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Heart Disease Prevention & Rehabilitation Specialist: William E. Kraus, MD

My name is Dr. Bill Kraus and I am cardiologist focusing on preventive
cardiology and sports cardiology. I am in my 35th year
of employment at Duke, going back to medical training in 1979. My particular interest is in
the effects of physical activity and exercise on long term health, particularly
cardiovascular health, and we have spent the last 20 years investigating this and
developing research around this area. And now we wanna apply it to individuals
who have particular problems, particularly in the area of sports
as you get older in lifespan. The individuals who tend to come see
me with this are older athletes who’ve progressed in their lifespan. And have developed particular
issues that are related to cardiovascular problems such
as atrial fibrillation, sometimes even the development
of coronary disease. And my goal is to help them to continue
their sports activities in a safe way and to instruct them on what the particular
issues are and how we can best treat them. Outside of work,
as you might imagine, I’m a runner. Actually, I competed in
Boston Marathon this last year, and generally do pretty well
in my age category. That takes a lot of time for preparation. I also like music, I play the piano and
I’m a great fan of opera.

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