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Insomnia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

Insomnia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

Have you ever had one of those nights where
you just couldn’t seem to fall asleep? While that happens to everyone every once
in awhile, people with insomnia have to deal with these symptoms night after night. Some people with insomnia have trouble falling
asleep, whereas others wake up throughout the night, and struggle to fall back asleep,
and these disturbances typically happen at least 3 times each week. Acute insomnia lasts less than a month, whereas
chronic insomnia lasts over a month. Insomnia affects both the quantity and quality
of sleep, which makes it hard for individuals to reach the restorative levels of sleep which
causes daytime sleepiness and fatigue, and over time—feelings of irritability, anxiety,
and depression. This can lead to professional and personal
problems, as well as day-to-day challenges like falling asleep while driving. Although insomnia can happen without an underlying
cause, it can also accompany and worsen other problems like pulmonary diseases, psychiatric
conditions, and a whole variety of conditions that might cause pain. Insomnia is also a common side effect of stimulants
like caffeine, as well as depressants like alcohol, which can both disrupt the regular
sleep cycle. Finally, and probably most commonly, insomnia
can be the result of daily stresses from work or relationships as well environmental factors
such as having to work a night shift, or having a newborn baby. There are a number of biological factors associated
with insomnia. Studies have shown that people with insomnia
might have heightened levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which plays a role in the
process of waking up every morning. People with insomnia are also more sensitive
to the effects of cortisol, typically waking up at much lower levels of cortisol as compared
to the general population. In addition, insomnia is also associated with
reduced levels of estrogen and reduced levels of progesterone, which can happen during menopause. Commonly, individuals with insomnia will self-medicate
with alcohol and benzodiazepines, both of which can be extremely dangerous. Alcohol abuse can lead to a number of physical
and psychological changes that can rapidly worsen the sleep-wake cycle and lead to dependence. Similarly, benzodiazepines, especially short-acting
ones, can also create dependence and have a high abuse potential, which can actually
worsen insomnia if someone tries to stop using them. One method of treatment is getting good sleep
hygiene, which includes going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day including
weekends, getting good exercise (but not right before bed), reducing alcohol intake, avoiding
day-time naps, avoiding caffeine and smoking in the evening, and not going to sleep hungry. Another potential treatment is stimulus control
which includes using the bed only to sleep rather than a place from which to watch television,
text, or talk on the phone. It also helps to keep the environment calm
by removing bright lights like a computer or a phone screen, and minimizing noise. Sometimes, though, these are unavoidable in
which case eye covers and earplugs can definitely help. It’s also not helpful to try to force sleep
to happen, which means that people that can’t sleep after 20 minutes should simply leave
the bed and then return when they feel ready to sleep. These suggestions help the individual associate
sleep—and only sleep—with the bedroom. Also there’s behavior therapy, which includes
relaxation techniques as well as cognitive behavior therapy to help better manage problems
and life stressors. While these techniques are being used, some
medications such as melatonin agonists, non-benzodiazepine sedatives, and occasionally benzodiazepines
might be prescribed to help with sleep. These medications can often have side effects,
though, so they are generally used for less than two months, usually in combination with
the behavioral therapy techniques. Alright so as a quick recap. Insomnia is an inability to get restorative
sleep that causes daytime sleepiness and fatigue, and can be managed with good sleep hygiene,
stimulus control, behavior therapy, and occasionally short courses of medications. Thanks for watching, you can help support
us by donating on patreon, or subscribing to our channel, or telling your friends about
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100 thoughts on “Insomnia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

  1. I feel like it's directly linked with not being at peace with your life. something is so wrong you can't even sleep.

  2. This video makes me mad. I’m sorry but it does. My parents think I might be suffering with insomnia and all the signs are there . What made me mad most was when u said don’t force sleep ,if u can’t sleep then come back and go to sleep when u are tired , but if I did that then I wouldn’t go to bed till 9 am!

  3. From 3 months I can't sleep at night…. wake up till 6 in the morning… can't even lay on bed .change the different parts of house whole night but still cant sleep due to this felling alot of fatigue.. what should I do??

  4. I cant sleep until I have to do something, like go to work or go to meet a friend, its putting a hold to my life. I was reluctant to say it might be insomnia and just thought I was on my phone too late drinking too much coffee or just I was sleeping wrong, I've tried stopping all these things, I've tried green tea, exercising, sleep music and I even tried drinking myself to sleep (2-4 beers), nothing works I dont wanna go to a doctor but I cant put it off for much longer.

