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HOW TO FIX LAZY EYE | Amblyopia Treatment Strategies

HOW TO FIX LAZY EYE | Amblyopia Treatment Strategies

in this video we’re gonna be discussing
how to fix lazy eye by reviewing the different treatment strategies used to
improve vision loss from amblyopia let’s take a look hello and welcome this is
dr. Allen here from the Doctor Eye Health show helping you learn all about the
eyes and vision and if you yourself like to take care of your eyes and see your
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so that you don’t miss any of my future videos no naturally after somebody is
diagnosed with having lazy eye or again the medical term for lazy eye which is
amblyopia they’re often questioning ok well now how do we treat the eye so then
it starts to see better and thankfully there are several different strategies
that we can use to help the eye see better after that diagnosis as mentioned
in my previous video about lazy eye these treatment strategies do typically
work better in young children particularly when they are under the age
of about 8 or 9 years old while the brain still has more neural plasticity
that’s the brains ability to grow change and learn new things despite that
however there are reported cases and many studies showing that older children
and even some adults will have improved visual outcomes utilizing these
different treatment strategies now before we dive right into it I do want
to give you this word of warning do not attempt to diagnose or treat lazy eye or
amblyopia without management or guidance from an eye care professional because
lazy eye is largely a neurological condition there is the potential to
overshoot or over treat it and therefore cause more damage than good I went to
school for eight years plus residency so I know what I’m talking about the
treatment strategies that we use are often tailored and personalized based on
the type and severity of the condition but they often involve a combination of
these following treatments one would be some form of glasses or other optical
correction 2 would be some form of patching or occlusion therapy 3 would be
vision therapy also known as VT or some form of eye surgery in most cases the
first goal of amblyopia treatment is to equalize the visual signal of each eye
and we can do that through an update and glasses prescription
often times this requires what’s called a cylcoplegic refraction where we’ll
use eye drops in the clinic to willfully relax the eye muscles internally inside
the eye and this will help the doctor get a better understanding of the full
visual demand of each of the eyes however using these drops does take a
little bit more time so expect that this type of exam may take longer than your
typical routine eye exam thankfully in many of these cases amblyopia will
improve with just glasses prescription alone and that’s why doctors will often
start off prescribing glasses and then having someone like a child come back
several weeks later to verify and check on the visual acuity to see if things
have leveled out but for much more deep seeded cases where one eye is much worse
than the other eye and it’s not getting better with just
glasses alone will often prescribe some type of eye patching you’ll see kids
wearing eye patches or perhaps they’ll be treated with atropine eye drops to
blur vision or using some other penalisation technique to penalise the
better seeing eye which will force that person to use their other weaker eye and
that will help build stronger neural connections in the visual cortex to
really enhance the vision again in that week or I I know some of you are
probably thinking wow it’s 20/20 and we’re still using eye patching to treat
this condition but the truth is when done properly and consistently it works
for many cases of amblyopia there’s not just a huge benefit of wearing glasses
and using patching but also from doing what’s called vision therapy vision
therapy is very similar to that of physical therapy for somebody who has
had a leg injury or maybe a stroke where vision therapy involves a lot of eye
exercises and games to help eye teaming and build more neural connections in the
visual cortex of the brain the people who go through vision therapy not only
typically experienced faster results but also experience deeper seeded recovery
than those individuals who don’t receive vision therapy
unfortunately vision therapy is something that’s not offered through
every eye clinic and it’s usually not covered by insurance
one alternative you could look into our at-home based exercise programs one I
know of is called amblyopia that’s a program that
I know I clinics you specifically so they can give out I homework which can
be tracked over time so they can see that you’re actually having progress and
that you’re doing those eye exercises it’s something that I do want to note I
exercises our visions are be done through an in-office base vision therapy
program have been shown in studies to have more success than just doing eye
exercises at home alone however again it is something you can
look into the makers of amblyopia did give me a discount code to share with my
viewers so if it’s something you did want to look more into you can use this
code here at checkout to save 15% but again it is super important to only
treat amblyopia through the management of an eye care professional and
thankfully many clinics are starting to adapt this online sort of vision therapy
program and lastly in the case of strabismic amblyopia where a person may
have an eye turn that’s turning inward for example many of those cases do often
improve with glasses patching or vision therapy but in severe cases these
individuals often will need for some form of an eye surgery such as
strabismus surgery in those cases that patient is often referred to an
ophthalmologist who specializes in Pediatrics or in strabismus surgery in
general so I health question of the day have you ever been treated for lazy eye
if so let us know what kind of treatments you’ve undergone was it
patching was it vision therapy what was your experience hey thanks for
watching I hope you got a lot of value out of this video if so smash that like
button for me and share it with a friend or family somebody who would benefit
from this message again this is dr. Allen here from doctor eye health
helping you with the eyes and vision keep an eye on it we’ll talk to you soon
look at the cute little kitty in the background Zelda oh you’re just gonna
sit there the whole time aren’t you everyone reads Elda she’s super cute she
sleeps most of the day but she also likes to be in the video sometimes

