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Lyndsay Harshman, MD

Lyndsay Harshman, MD

– Hi, my name is Lyndsay Harshman, and I’m a pediatric nephrologist. So a pediatric nephrologist
is a pediatrician, a kids’ doctor, who
specializes in the kidney, specifically the medical
health of the kidney. The typical patient I see in my clinic actually is quite diverse. I do a mixture of general nephrology, but also quite a bit of
transplant nephrology. I also see kids that have a disease
called tuberous sclerosis, and that disease affects the kidneys and has longterm
consequences on kidney health for these children. Actually, the majority of my time I spend doing research related to how kids with kidney disease have
longterm brain growth and development, and I’m really interested in seeing how structurally
the brain is affected, potentially, in children
that have anomalies of the kidney and
urinary tract from birth. We really are the only place in the state for pediatric nephrology care. Not only that, but within our division of pediatric nephrology,
we truly have experts in some of the world’s
most rare renal diseases. And so within that and our ability to provide nearly every dialysis technique within the realm of
dialysis for pediatric care, we really have the most comprehensive pediatric nephrology care
that any parent could ask for for their child, should
you need that care. I think the passion that I’ve
always had for this field, for nephrology, is that whole 360 process that we could have in nephrology. It’s understanding that
we could have a tiny baby in the NICU that we can be
able to do dialysis for, and then be able to take
that tiny baby from the NICU and see them completely
through their lifespan and be able to provide comprehensive care. And not only that, be able to take that comprehensive clinical
care and translate research that really makes their
life more than just life, but just life changing. It’s something to me
that’s just unbelievable. It’s passionate, it’s just, it’s exciting.

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