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so go ahead really take this in for a
moment what could this possibly be well this is my day one dinner and you might
be thinking to yourself what in the actual *comedy whistle* and that’s where I would insert a curse word if I actually cursed and then there were the strawberries this is when
I knew we had an identity crisis on our hands the strawberries that’s how you know then there were the strawberries this became an identity crisis what was going through my mind? and the weird thing is I even when back for more this is how you know I went through an identity crisis I enjoyed it I ate strawberries for dessert Who am I
strawberries strawberries can we just take a minute though and talk about all
the delicious temptations that you’re about to see I still go to the dessert
section and walk on by just to see what they have and I’m living vicariously
through all those people who consume these desserts let me tell you there was a fruity pebble Rice Krispies
treat and oh my god oh I so wanted to try that no I’m not eating them but I’m
still thinking about them so yup this is exactly what you think it is
the dessert that I completely splurged on *sigh* day seven but you know what this process was so worth it and I would not change it one bit
I think that it was a real test of my willpower when it came to sweets it
sadly came to an end it takes a lot of hard work but if you are willing to put
in the work and the effort to commit to yourself and hold yourself accountable
then you will totally get through it perfectly fine any chance that you can get to improve your life well-being to feel good about yourself totally take it
because you’re not gonna regret it loving yourself is a wholesome
experience and that means that you are feeding your body with the necessary
nutrients that it deserves you’re staying hydrated you’re treating yourself with
respect essentially and that’s super important thank you for watching and
I’ll see you in the next one

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