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Kindred Rehabilitation Services: Strength Through Partnerships

Kindred Rehabilitation Services: Strength Through Partnerships

There was a need to expand the inpatient
facility and take it off-site, and Mercy looked to partner with someone who had the expertise in inpatient rehab. So Kindred approached us to talk about
farming what, at that time, was a brand new partnership. Because of their size
and their national perspective, they have skill sets and operating rehab
units that Mercy doesn’t have. Mercy is is also a large health system, but
honestly the key rehabilitation was not a major area focus within Mercy. And so
in terms of when, you know, Mercy and Kindred come together in the case of
this rehabilitation hospital, it truly shows that they want to lean on each
other for what they both do well, and that’s really created a seamless care
transition. The main thing I’ve noticed really is just that there seems
to be a vision to improve the whole process from hospitalization to beyond
home, and so that patients get the whole continuum of care. We’re very proud of
the quality results that our patients experience after their stay here at Mercy Rehab Hospital St. Louis. So we use a lot of different benchmarks
that clearly show that our, you know, partner hospitals with Kindred by far
exceed the national benchmarks across national and local competitors. They know the benchmarks around rehab that we should be shooting for as a
free-standing rehab hospital, and they live with those day-to-day in their
business in a much more significant way than Mercy had ever been able to do in
the past. And then I think as you look at what else we bring to this partnership,
it is lean design to practice as effectively as possible. Because they go
toe-to-toe with Medicare and with the governmental agencies, they’re seeing
what things are being denied and have been able to come back to us and say,
look, if you include this statement in there, it’s going to make a difference. They’re trying to make it so that the physicians can be fast and efficient and that’s going to be a huge help. I think what
we’re very proud of is the ability to show that this works. We have good
outcomes and, because of those outcomes, people have modeled what we’re doing. The experience between Mercy and Kindred in St. Louis did, in fact, become a model for
us to expand the relationship to the Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City first,
and subsequently to create a similar partnership between Kindred and
Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. We’ve had very strong financial results
and just wonderful clinical outcomes for our patients. We all have the same
desire to have good outcomes for our patients, so because of that you almost
don’t know that there is a partnership. It’s one facility with the same vision,
the same goals, so that partnership is seamless. But I think the core of the
partnership is a desire to provide very excellent clinical care to patients
who need this level of care.

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