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How to Refill your Prescription

(upbeat music) Hi, my name is Liz Hunt, and
I’m a Pediatric Nephrologist at the UVM Children’s Hospital, and I’m going to try to guide you through how to refill a prescription. Before we start talking
about how to do refills, I thought we should discuss
what a refill actually is. When your provider gives you a medicine that you’re gonna need to
take for a longer time, so usually longer than a month, then they’ll often give
you a one-month supply, and when you run out of that,
you have to go to the pharmacy and get more medicine, and
that’s what a refill is. If you want to understand if
you have any refills available for your medication, you
should look at the bottle that the prescription came
in, and there’ll be a heading that says refills, and underneath that, there should be a number,
if you have refills, and that tells you how many times you can refill your prescription.
And if there’s no number or it says zero, then that means that you can’t refill
your prescription anymore. When you need to get a
prescription refilled, you have several options
about how to get it done, and you can pick whichever
way is the easiest for you. One option is to go to the pharmacy where you get your medicine and let the pharmacist know
that you need a refill. The first time you go to a pharmacy, they’ll usually need to
see your insurance card, and this is so that they can bill your insurance company for the medication so you only have to pay your
copay or whatever is expected. So, when you go to the pharmacy, you want to make sure to
bring your insurance card and show it to the pharmacist. The other thing that’s really
important is if your insurance changes or you get a new
card, your pharmacist will likely want to see that as
well, so you need to make sure to bring your new card
and let the pharmacy know if you’ve had any changes
in your insurance. You will have to wait, so it
will take them a little while to make your refill, so
you’ll probably have to wait at least 15 minutes and
it might take longer. You might have to come back later. Another option is to call
the number for the pharmacy that’s listed on your prescription bottle, and most pharmacies have automated lines so you won’t actually speak to anyone, and you just input the prescription number and then you can pick a
time when you want to pick the prescription up, and then the pharmacy will refill the prescription and have it ready for you
at the time you specify. Some pharmacies have the
option to do refills online, and you can either speak to
your pharmacist about this or sometimes on their webpage they’ll make it clear how you can do this. And all of this can be confusing, and it’s a big responsibility
to start taking care of doing your own refills
and managing your medicine. So, if you have any
questions, you can always talk to your provider, so whoever
has prescribed the medication for you is a great resource,
the nurses in their office, or the provider themselves,
and often the pharmacist can be really helpful with questions about how to get refills
or what side effects you might expect from a medication too. (upbeat music)

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