100 thoughts on “HOW TO FIX LAZY EYE | Amblyopia Treatment Strategies

  1. I had Lazy Eye where both eyes were turned inward. I had surgery in 1965 when I was about 4 years old. I still remember the bandages the nurses would snip from the bottom up so I could see gradually.

  2. I'm blind in my right eye, 100%, and my lazy eye is really bad. Sometimes it's not bad at all, but when it's bad, it's bad. I have my bangs covering my right eye 24/7, and I'm hopefully looking for a surgery to fix it 🙁

  3. Well my eye doctor said I’m a good candidate for the surgery to fix my lazy eye but he advised against the surgery for two reason 1 my eyes have already make up for the lazy eye and I can look in two different directions and 2nd reason is he believes I would not be happy with the results being that I’m use to see this way

  4. Would you please do a video on ocular spasms please thank you for the videos it has helped me greatly to understand my eye conditions so that I you 🙂

  5. How long do those blurry vision drops last? I dont have a dominant eye, and I'm a competitive marksman so it can cause me sight acquisition problems (I get two blurry sights instead of one blurry and one clear). It's a disadvantage to close my left eye because of the sympathetic reflex's the eyes have with each other. So currently I put a piece of masking tape over my safety glasses to blur my left eye from any sights, but it blurs to the point that I lose some advantageous vision necessary for target transitions.

  6. I have vertical double vision in both eyes, I went to a doctor but he doesn't know what caused it.

    I have myopia too, corrected with glasses. Can you tell me what causes vertical double vision in both eyes and how to fix it?

  7. I really want to adapt vision therapy in my clinic but my main problem is patient compliance. I'm from the Philippines living in a province where vision therapy is unknown to most people.

  8. This white on my eyes is got out and disease what can I do . I live in Mauritius but , No doc understands this problms am very scared

  9. Can you make a video about Pachymatrix treatment for Keratoconus? One of the New Zealand’s university has developed this treatment that reversed the effects of Keratoconus, it is still being tested but it has been effective on an animal study, I would like to know what are your thoughts about it?

  10. Put a patch over It!
    I wore a patch everyday at recess and after school for several years.
    Neouology was not a science back then.
    Macular Degeneration in left (weaker eye) for 32 years, right eye is so far so good.

  11. I didn't get my lazy eye treated now I do have prism lenses in my glasses and I'm still happy with almost 20/20 Vision soooo it's not bad when you get prism lenses to correct this
    But your eye will eat this prism and you get higher prisms for about a year. Buuuuut I'm still happy and if it reaches 5 cm/m I'll get the surgery soooo that's not bad at all 🙂

  12. Hi,. I am have double vision (one image above another one) at night or in dim light. DR said there is Nothing wrong with my eyes. Then what it could be and what can I do about it?

  13. IF you can treat amblyopia like this, it's possible to help myopia (nearsightness) with a similar approach, allow for the world for vision correction to take a more holistic approach and I feel causation and habits can lead to a Priceless cure. Naturally excellent eyesight that everyone deserves. Maybe even using corrective lens to gradually descrease diopters to 0 and reshape the eyeball. PS I wear the exact same eyepatch you had in the video to treat my amblyopia and it works great!

  14. Hii
    My prescription: Left eye -2,75
    Right eye -3,50
    Astigmatizam in both eye -0,75

    I train tennis, so my vision is important, im 19 years old.

    What brand of lenses do you recommended? I prefer daily lenses

  15. Yes/ Treatment when I was 8 was following a pencil to my nose and back 12 times a day. It worked but I can still have double-vision on-demand. I still do the exercises sometimes and still hate them because they are exhausting for me.

  16. I have lazy eye and I'm getting married in less than 8 months. Is there anything I can wear to fix it for one day

  17. i just got home from eye clinic, and the doktor said i have lazy eyes that if i dont treat well i will be blind.. My vision is really bad.. I am planning to buy alot of carrots right now😂 what do you think?

