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I’m here at the Holistic Veterinary Center with my dog. Mooshka Mooshi is 11 years old. She’s a Chow Shepherd mix and she has hip dysplasia, which is a degenerative problem in the hips They’re actually born with it and genetically predisposed and it’s causing a lot of problems and actually shortens a dogs life Here at the Center, we’re going to do a lot of things today Where we’re hoping to extend her life and extend the quality of her life and we’re gonna meet up with my good friend, Doctor Tyneway, and she’s gonna take Mooshka through her paces All right ready for your therapy Mooshi? Yay How’s she been doing? She has good days and bad days. Ok. Well, The good news about the treadmill is the buoyancy of the water will help us support that weight and then they can move freely. The treadmill will increase their range of motion by 30% and it also Builds muscle quicker because there’s 20 times the resistance of air so, I love I love the treadmill for that It really helps a lot of dogs build that strength. Ready, Mooshka? The water height goes higher then she’ll be more buoyant and she’ll actually get more range of motion out of her hips She already is walking straighter. One of the effects of being in the water She doesn’t have that that incredible wiggle in her hips that you see. It’s just Unbelievable how much strength they gain and just just a small amount of time So you can really see here on a side view that she doesn’t really bring in that right Hind forward as much as she does the left. Like I think it’s how adorable she looks right now And I know she hates me for that, you know as someone who’s been doing this work for a long time. Is there kind of recovery, slash lengthening of life that you’ve seen? I think getting aerobic activity that they always say when you you know you exercise your dog 20 minutes a day of Walking or cardio that they do live longer. I mean the exercise is such an important thing I remember when she walked in that she could barely barely could do this continuous walking just for a few minutes. Wow! Her strength has just– it’s come such a long way from those early days. Like some water? Come on. Drink some water. I like the way that she’s standing right now. She’s standing nice and square and even. She’s not shuffling around on her feet. Her back is nice and straight and some of our older dogs. That’s what they’ll do They’ll just kind of sag in the back and you can tell those those early sessions That’s normally what I see they shuffle around. They’re just not quite strong enough, yet. All right, Mooshka, round two. Here we go. All right, let’s get physical! Those legs are so cute, I can’t stand it. So I see a short stepping in the back so I’m just gonna stop it right there. Yay, Mooshka! Yay! Good girl! Good girl, Mooshki! So we’re about to go from here to have some laser treatment Mooshka is only one third of the way done her day here. We’re gonna do some laser events and acupuncture in the meantime There’s a lot of cool stuff that happens here and I want to show you some of it We’re going to first meet a cat named Leland who is getting acupuncture today So, who do we have here? This is my friend Leland and Dr. Kelly Watrobski, who came to me a while back with Leland for some hind-end weakness and and a little wobbly walking and we started doing some acupuncture which helped relieved his spinal arthritis and his weakness and So lucky me, Dr. Watrobski kind of caught the bug of holistic medicine how we can help animals and She ended up learning how to do acupuncture and helped Leland herself. You now work here? I now work here. Because they have…because of him! It all started because of him. And, so you learned to do Acupuncture because of Leland, in part? Pretty much! In part because of what you saw in terms of the results. Yeah. Leland we said he had problems with mobility. What was what was going on? Well, he he was actually brought in at my previous place of work. He’s actually brought him by the shelter So no known history prior to that. He was on the street. They fed him on the street He came in very skinny very weak very wobbly I did some x-rays and he has pretty severe arthritis throughout most of his spine and so I figured that’s probably what’s Creating some inflammation in the spinal cord causing a lot of weakness in the back-end. In terms of treatment there are pain meds anti-inflammatories which helped some but once we started kind of doing our Acupuncture, that’s really when I started to see improvement in him. And of course you’re plugged into his quality of life better than anybody. I could see the improvement even as Soon as we finish the acupuncture treatment, I could see him walk better. He doesn’t care if he’s in his bed He’s happy as a clam. He doesn’t care if I poke him. Speaking of…let’s poke him! With all these needles, I’m putting them in very strategic places. So a lot of them are going to be in areas where he’s painful So along his back where a lot of his muscles are going to be very tense I’m sure that