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Is Your Therapist a KNOW IT ALL? | Kati Morton

Is Your Therapist a KNOW IT ALL?  | Kati Morton

80 thoughts on “Is Your Therapist a KNOW IT ALL? | Kati Morton

  1. Hi Kati,I was thinking of how you said that therapists are not supposed to talk much about themselves.
    What if my support worker tells me about deaths in her family & then told me about a suicide of another client an how it happened??Its really messed with my head.
    How can I deal with it??

  2. I’ve had three therapists, two were/are great and incredibly helpful. The other one was always trying to solve my problems—telling me I should get out of a relationship because I “shouldn’t waste my youth on an unavailable guy” and pushing me to move out of my parents house. The second was something I wanted to do, but I didn’t need her tell me what to do.

  3. It's as the old joke goes – Q: How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb? A: One, but the lightbulb has to really want to change

  4. I really enjoyed this question. It helps me see where my therapist is coming from. She don't ask like she has all of the answers but i know she knows more than she letting on. It helps me come to a solution. I love how you say some therapist suck at there job. Therapist like to blame it on there clients. When does the client becomes an issue in therapy? Besides not wanting to take medicine?

  5. I've always found my psychologist distant. It's so true, she never referred to her personal life. Now that I'm down to my last sessions, I told her I was going to miss her. She didn't respond, but that's okay. I understand why. Thank you for this video. 👍

  6. I told a sister of mine what you are saying Kati that you cannot know the out come. That a therapist is a person and as much as you might care you can do nothing the client has to. She has doctorate in psychology now. However she disagreed with me? She believes I know nothing to this day and actually is quite mentally ill herself to be honest. She doesn't practice because of coarse she is till having a difficult time . Here it is dinner time busy day Anyway I am making a little progress with family well I hope It has been to toxic you know? I am talking to a sister finally and we are talking about meeting and more I hope fun. Life needs to move on after such a long time ( 4 sisters 1 brother) I can see we were supposed to know too Dad was a know it all and very frightening if you crossed his 'knowing' My parents had definate narcissitic leanings although at heart i think that they could have gotten better but sadly * never sought help . PS I want a vacation you bet* lol seriously

  7. My clinical psychologist is definitely egotistical, a professional snob as I call her as she is forever telling me how she’s better than the counsellor I saw. I think she feels threatened because she knows I don’t like her and have a good relationship with the counsellor. NHS so I am stuck with her 🙄.

  8. Kati you are one of best mental health professionals in the business today. You are authentic the real deal. I recently graduated as a therapist and your advice and information in this video is spot on. I hope I get to talk to you one day in person about certain mental health information. Thank you Kati for all you do in the mental health sector.

  9. I agree with you, Kati. Life's messy anyway. And if I'm the one who's seeking help with an issue, I feel that I need to be willing to get my hands dirty (proverbially), and to put in work myself. It's a 2 person job, with me (as the patient) putting in the most work. Otherwise, it's not only a waist of my time for seeking the advice, it's a waist of the person's time who I'm seeking help from. Time is more finite than money … you can't deposit it in an account, and you don't get it back.

  10. Is kind of what Im feeling/going throu right now. Cause… I think i MIGHT have ED BUT i dont tell anything to my terapist. This makes me think that If she is not finding it by herself/since she is the professional and knows everything… I might just be alright and just making it up by myself. Idk. I might just be someone like a lot of people that worry about appearance and weight. Because again my own therapist is not catching it.

  11. So informative Kati once again. I'm off to see a therapist soon, first time in over 20 years. I was feeling uneasy about it, but after seeing this video I feel more at ease about it.

  12. Awesome video Kati,you're my inspiration,love it when you upload new video,because of you I got back into my short film projects,now my channel is growing up fast,kindly you can stop by and check me out sometime!

  13. Do you have any colleagues in Phoenix AZ that you would reccomend for anger and depression issues? I have tried 4 different therapy places and just have not felt like it was ever a right fit… I got the feeling quite often that there was no interest in helping…

  14. Great video, all of our caregivers are people too, with their own boundaries and their own issues. Please be understanding that they are just people too, we are ALL human, flaws are humanity! I love my caregivers (therapist, meds, ARMHS) they all have a life outside of their work too, I like to respect their boundaries and give them their space as well. Like when I'm out shopping, don't try to unload your issues, they're not on the job and getting paid at this time, they are just going about their lives like we are! Respect them. They need their own time just as we do! 🙂 There will be a better relationship if they know they won't get bombarded every time they see you out and about <3 🙂

