nothing and being arrogant is the horrible thing you can do.

  9. Sangmin's over spending is actually an early sign of his Bipolar Disorder. It is his manic episodes. People with Bipolar that are in manic episodes usually do things excessively and have grandiose belief.

  10. personally, i don't think jaesuk is funny. he is just like comedian in my country.. i prefered sugeun with his ad lib..

  11. I wonder how much they understand what kind of cult following they have in the US. Sugeun, Sangmin, & especially Jaesuk have such loyal fans here in the US. It only takes a few episodes of Happy Together, Running Man, or shows like Knowing Bros and you're their hardcore fan!

  12. came here only for sang min and su geun….. love them both… and their show knowing bros is hilarious…. hope for their great future 😊

  13. When i saw sangmin i remembered my dad who become uncontrollable with his wealthy n went bankrupt…. I feel sorry for him

  14. Funny seeing Sugeun and Sangmin on the show together like this and Sugeun mentioned Hodong and Kyunghoon of Buzz. They are all together on Knowing Bros doing well. I believe Sangmin has also cleared his debt.

  15. The first time I watched this was for sugeun and hyoseun. Now I'm watching for sangmin lmao. He finished paying all of his debt right?

  16. Soogeun is okay, he's not that funny on any show besides knowing bros. Sangmin isnt funny nor a good host, just gets jobs because ppl pity him

  17. i miss sugeun on 2 days and 1 night. i don't even look at it now. no offense to thecurrent comedian but i feel like his jokes are more elementary. bodily function for comedy….

  18. 이수근씨자주봐요
    정말많이 기다렸어요
    이수근씨 이상민씨 승승장구하세요

  19. So weird how sugeun and sangmin r here and they even mentioned kyunghoon and hodong and they r all part of knowing bros now

  20. "Otokai" have my eyes on someone, would he be a man with a define nose, thats all I am saying.

  21. Lee Sangmin fighting! It not so much about fame or money, its continued hard work for survival. I see you are lacking in the area of our to invest your money. It pays to learn but I have your back, oppa. I can teach you.

  22. wow I didn't know Sangmin's life was like that, poor him but it is amazing how that didn't take away his urge to live on and move forward. Not everybody can do that! Hyosung looks a bit different now, I didn't recognize her! Still very beautiful, but I do understand how people might have felt sad, that she lost weight. It is her body, she can do whatever she wants of course but she was never fat. She was beautiful and had a curvy figure, that most women would die for to have. Thought she'd embrace it more but most important is how the person herself feels about their body. Well there are still other female idols, that don't typically fit the "korean beauty standards" like Hwasa and I hope she stays that way. We definitely need more people in the industry to show, that all sizes and forms are beautiful and attractive.

  23. tbh, sang min lives is very… you know right, when u were on top and u acted like an arrogant shit, everyone around you will hope that u going down and when that happened, i cant imagine how many insult he received, how many ppls ignored him or sneer at his life now, how many ppls want to preach him like a boss… that is like you being thrown from heaven to hell… but im glad he is able still smile, and still have good friends around him, bless that friends of him.

  24. Hyoseong body on point of sexiness.
    Glad that some korean aknowledge it.
    Cos it seems that korean always potray themselves that those idol's body like straight tall leggy is consider sexy.

  25. To be completely fair and honest, Sugeun is second to Jaesuk. Comedy or emceeing at that. I swear if it weren't for what happened before, he'd outshine Kang Hodong as well.

  26. people were doing the same thing to Wendy from RV about if she gained weight she was to fat and then when she lost it she was to thin, I felt like Hyosung looked good whenever I saw her but its like you should wont the artist to look healthy and hope that they are doing well

  27. plastic surgery does not make you pretty. plastic surgery face is always ugly! before surgery you are pretty. after surgery you are ugly! please stop surgery! korean women in TV look like monster!

  28. Nomo nomo kansamhamnida for letting Sangmin and Sugeun appear in Happy together. Sangmin's story is touching and inspiring letting us all know that people change and circumstances/experiences make us better. And Sugeun a Happy Virus keeps on giving random jokes that make us all realize life is so good.

  29. Got way-laid I was floored too view the actors truths , learned * Lee Sangmin , * Lee Sugeum the honest of Both, the Wits , their Minds are so Blessed , inspite heavy choice's, *** Yeah thanks curious in the past no more

  30. I hate how they treat them like theyre criminals, all dude did was gamble and the other guy just mismanaged his finances a little big whoop, they never killed anyone. Honestly this is a side of korea i dont like

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  32. I trust that sang min is on his way to gain back his paat glory, once he is confident and has no debt I want a drama or a movie or a book or a documentary of his life. I don't want it to be that he is living with regrets while thinking of his past, I want him to be in a good,better,happier place and share his story with us🖤

  33. I Came here to see sangmin the icon of Hope he may have made a lot of bad decisions but you can't take away his success. I only know him through kb and he has inspired me a lot. He is an inspiration for all. ❤️

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