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Little Daniel Ushakov is in urgent need of kidney transplant!

Little Daniel Ushakov is in urgent need of kidney transplant!

The fight for life of 8-month old Daniil began since his birth. He doesn’t appear different from the other babies his age, but his life is hanging by a thread. The late pregnancy ultrasound had shown that the little kidneys are not normal.
(Inna Ushakov, Daniil’s mother) When Daniil was born, the ultrasound had revealed that one kidney was tiny and was full of cysts. The right kidney was also smaller than normal and affected by cysts. First three months of Daniil’s life were fairly stable. The doctors thought that the disease would not progress and the baby would be able to live with one kidney. However, after a few extra medical examinations, the doctors came to a terrifying conclusion. One kidney is multicystic, meaning that there is no functional kidney tissue left,
(Oxana Prigoda, Daniil’s grandmother) the other kidney’s function was severely reduced due to heavy cyst load. This is leading to dysplasia of healthy kidney tissue and its stalled development, and most likely deterioration. Local nephrologists from Zaporizhia are closely watching Daniil’s progress since birth. The surgeons have experience in renal transplantation, however not in patients this young. Since birth Daniil has had kidney insufficiency.
(Elena Rodova, Head of Pediatric Nephrology) Despite provided conservative management, renal insufficiency is progressing. Based on current medical examination data, he requires peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis or kidney transplant. Kidney transplant will save this precious life. Transplant surgeons of one of the Belarusian hospital are willing to help the family. The cost of Daniil’s life is $60,000. We never knew, never faced anything like this
(Stanislav Ushakov, Daniil’s father) and never thought that something like this could happen to us. Having a decent job at the moment, it is still impossible to save up that much in the short period of time that is left. Ushakov family had sold almost all belongings so they could purchase necessary medication that helps supporting baby’s body function. They have already found potential buyers for their condo and vehicle. Still, that amount will not be sufficient to pay for travelling to Belarus and all the necessary diagnostics in the foreign hospital. You can help saving little Daniil’s life. You may connect with Daniil’s father using the phone number shown on the screen. Join our Facebook group “Save Life of Daniil Ushakov” for Daniil’s progress and current state.

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