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Meet Natasha Vanchinathan, MD, Nephrology | Ascension Wisconsin

Meet Natasha Vanchinathan, MD, Nephrology | Ascension Wisconsin

Hi. My name is Natasha Vanchinathan, and I am
a nephrologist. I didn’t think I always actually wanted to
be a doctor. That was something that later, with a lot
of thought, I decided to pursue. I knew that I loved helping people, and I
would do it any other way. I think that I was one of these very carefree
children, and if you asked me what I wanted to do, I probably would have told you, “I
want to be Supergirl,” or, “I want to be Spiderman.” I was really into watching cartoons, and I
think I looked towards that, and as you get older and you realize reality is that radioactive
spider is not going to bite you, that you can find, use your strengths because there
are many different jobs that help people every day, and mine happened to be science, and
you figure out how you can help people with your strength, and for me, that was medicine. I’ve been very fortunate that my medical pursuit
has allowed me to travel quite a bit. I have trained in Arizona. I have worked in New York, in Brooklyn. I’ve done research with The Renal Research
Institute. I have worked in Michigan, and I did some
of my training in Canada, across the border. I’ve even done some medical missions in Peru,
and all of these places have things that have changed me as a physician, have changed the
way that I look at things and my approach. I feel like the more you get out there, the
more that you can bring to your own personal practice, and I feel that those experiences
are probably what makes me unique because we’ve all read the same textbooks. We’ve all written the same exams, every nephrologist,
as well, out there, but these are the things that I think would set me apart. Well, I love to be outside. I love the outdoors. One of the things that actually me and my
husband are doing is we have a giant map in our house of all the National Parks across
the US, and we’re slowly making a check mark and date it as we get our chance to go out
there and see them, so we’ve been, pretty much finished Arizona, we’re working our way
across from the West Coast down to over on this end. Aside from that, I love running, as well. I love to run outdoors, as well as indoors,
and I’ve recently gotten really into cycling. I think, here, in Wisconsin, especially, there’s
a big cycling community, and they’ve just sucked me into it. It
is a team effort. When a patient comes to see me, they’re not
just coming to see the doctor. We all work together in order to build a care
plan for the patient. The scheduling has to work with the patient’s
schedule, as well as everyone else that’s coming in that day and myself to see what
works the best. Sometimes, when the patient comes in, they
mention things that are important to them right away to the nurse, and by the time I
see them and we start chatting, they forget, and I’ll be like, “Well, my nurse also mentioned
this was important,” and I can’t tell you the number of times patients are like, “Oh,
yeah. I forgot I wanted to ask you about that.”

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