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Leading Irregular Heartbeat (Arrhythmia) Treatments

Leading Irregular Heartbeat (Arrhythmia) Treatments

[ Silence ]>>Arrhythmia is defined as
irregular heartbeat actually, and it can be the heart
beating too slow, too fast, or it’s just simply irregular. But it causes a variety
of symptoms, usually the people
feel palpitations where there’s an awareness of
the heartbeat being irregular or strong or more dangerously, people feel fainting and people sometimes collapse
and even die suddenly. The causes for arrhythmia
are multiple obviously, like any other condition
in health, but the most common cause
is damage to the heart – heart valve, heart
muscle, enlarged heart. It can also be congenital. People can be born with it,
or it can also be caused by drugs or other things. [ Silence ] There’s a variety of treatment
for arrhythmia nowadays. Just like most conditions
in health, the first line of therapy is typically
drug therapy but actually in the past 2, 3 decades we’re
finding out that drug therapy, except for the mild arrhythmia,
just simply does not work for the more serious ones. So the most commonly used, because of higher efficacy is
what we call catheter ablation. Catheter ablation is a therapy
whereby small wires are inserted into the heart, and
map out the rhythm, the origin of the bad rhythm,
and cauterize that part and eliminate the arrhythmia. Some of the arrhythmias
cannot be cured or medicated. These are the ones
causing sudden death. So those types of arrhythmia
are treated by prevention of the sudden death
by implantation of devices like defibrillators. [ Silence ] Surgery can also be done
for cardiac arrhythmias. Not common that surgery is done for the cardiac arrhythmia
alone. Typically it is coupled
to other procedure, other surgical intervention
such as the replacement of heart valve, and it
can then be combined with what they Maze procedure for atrial fibrillation
for instance. Other miniaturized surgical
procedure use the epicardial approach, the so-called
minithoracautomy and so forth are also available. Those are also all available
here at El Camino Hospital, just like the simplest to the
most complex type of ablation to device implantation. [ Silence ] Surgery can also be done to
treat cardiac arrhythmia, but because catheter ablation,
meaning the non-surgical type of cure, is so advanced and
so much better tolerated by the patient surgery
is rarely done as the only treatment
for arrhythmias. Usually a combination
of replacing the valve, doing bypass surgery,
or other type of cardiac surgery whereby the
arrhythmia therapy is added on. The most common surgical therapy for arrhythmia is
the Maze procedure for atrial fibrillation
for instance. Other surgical procedures
are also available that is less invasive, and
these are called the minimally invasive surgery that is also
available for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. [ Silence ] El Camino hospital is very
strategically located. It’s very advanced and has
very comprehensive program for the treatment of all
types of arrhythmias. Being in a bay area it
is also quite advanced and in fact it’s the most
technologically advanced hospital in the country,
in the world. And for that reason
all services are just as technologically advanced,
and it is very well staffed. The outcome is excellent
at El Camino Hospital. The success rates for arrhythmia
procedures are excellent. The success implant rate
for devices are outstanding. So it is in my opinion one
of the best places to go to for the treatment
of your arrhythmia. [ Silence ]

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