  18. What does it mean if your right and left eyes are at -0 . 75 SPH I have myopia and am getting glasses for the first time next week

  19. Pls help. My eyes test results are s +1 c -1.50 A 180 tho i can see near and far … but the doctor gave me s 0 c -0.5 A180… what does this mean… why this is different

  20. Hey doctor I am 18 year my left eye is lazy doctor prescribed me 8.5 – power glass i didn't want to wear patches when i was kid can my eye recover

  21. i have lazy eye but i didn’t really follow through with my eye therapy due to mental health problems and i kind of regret it…:(

  22. I have a lazy eye on my right ,you can only tell if I look straight on .It bothered me my whole child hood and once I got older I forgot all About it but the insecurity started coming back recently…for the eye patch therapy do u put it on the lazy eye of on your other eye ? And do u have it on all day?

  23. hey doc. what do u think about making a view on sclera discoloration ? mine is kinda yellow .. i mean how to fix this?

  24. Hi there! I just started wearing contact(s) and used your videos to help. I was wondering if you could talk about aniseikonia contact lens or about the condition itself. So glad I found this channel!!

  25. I have what's called Duane's Syndrome in my left eye. As far as I know (and from what doctors have told me) there is no treatment, therapy, or cure for what I have. I have always been so confused about it since there is not a lot of information out there about Duane's Syndrome. Would you be willing to do a video about Duane's Syndrome in the future?

  26. Got diagnosed with strabismic/anisometropic amblyopia at 4, went through patching, and VT along with a hefty Glasses Rx. I’m now 25 with a BCVA of 20/40 In the right eye. Just glad to have had a great optometrist growing up. It was her love of the profession that made me want to go to Optometry school. Sure the lack of stereo makes it challenging but wouldn’t be here if not for that experience. Its been awesome to learn more about amblyopia and the things we can do to help.

  27. Hey dr, i am a boxer and i cant see far( sorry for my english ). What can I do in my matches… Cant wear lenses because they fall when I get punched

  28. You've said in your earlier videos that you see 20/15 with your glasses/contacts on. Whenever I update the prescription of my eye glasses, I can't seem to read the 20/15 part of the eye test and some letters on the 20/20 part when I have my glasses on. It bothers me. Lol.

  29. Hey Doc,
    My daughter is a year and a half old. Her left eye will drift outward when she is tired, or really fussy. We took her to see an eye doctor, and he has had us use patching. She's to the point now, where she will just immediately pull the patch off.
    Is there some other way we can accomplish this ??

  30. wore glassed at age 6 thru 8 with no follow-up. had surgery at age 10 with no follow-up, another surgery (other eye) ata about 18 without follow-up, and third surgery (first eye) at age 45 then Doctor said the brain was so used to working with one eye and would likely never recover. Depth perception was guess and learn. Am now 74 and guess I'll live with it. (pretty good at guessing depth perception, too!!

  31. so i've heared from many people on YT and even from doctors that Contact lenses can cause damage to cornea shape over time and will make eyesight worst

    i really can't find any answers for that !

    some are saying it's not true and the doctors are just promoting for lasik …for me i'm wearing contacts but not every day only when i don't want to wear glasses so i should be good even if it's true right ?

  32. Does the eye patch works also after 6-8 years old? I'm 15 and i don't know if it can help me. I saw that you are a nice and prepared person, so I would be very pleased to receive an answer or an opinion from you

  33. you have a beautiful eye..ive a question..ive seen lots of doctor using glasses for eye probelm..but never seen an eye doctor using do eye doctors keep their vision natural??

  34. I would like to thank you because you have helped me to alleviate horrible suffering. I have suffered with dry eyes for years and Blepharitis flare ups. No single physician advised me as well as your videos have. I have been suffering horribly but your advice has changed my life!!! Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  35. When I was four years old (I'm 63 now) I had surgery to correct my amblyopia. Dr Bejamin Sachs, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston. I believe my eyesight is fine although I don't have anything to compare it to. I do have some interesting behavior because of it. When I get very tired my eye (right eye) drifts out. I have to consciously aim both eyes forward. When I drive, left eye is on the road, right eye is in the rear view mirror. When I force my right eye forward I feel like I'm in a tunnel and it's not comfortable. I wear reading glasses or bifocals when I need good distance sight. I tried progressives and had a tough time adjusting to them. I work with computers a lot and have a hard time going from close to screen to distance. I maxed out my non-prescription reading glasses at 3.5. The sight in my right eye is much worse than my left and I cover my left at times to hopefully make it stronger. Most of the time I don't even think about it but that's my story.