    Any suggestions of what I could do? I dont want to waste NHS time, and I dont want sleeping pills (The idea stresses me out my Mum used to take them and shed act strange, I'm paranoid about the line between sleep and reality).

  5. I don't want to sleep. Time passes too quickly. I don't want the next day to come. Staying awake is my way of delaying the slow, hard, painfully boring day ahead. I hate my life.

  6. For people out there who are struggling with insomnia like myself I do highly recommend Marijuana. I thankfully live in Canada where it is legal but it really does help.

  7. This has been my life for a maybe 2 or 3 years now and I have looked up video on relaxation it won't work I TV still takes me 1 through 3 hours to fall asleep an sc for a year now I have been waking up at 6 30 in the morning why me😥 I don't use my phone before bed It is noon for me so what do I do 😔

  8. I went to sleep 5:00 P.m
    Woke up at 12:00 A.m
    Then I think I'm getting my sleep pattern back. But I'm really not and my daily sleep pattern comes back.

  9. I can never sleep no matter what. I sometimes have a problem where at night I am more emotional and I feel like there’s nothing to do but think so I start thinking of every slightly bad thing I’ve done like not put something away or accidentally gotten angry and slammed my door. Because I’m more emotional at night, I tend to start crying and the water keeps my eyes awake. If that isn’t the case then other nights I just can’t get to sleep no matter how hard I try. I also tend to get more angry at night and if I’m angry then I can’t sleep.

  10. I'm always staying up late on my phone,I'm doing a bit better and sometimes I wake up at night,I'm sleeping more. I'm insecure and probably depressed from being insecure. Do you think I have insomnia?

  11. I've been diagnosed with insomnia for 2 years. Every day I'm surprised that I'm still alive, I haven't slept for 3 days now, and by that I mean not even a second. I can't even explain how much it has effected my life. I know every edgy teenager says this, but I actually have no friends. I had to leave public school and start to get home schooled because of my S.A.D – social anxiety disorder! That also causes good part of my insomnia.

  12. It's been nearly a month and a half since I've felt I've gotten a restful sleep.. I fall asleep at night but wake up multiple times and I'm aware of things going on around me like I'm half asleep.. it's so irritating.

  13. I normally fall asleep around 10 pm and always seem to wake up at 2 am or 3 am no matter what time I fall asleep at night. I usually can't full asleep again after waking up and it also feels like I I've only slept for a few minutes.

  14. it takes me about 3 hours to fall asleep. i go to bed, like lie down, no phone or activity stuff, and i end up staring at my wall/ceiling. My mind traces back to my past memories, the embarrassing ones and sad ones, and it makes my mood irritable every time I go to sleep. It's always been like this since I was 11. I'm 13 now. I didn't even realize it til now.

  15. I have both kinds of insomnia ;-; the trouble falling asleep one AND the waking up throughout the night. I’ve had for about 9 years.

  16. Just to let you in insomnia lasts a life time, 16 years plus and counting, still turn up to work 6 days a week. Just keep going! Don't let it get you down, life is too short for that. Smile you will go to heaven as you have all ready been to hell👻

  17. Lately I've had trouble going to bed I feel very tired but can't go to bed I also do have anxiety and social akwardness can you help me with this plz anyone

  18. I’m sent to bed at 9-10 but ending up sleeping around 12-1 am I wake up around 6:50 or 7 so I end up almost sleeping in first period from time to time and my teacher doesn’t make it any easier even when I have a hard A in his class

  19. About 4 or 5 times a week, I wake up in the middle of the night, usually from 2-4. I usually turn of my phone are 9:30 or 10:00 at night, but usually take about 20-30 minutes to actually fall asleep no matter how tired I am (that is every night). I usually cannot get up while trying to sleep as to not wake up others in my house. I often wake up on weekdays from about 6:30 to 7:00 AM. On weekends I often get up around 8 or 8:30 AM. I am doing 3 clubs right now, and often don't get home until around eight. I have a lot of stuff going on so that has me stressed. I honestly think I have insomnia, or just some kind of sleep disorder, but don't really know what to do.

  20. my insomnia goes like this. fall asleep. wake up. fall asleep. wake up. fall asleep. wake up. what kinda insomnia is that??

