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Meet Kartik Pillutla, MD, Pediatric Nephrology | Ascension Texas

Meet Kartik Pillutla, MD, Pediatric Nephrology | Ascension Texas

Hello my name is Kartik Pillutla and I
am a pediatric nephrologist I chose to go into healthcare because I
really enjoyed having a long lasting relationship with patients and their
families I think it’s really neat to be able to to really work with patients
from for a long period of time of over many years and really form a close a
close relationship that I think it’s hard to get that in other fields I would like patients and families to
know that I understand that walking into a pediatric nephrology clinic can be very
scary having a child that has a serious kidney or a blood pressure problem can
be very scary and we understand that and I would want them to really know that my
first goal is to be is to be putting them at ease and to really treat my
patient as a kid because that’s the most important thing about them they’re a kid
that has a kidney issue but at the center they they are a child I think
it’s very important to be having open open communication because as a parent
of a child that has a complex healthcare need we know that they actually know a
lot about about their child so I really value having open dialogue and being
available and really working as a team to be making the best the belts the best
healthcare choices Both my wife and I enjoy cooking we also
enjoy hiking and traveling I enjoy running on Town Lake we also have a
greyhound so she is a a former racer who is now well well retired so we enjoy
spending time with her

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