  15. I've had the same therapist for eight years now and basically works on trauma. I also have a caseworker and psychiatrist to help with my other issues because I was finally diagnosed with bipolar1…. so my caseworker wanted to communicate with my therapist naturally to see where I am at what I am working on and all that good stuff. So now I find myself questioning if I should have let my caseworker and therapist communicate because I am being told by my therapist that she thinks my caseworker is worried that I may be stuck and may want me to try something else…. plus a lot of my issues are from the trauma and my diagnosis. I am confused and cant seem to figure out what happened. I feel lost and scared. I am not sure why this happened because I do have trauma I have PTSD and that's what my therapist specializes in. Maybe you can help me understand what's happening. Maybe because I am having mixed episodes I just cant take it all in. Please help me see where this coming from because I am too afraid to ask although I know I can ask or say what I feel. I should mention that I am having a lot of changes in my mental health support system. Is this an ego thing?

  16. I almost didn’t click on this one because I didn’t think I could relate. But soooo interesting!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  17. Hey kati can you do a video on emotional detachment and desensitization. I think im going to get diagnosed with soon and i would like to know some more information on it.

  18. One possibility in my opinion is the therapist is simulating a personality type to elicit a response or practice a response. This would encourage the patient to deal with "this type" of person. It is always more wise to engage in role play clearly and openly, but I can see how therapy can be an unscripted test also. Always be open and honest with your therapist, if they do something you think is nonsense call them on it and listen for what they say. Don't be afraid to speak your mind as a patient.

  19. I'm not comfortable that my therapist has a Facebook and that we have 3 mutual friends showing on her page. There isn't a lot of personal info and I wouldn't try to contact her or friend her but I still feel weird just looking at her page.

  20. Thank you for you! I was wondering if you had or could do a video on being with a ‘dark seeker’? Someone that is still hurt by the wrong their partner did but wants to work it out.

  21. Thanks for this video! It helps me a lot. I just finished college few months ago, and I've been thinking about this pretty much, like do I have to know everything ? Because there's a lot of things in psychology and in humans behavior in general, just thanks. 💕

  22. How do you know if it's time to see a therapist? Which is more helpful a therapist or a psychiatrists? Can medicines really helpful? How do you know when patients need to take medicines or therapy will work best? Major life stressful events such as stress of media and struggles in life like financial problems can a therapist would be helpful or medicines would work best? We all have struggles in life but different experiences and difficulties. Is there any low cost free counseling services here in the Philippines? I think a counselor would be very helpful, a therapist that can explain and advise you on how can you manage to cope up with our daily life situations. Such as giving instructions on how to deal with your major life problems? An online support system like online therapy in times of distress, it would be very helpful if you have someone who can talk to. Someone who could understand in a non judgemental manner. Sometimes all we need is someone who could talk and get opinions or a counseling session. Unfortunately there are no free counseling services available here. A psychiatrists cannot tell you everything you need to know, they set limitations and boundaries. They can't answer all your questions, some details that the patient would be best not to know. Some people are good in making a reverse psychology, dancing with the flow of your mood such as a psychiatrists. It would be very insane to think that some family members or neighbors is going with the flow of your mood or making a reverse psychology. If psychiatrist refuses to answer your questions and is not willing to open up, would you consider to take a second opinion, because the question is an integral part of you being sane. It's a form of disturbing thought, questions that badly need an answers. The human mind is so complex, the thought makes you dysfunctional, what would you do? I can't afford to get a therapist and the psychiatrist refuses to open up what would you do? I can't force her if she doesn't want to open up. I guess she is not a prudent doctor, she can't protect her patients, she thinks that the immediate solution to the problem is solely the medicines but I need more than that. I need a counselor who could help me answer all the questions. The problem is not me because I follow her instructions but she doesn't want to explain and open up. Could you please advice me Madam Kati Morton what should I do with my problems? Sometimes all we need is a counselor or an advice coming from a professional perspective, different opinions, an intelligent mind who could explain. What can you advice regarding my concerns Miss kati Morton? If the psychiatrist is not being helpful, would you consider seeking second opinion? Thank you.

  23. I mentioned that I was old school and I'm use to talking about the deep dark past. My therapist says, " You don't think we are going to do that do you?" I left so frustrated.

  24. What is the diagnostic criteria for ISH? Does it happen more in cities or coastal regions? It seems in motivational areas, tone and how you say something is really important. It’s difficult, but in trying to talk to anyone about anything that can be where things sometimes fall apart and it’s probably a pitfall to learn to avoid if it conflicts with goals. It’s funny that we know this, but still have difficulty avoiding it no matter what we know. Maybe sometimes people have differing strategy, but other than that I guess everyone is really just human, huh?