  21. Ive had insomnia since 1995 sleeping tablets is not an option i use 2 mix them with antidepressants for a number of years which caused serious problems but very successfully i was able 2 back away from it all in 2002 but so far ive tried everything else & nothing has worked sadly but i assume this probably explains my excessive anger & rage issues along with extreme paranoia

  22. Idk if I do have insomnia.
    Like I mostly go to sleep all the time in the morning like 1am during the school year only to wake up at 6am; so I only get 5 hours of sleep. In the morning it’s hard for me to wake up though cause I just want to stay in bed but I force myself at least ASGGEHEJJE. As the day progresses I feel better for about off 7 hours then I get irritable and tired; so I don’t have energy for homework and so on. Gagwhbwbwgwhhwbx I don’t know btw writing this at 2am which is relatively early for me and during the summer 🗿

  23. I can't fall asleep, it's now a 30. night that I didn't sleep well, I sleep from 2 to 5 AM, and again, and again, and again. Every fucking night that happens to me.

  24. Sooo you can get insomnia if someone in your family passes away cause I think I might have it and for me to sleep I need to listen to music or binge watch my favorite movies

  25. I sleep for more than 2-3 hours and small factors wake me easily like low noise, change of temperature of the room esp. if someone touches the ac and getting sleep back is a battle.

  26. I have insomnia which I think gave me depression or I got depressed from my mum, I usually get into bed at 10:00pm and lie there for hours not able to sleep thinking about everything, I usually give up and just stay awake listening to music. And when I do fall asleep I have to wake up for school, and getting out of bed is a battle for me. I'm 16 nearly 17. what do I do. I'm way to scared to tell my parents because mum hates me enough I don't want her to hate me more

  27. I’m surprised i don’t have sleep paralysis. My sleep schedule is so messed up. It is currently 7:20AM and I’ve been trying to sleep since 3AM

  28. When I drink alcohol I sleep and wake after 2hours and can’t sleep after or when I am not drunk I will not be able sleep at all this has been happening for too long even if I took benzodiazepines in low dose I can’t sleep

  29. I think I have insomnia, I've joked about the idea with my mom. What ends up happening is I have a bed time (9:00) I stay up on my phone till about ten ish then after that I try to fall asleep (I usually find musoc the most effective when trying to fall asleep) after what only feels like thirty minutes I go to check my phone and it's 5:00am. Its worse during the summer because sometimes I go 2-3 days without sleep and its annoying me quite a bit. I thought I just dont need as much sleep but this is getting out of hand, any advice?

  30. I’m more then sure I have insomnia but I have ignorant parents and just say “ it’s because of that phone” even tho I put it away around 12:00 and finally sleep at 6:00. Help?

  31. I didn`t take my insomnia seriously in past few days since it just appears sometimes. But about 5 years ago, my condition became worse. It is already a very good sleep for me personally if I can sleep for 3 hours. Most of the times, I could not make myself to sleep all night long. I taken this particular program “Fαnvοkα Fawam” (Google it). Right on the spot, only just on that time alone, I experienced good benefits. Within 7 days I had been resting 4-7 hours every night. And it carries on to improve even better as I regularly use the manual. .

  32. Okay this has been happening for about a month or so???
    Okay I have a fairly big bed and a small room and my bed is okay ;-;
    And I’ve been falling asleep and waking up for like 2 times a night and on like the third time I stay up all night and watch YouTube and then in the morning I feel asleep and my sister has insomnia and she said I might have it I’m worried I only get 4-5 hours of sleep sometimes even 2 or 1 hours

  33. Here are the reasons why labor reform is absolutely necessary!Excessive work and housework quickly become the main cause of chronic insomnia!No one knows this!It's a great stress that keeps you busy every day and keeps you anxious and insomnia even in your sleep!The next day, if you feel uncomfortable with fatigue, anxiety and insomnia symptoms become severe.This is a living human biological response.The number of chronic insomnia patients has become the most difficult disease to cure in modern times, and is recorded as the largest number of patients in the world.!

  34. I have been sleepy since 9pm. I was lying in bed but didn't fall asleep till 2:30 am because my brain was so active. This happens like once a week, is this insomnia? I may just simply brush this off because this started two weeks ago but I had a history of insomnia two years ago and now I'm paranoid because I've missed quizes and seatworks.

  35. I know I shouldn't ask peeps online about the my symptoms of insomnia, but do I have insomnia if I only sleep 2 hours a day everyday. Every night I feel tired but just can't sleep.