  36. I am an digital artist and spend a lot of time looking at my ipad screen. Over the course of the year, My eyes are starting to become lazy. It's hard for me to drive or read anything from afar. For correction, I practice by looking at distant objects. I do this everyday. I also notice my left eye is being more dominant than the right, which I feel the right eye is moving inwards. I'm afraid this will become permanent.

  37. I have a lazy eye. The only thing is a also have Marcus Gunn Jaw winking syndrome. So when we tried patching it for 3-4 years I didn’t work

  38. Dr. Pls pls reply 🙏🙏🙏
    If a person is wearing anti glare blue light cut (filter /blocking) glasses with UV 400 protection.
    Does he also need any other protection ? (like getting dark tinted glasses {like photochoromic lens} to get protected from sun ’s bright light and digital screen lights)
    If there is anything left , then please inform me.

    Is that person 100 % safe from sun ’s bright light and digital screens lights ?

  39. One eye can look farther is live fov for one eye the other cant I'm just getting nausea well I would wake up 3 times cause my eye would be making it hard to sleep cause it would make it wierd to sleep but then I can sleep

  40. Nice video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered – Mackorny Tennis Play Blueprint (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one off product for Eliminating Tennis Elbow Pain minus the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend Sam finally got great results with it.

  41. My left eye points outwards when I wear my prescribed glasses or contact lenses, my eyes are straight without glasses. Why is this and how can I fix it?

  42. Im from philippines doctor. I don't know what kind of lazy eye was mine. My right eye is straight but my left eye was placed by the left side of my left eye. Can this be treated? I'm loosing my self confidence, I can't talk eye to eye with my friends 'coz I feel im not normal.

  43. So I don't have lazy eye but I do have what's called Duane's Syndrome. There isn't much information about my condition online and when I've gone into eye doctors, they have all pretty much said the same thing: that it cannot be fixed or helped. I really struggle with this condition but seem to have no help or information when it comes down to it.
    Would you be willing to do a video on Duane's Syndrome? I would be forever grateful. Thanks!!!

  44. Yes I have lazy eye. I haven’t had treatment. I do eye exercise sometimes. As far moving my eyes balls back and forth. Also it is a little difficult for me because my eye lids don’t open all the way up if that makes sense.

  45. i tried and failed as a kid. I wore glasses that have helped for ever since. a few years ago i bought an eye patch. that really helps when i am feeling extra strained or bleary eyed, as i am on a PC for most of the day. i don't use it often or for very long (20 minutes at most). but it certainly seems to help with eye strain on my lazy eye.

  46. I have coats disease so I’m kind of blind in my bad eye so if I did this patch treatment I wouldn’t really be able to see

  47. Hi Dr, I had a fever and fainted when I was about 2 yrs old. My parents noticed my eye was turned inwards after this. Do you think I could have had a seizure that caused my eye to turn? I'm an adult now and my eye turn has gotten much better, however, I do want to improve my vision in my turned left eye. Is this possible??

  48. Sir I want to talk with you IAM facing eyelid problems IAM very concerned about it IAM just 24 years please help me doctor

  49. I really like this video and your channel as well , thank you for all these info ♡♡ . For me i've been diagnozed since 9 years old by lazy eye (right one ) it moves slowly to outside … so i did patching for a while but didnt work that good . Specially as a child there was always a blame that i caused it by watching tv, the guilt feeling was there every single time we talk about it with family And still wearing glasses … .
    Now thinking about lasik treatment for myopia also .
    Sometimes when there is a little problem about our health, if we dont have full knowledge about what to do , then it will cost us or our 'children' a lot

  50. I was diagnose with amblyopia when i was 4 , aftr tht doctor advised me patching i started it i was in school tht time kids of my age started making fun of me they use to bully me every single day i decided not to wear the patch anymore , since then i was just wearing glasses now i am married nw i am a father of one i usually suffer frm severe headache todayy i just came across to doctor he says that i 've lost my left eye eventually i would'nt be able to see light everything will be completely blank…, i am nw helpless .. jst sharing a hard life moment with you guys that bullying can ruin someone's life like mine so

  51. I can fell my left eye wander off everytime im on computer, daydreamin or sleeping
    Im tired people judging me when we first met, i only wish they could stop asking

  52. I’m 16 and dealing with this for my whole life and it’s really painful because you can’t make eye contact and you are always afraid people will ask you.Hoping for surgery

  53. What is the cause of this lazy eye,
    When i was 8 year my eyes is absolutely perfect but now i have this problem,

  54. I have spent the last 18 years of my life being constantly self conscious of a condition that is extremely more common than I have ever known. I am currently using an eye patch to try and treat it naturally. Thank you so much for this upload!

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