  25. I once went to a councilor who upon out first session, said I might have either: depression, anxiety disorder, OCD, ASD and I'm not exempt from having two of those at the same time. I never went back to him.

  26. I've been to a therapist who talked to get me comfortable to talk to him about issues since I couldn't think of everything at once. Sometimes I'd forget what I was trying to explain mid sentence and he made me feel…idk better about it? Gave me tools and tricks which help a bit but I have to carry a notebook around at work to keep track of things.

    My therapist before made me feel uncomfortable and nervous and asked about stuff that made things worse. Basically told me I had depression and that's why I have memory problems. But oddly enough he guilted me and scared me out of a specialist to see why. Be so careful when finding a therapist…

  27. I have been so blessed and lucky to have two amazing therapists in my eating disorder journey and I am so grateful that the boundaries have stayed healthy and that I have gotten a lot out of it over the years.

  28. I am lucky to have finally found a great therapist through college and my adult life. However, I've been to a few that were just downright awful. It's so true that not everybody is good at their job. If you've been to a therapist and had a bad experience I would encourage you to see another one before you give up on therapy. One guy I saw told me very awkwardly that he would ignore me in public if he saw me and always looked shocked when I would tell him about something that happened in my life. I also had another therapist try to push her own religious agenda on me and tell me all these religious books I needed to read. Therapy in Alabama is hard! I love where I go now and it's LGBTQ friendly and some of the best therapists I've ever met.

  29. Listening to your audiobook Are u ok?! these days. Very insightful and hearing u narrate it is very soothing on its own 👍
    I'm hooked on to u and your channel.
    I'm in therapy myself.

  30. No healthcare professional knows everything there is about medicine, not even physicians. That is why there are sub-specialities in medicine and within the realm of healthcare in general bc of how vast the field is.
    (With new research released on nearly a daily basis, it’s important to stay updated on such new findings)

  31. I’ve had a therapist who acted kinda condescending, and dropped an interpretation that was accurate but one that I wasn’t ready for at the time. I think he lacked experience to know when to withhold information and was very much a stickler for the psychological self-assessments. My current therapist is willing to be honest with me about when she doesn’t know something and never gives me something that I’m not ready for.

  32. How can I stop being a know-it-all? I'm afraid I have this trait. I am really intuitive, but sometimes I can be too bold. I would love some advice and cues to watch out for!

  33. My therapist didn't understand when I said I feel an inability to feel any excitement about anything anymore and I feel I can never feel romantic love.
    Talked like they were telling me off 🙄

  34. this is an important topic. i was looking for a therpaist recently and since it is my first time, i tried to understand how it works in where i live. Unfortunately, it seems most people did not like how it works, as it is mostly religious based and they do not have a 50 minute timeframe, but rather 15 to 30 minutes. I thought they were psychiatrists, but i guess they are pyshcologists! it made me very frustrated and now i dont want to go to one to council.

  35. Hey Kati! I have a question. A friend of mine is finally starting to be more honest with herself and us (=her friends) about how she is doing and how she might need help.
    A huge obstacle for her, however, is that she studied psychology. She thinks that she should know or does know everything about her and/or that another therapist couldn't help her. (or at least she seems to think so.)
    I really want to help her, but I'm at a loss. I am aware that someone has to get to the point of reaching out for help for themselves and that nobody can force them. Nor do I want to. But I was just wondering if you have some tips on how to get her a little more on board on the idea of going to therapy, and to help her overcome that obstacle of thinking that 'she should know it all'.

    I'd appreciate it a lot!

  36. I need somone to talk to but i want to talk to the theipist online i really do need somone to talk to really bad i try to kill myself 2 times already

  37. Hi Katie, my counselor brought up something known as Sexual Anorexia, and I was wondering if It was a real thing in the mental health and psychiatric community, and do you see it in your patients? If so, what can we do to treat it!? Thanks!