  36. You shared very good information. My Aunt was suffering from this problem. She was very upset at that time. She went to Planet Ayurveda and started his treatment. Now she is fine. If you have this type of problem or any other type of health problem. You must go to Planet Ayurveda

  37. Wait it only happens a month at a time?
    I can never go to sleep at a certain time, for me it’s just hard to stay on a schedule for sleep I like to just sleep and wake up when I want😂

  38. I felt hopeless for 2 years. I thought that my sleep problems will be never be remedied. Not until a psychological behavioral therapist offered this plan “Fαnvοkα Fawam” (Google it). It aided me find out more about sleep. And every night, I can now sleep comfortably. I really enjoy sleeping in the mattress again.. .

  39. I have had insomnia since I was 3. I am now 16, and still have it. I tried everything, but nothing works so I just gave up 😀

  40. I wake up at 2 – 4 am. Hardly 5 hours. And feel sleepy in the office. Its been more than 10 years now. Forgetfulness and inability to concentrate have started. 🙂

  41. I have developed hallucinations, mostly shadowlike creatures and blurry faces people. They are creepy.

    I’ve tried everything but actual medication because I’m scared of how addictive they can be.

  42. People are a ducking bitch.

    small rant

    Everytime I fall asleep somebody wakes me up. I can't sleep at night and I tell my mum this. All she does is put me to bed earlier? I'm sorry. How does that help? Because it just adds 1 hour of be g bored staring at the ceiling! When I fall asleep, finally, in the day. People wake me up. They know I get barely any sleep and still wake me up. It's so fucking annoying.

  43. Some times i get insomnia because im fear about a dora lost episode and at the end theres a message a russian language note:there is no escape suicide is our only escape i may be a pet budgie but im 9 year old bird

  44. Since insomnia I experienced wasn`t severe, so I did not take it seriously. Not till 5 years after in which it has become the worst problem. I`m able to just rest for Three hours in almost all nights and I cannot even slumber all through the night oftentimes. I tried “Fαnvοkα Fawam” (Google it). On the spot, only just on that time only, I encountered excellent results. After a week of adopting the guidebook, I had been able to attain 4-7 hours of sleeping. My sleep gets considerably better everyday.. .

  45. I`ve been an insomnia patient for more than 10 years. However by the help of this sleep plan “Fαnvοkα Fawam” (Google it), I was able to gain a good sleep every evening. I can now sleep for Eight hours. I`m resting so well that I have not even done the plan. My sleep problems has lastly vanished because of this program.. .

  46. When I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with insomnia. It is the worst thing the worst it can lead to anxiety and depression aswell. I am very glad to say that 3 years later I am finally overcoming my habits. It causes you to go into a vigorous cycle that never ends; then that leads to stress about not sleeping. It got me in a seriously bad place I’m so happy I’ve overcome it now. But I can’t express this enough but please please please speak up if you have this problem, because it was a serious issue for me and I would hate it for anyone else💗
    But some tips for it:
    1) meditate
    2) dont go on electronics
    3) this helped for me so so much, imagine you are in a car and you drop your thoughts off to your favourite place, do it in great detail.

  47. I dealt with with sleeplessness for over 2 yrs and assumed there seems to be no solution for my situation. Not till a psychological behavioral therapist offered this specific program “Fαnvοkα Fawam” (Google it). It assist me to understand the science how we sleep at night. And each night, I can right now sleep in comfort. I love relaxing in the mattress once again.. .

  48. Given that insomnia I experienced wasn`t severe, so I didn`t take it seriously. But about five years ago, my own insomnia became even worse. I`m able to just slumber just for Three hours in most nights and I simply cannot even sleep through the entire night often. I used “Fαnvοkα Fawam” (Google it). Right on the spot, merely on that time alone, I noticed fantastic outcomes. After a 7 days of utilizing the guide, I been able to have Four to seven hours of sleeping. My sleep gets a lot better day after day.. .

  49. Is it just me? But has a lot of people got insomnia because of the part we’re it says you can’t sleep all the time

  50. I can never sleep and I always wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to bed and it’s been going on for years and I’ve been telling my mom so I’m just going to overdose so I could go see my doctor

  51. So this is what I'm suffering over 2 months now and I been awake for 2 days no sleep n 4am n I watching this…this sucks!

  52. I have adhd and I think I have insomnia which sucks because I love sleep but hate waking up many many times while I’m sleeping :((

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