there are people who’d be watching this and going Oh, come on, that’s got to hurt But you can I can tell because I know cats I’m sure you can know cuz you know Leland, that clearly it doesn’t Sometimes you see a point where you know, he reacts and he might be a little more sore there But there’s many points where How is he now? He’s doing great. We’re here almost a year later. His blood work is very stable, mobility very stable. So I’m like, okay. I thought maybe I had a couple months with him He just keeps kicking and I’m, I’m happy to have him as long as he wants. Right, as long as he wants. He’s like, “I think I’ll just take a nap.” He has his bed and usually most patients they do they just kind of zen out. Yeah, that’s great. Okay, it’s also really good I think for us to have the ability to show people that cats actually can sit through this. Oh, yeah. They really do benefit from acupuncture. All right. Well, it’s time for me to go and deal with my own Acupuncture scene with Mooshka. Thank you so much for sharing Leland with me. Absolutely! Wonderful to meet you, Kelly. Bye, Leland. Have fun being mellow. I know this looks awfully High-tech right here but Mooshi’s wearing her “doggles” and ready to go This is Cheldon here. And Cheldon is going to be doing cold laser treatment And I’m going to put my “doggles” on myself Cheldon, why don’t you explain what you’re doing. So I’m doing the cold laser therapy She gets her cold laser on her C11 through or so for thoracic through lumbar spine So we’re gonna go down her paraspinal muscles we do two points on each side and we go down about an index card length each point. And just personally, what have you seen with the the animals that that you’ve worked with?
Some animals actually, you can tell immediately after they’re a lot more comfortable. You can see that they’re moving a little bit more fluid Yeah a little bit more comfortable. And here we go. Here we go If I were to be like massaging or touching like the area you’re in right now she gets squirmy. You can just tell she just doesn’t dig it. Or, If I was doing that right now what she knew she’d flop over on her side and give me her belly. Yeah, and in a way that’s kind of an avoidance thing, you know You can tell if she’s kind of digging this. I can’t I can’t deal with these goggles, man They’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m sure she’s saying the same thing about me. Yeah, it’s like, “Dad. Your goggles are just killer,” I can see her interior monologue right now after a long day of hydrotherapy I like to kick back with my doggles on and have a cool laser experience. Have you noticed that she’s more comfortable at home since starting? Oh since starting all of us. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean And it was really actually to me one of the great things was talking to Yvonne before and having Yvonne say that she notices her being more mobile and Less painful. That’s a good feeling. I mean, that’s a really good feeling. What a chill dog, man. She’s actually making me sleepy See you later. Mooshi We have Mooshka now ready for her acupuncture treatment She’s had her hydrotherapy and you’re a good cheerleader for her. Had her cold laser So now she is all set to get her needles So the first, you know, we’re gonna put in our calming point right here so that one in there for you You know anytime you have a back a knee problem or a hip problem. A lot of times you’ll see that the back will Suffer kind of secondary to compensate for the weakness. Right, right. So these points along her spine follow what Acupuncturists call a meridian. So the Meridian follows kind of where all the spinal nerves are coming out and when you put the needle in it’s like a microscopic stimulation of the pain pathway and what that does is it releases all sorts of Mediators or your body’s natural way to contend with pain. Mm-hmm. There are people that are in shock. They don’t feel any pain This is just like a very thin filament. It’s a very It’s a microscopic trauma. But like if you had major trauma your body would release major endorphins to decrease that pain. So this is a way that that the body’s own healing Capacity is kind of kicked into gear You think about I mean if you have an injury your body goes about healing it right away. So in terms of our ongoing plan with her, just stick with what we’re doing? Basically, yeah, we may adjust her pain management along the way. She’s definitely Benefited from her physical therapy and the acupuncture for her pain management. Keeping her strong and fit, it just makes such a big difference and I think she’s doing quite well. You’re doing quite well. Mooshka, yeah. Mooshka! Pay attention to me now! Before it was just like, “Oh daddy. Oh, daddy.” She’s totally zenned out. I know. Good girl. Thank you again so much. I mean, honestly, I really feel better knowing that we’re doing everything For my baby that we can do. Thank you so much. As always as always. All right say goodbye. All right, we’ll be back. Bye Meow

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