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Meditation in a Rehabilitation Setting Provides Patient Benefits

Meditation in a Rehabilitation Setting Provides Patient Benefits

Today we are going to be doing some
meditating. Meditation is something that’s totally your own. It’s not, there’s
no wrong way to do it. You’re not going to get graded on it. It’s whatever you
want it to be. Often times the mind is going to continually think, you know that.
It’s constantly has thoughts and ideas and things like that flowing through it
and so during this time I’m going to be reading this script to you and I’m going
to describe a picture to you. You can either see this picture or you can go
somewhere totally different in your own mind and your mind’s eye, but roll with
it, let it happen, let it go. I’m also going to be taking you through some deep
breathing, and with that again, deep breathing is also something that you can
focus on when you fill your mind starting to drift away from your your
peaceful place. That’s what we’re going to go today. Whenever you feel it
drifting you can focus back again on your breathing or into my voice again,
whatever you feel comfortable with, and when that thought does come in,
acknowledge it, don’t be mad about it, it’s going to happen acknowledge it and push it
to the side for the next few minutes while we’re finishing up, okay and just
let it roll. Go ahead and close your eyes, and now take a deep breath in, and exhale
out, and take another deep breath in through your nose and out through your
mouth. For the next few moments focus on calming your mind. Continue to
breathe slowly and deeply allowing more and more tension to fully leave your
body. Begin to create a picture in your mind of a place where you can completely
relax. Imagine what this place needs to be in order for you to feel calm and
relaxed. Create whatever image is best for you. Focus now on the sites of your place. Colors, shapes, objects, plants, water, all of the beautiful things that make
your place enjoyable. Participant: Was a space place. Stars that just being
dark as I stars this time, stars just just like I was moving,
quiet, peaceful. Okay good, I’m glad, okay all right, well
I’m glad you are relaxed.

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