  38. what should i do if i feel like my therapist is sharing a little too much with me? she tells me stories about her siblings, her past relationships, her issues growing up…. and i hate admitting this but i get really frustrated after my sessions because i feel like half of my time with her was spent listening to her and having to sympathize with her (idk if that makes sense). my parents really like her so they won’t let me look for a new therapist, but the sessions don’t help one bit because i never have time to actually talk about anything in depth with her. is there a way for me to talk to her about this without making it seem like i don’t care about what’s going on in her life? sorry this ended up being super long ahahah

  39. KATIE please help. Can you do a video relating people who base their lives on relationships, I have not been single in like a decade and it seems like every guys I meet is “the one” how do I stop myself from being like this I know it’s unhealthy but I seem to always fall into a relationship one after the other or create a future in my head with someone new

  40. If autism is just a difference, then what are the problems that neurotypicals face as individuals that autistic people do not struggle with, and not how they act towards autistic people?

  41. Hi Katie, I have a quick question. I sometimes get annoyed at tiny things people around me do and I say something mean or snarky because it's like I can't help it from coming out. And it generally happens after someone does something nice for me. Like today, my mom bought me some groceries and on the way home she was saying she was tired. (She says this everyday, without fail, for as long as I can remember btw) I told her off for always complaining and then felt instant regret. This can happen numerous times a day, everyday of the week sometimes. Some weeks it doesn't happen a lot. Is this a sign of mental illness or am I just an impatient person sometimes?

  42. I feel like my confidence is really low. My therapist is amazing and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. She has told me some personal stuff about herself but she can relate to me.

  43. My first therapist kinda just seemed bored and indifferent and our chats about my traumas where very downgraded like she didnt know what to say. I didn't feel like she was a professional more like a friend who wouldve told me to go seek help

  44. The more I see of your videos the more I realise that my psychologist are really really good!! But can you go to the same psychologist for a to long time? I’ve been going to mine in over five years. But we work really good on my problems. But are five years a to long time with the same psychologist?

  45. I know that this will sound a bit sudden, but I was wondering if you still recommend a emotions wheel of some sort. One of your videos mentions it and talks about finding a version of it in your website, but that seems to no longer be the case.

  46. I'd love your thoughts on therapists using toxic positivity, I know they shouldn't but I know one that does and sees nothing wrong with it, even though she's been asked not to. Love your videos 😊

  47. My Consultant clinical psychologist, that I spent a year in trauma training with, did come across as eminently knowledgeable, but I somehow desperately wanted more guidance, more answers. It felt , and not for the 1st time, that I desperately wanted them to explain to me, they clearly did have alot of the answers- I wanted in on them!!! Does that make sense? I have Cptsd and bipolar type 1 (and now fibromyalgia) following abuse.

  48. My therapist told me i do NOT have depression and I am just sad, but she suggested antidepressants. Is that even a thing? Taking antidepressants just for being sad? I am really thinking of seeing another therapist after that…

  49. Sadly, my experience has taught me that therapists can, themselves, be the most destructive abusers of them all.  Unethical therapists can use their position, their authority as a professional, and their knowledge of psychology to gaslight the hell out of a patient.  That is exactly what was done to me by at least two, if not three, therapists who all worked for the same mental health clinic that I went to.  One therapist in particular would push my buttons on purpose to provoke me into reacting, and then she would use my annoyed reactions against me as her proof of how intolerant I am.  If I tried to point out what a nasty trick that is to use against anyone, she would use that as her proof of how paranoid I am.  She was quite skilled at doing things like that to me.  That is but one of the myriad of ways in which I was taken advantage of in that clinic.

  50. This video was just what I needed!
    I suspect that I suffer from ADD but I really worry that I’ll come across as attention seeking or turn up being wrong, when I mention it to my therapist…. Also it is hard because she believes my issues are just minor things, that really don’t bother me and I don’t know how to slide in my bigger issues…

  51. I have to deal with Medicaid psychologists and psychiatrists (cause Medicaid is all I've got), and many of them have the worst bedside manner. >.<

    What really ticks me off are the ones who claim that "oh, I've worked with people on the spectrum (autism), so I can work with you" and then go on to demonstrate that they obviously know little to nothing about autism. I don't like people who are dishonest and who lie to me, especially therapists and psychiatrists.

    I have other issues besides autism (anxiety disorder/panic disorder being the most debilitating next to it, as well as PTSD), so it's not like they have to impress me or anything. And if they can't treat the autism parts, then fine…but I don't like it when they claim that they can help me because they have dealt with patients who happen to also be on the spectrum. I just want them to be honest with me; I've only seen two therapists who were honest enough to admit that they had no training when it comes to autism.

    I know I need specialized treatment for autism (especially the sensory issues which comes with it), but so far I haven't found any therapist who takes Medicaid. And I'm getting tired of other doctors claiming they can "fix me" or with an air of omnipotence just because some of the other patients they see happen to be on the spectrum.

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