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How to Eliminate Pollutants From the Body : Importance of Antioxidants in Detoxification

To eliminate a lot of toxins in your system
on the cellular level, you need antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, amino acids and enzymes.
They are your housekeepers and these housekeepers work in different organ systems throughout
your body. They clean up free radicals, your exposure to smoke, environmental outgassing,
environmental pollution in the air and in the water and radiation effects and also electromagnetic
field radiation from your cell phones and from your microwaves and your television and
your computers. Several vitamins are available. They’re all; it’s highly suggested that you
get food based vitamins so that your body recognizes the molecule rather than a chemical
base or a synthesized vitamin mineral supplement. These supplements reduce the cancer and heart
disease and strokes in your body because of the cellular renewal that happens because
when you take these vitamins and minerals, they feed your body to make new cells. New
cells; healthy cells are resilient, flexible and function in a way that the metabolism
helps maintain your health in a good fashion. You renew cells, make new cells, and; but
you don’t recycle. You don’t use broken up cells. They are excreted. Many times I would
be referred a patient that had a burn or a fracture, and they would say, well, you know,
we are going to work with them. We want them to heal up really quickly and I would suggest
that they increase their water, increase their nutrition, eliminate things that are not good
for them; like smoking, alcohol and they need to get good rest. And they would heal quickly,
regain their motion because the cells were fed. If we talk about the fountain of youth,
that’s where we all want to go pretty much. If you think of fountain, it’s always moving.
So, we want to continue to keep our elimination channels moving to where the toxins are eliminated
so they don’t build up to cause more cell death. The healing will also be slowed. So,
we want to continue to consume vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in a natural food
base so that it feeds our systems to make new cells and help carry out our waste.

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