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Meaghan Crowley, M.D.-North Shore Phyisicans Group

Meaghan Crowley, M.D.-North Shore Phyisicans Group

I’m Meaghan Crowley, I’m a primary care physician
with the North Shore Physicians Group at 400 Highland Avenue in Salem. I went to medical
school at Tufts University and did my residency at Boston Medical Center.
I really enjoy focusing on women’s health, preventive medicine, and I do love following
a variety of chronic diseases as well as hypertension diabetes.
I really like the people at North Shore Physicians Group which was why I chose to join the practice.
We have a great network of specialists that I can refer patients to when they need assistance
with any acute medical issues. There’s a lot of specialists that locally
who I can send patients to who are great and I can communicate with those specialist through
our computer system. There’s also a network of specialists at MGH downtown who I send
patients to as well. One of the most rewarding parts about being
a doctor is developing relationships with patients and following them for months and
years and that’s something that I’m really happy about being a primary care physician.

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