Rehab Cell

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Meet our Doc: Mike Dichiaro, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

I was drawn to pediatric
rehabilitation because I love the way the mind and the body
work together so that kids and adults can do all the great
things they do on a day-to- day basis and throughout their
lives. Kids in rehabilitation have either congenital, or things that
they’re born with, or acquired injuries like brain injuries. And
my job is to help them figure out how to do all the great things
they’re gonna do in life. And to see them come back,
clinic visit after clinic visit, proud of the new things they can do
and proud to share them, and to see their parents are proud
of their kids being able to do new things that, hopefully, we’ve been
able to help them do – it’s incredibly rewarding, and one of the most
wonderful things about my job. We do a whole lot of help with
these kids. But if there’s one thing that we have to do, it’s make
sure that we help provide families with hope. And we nurture
their hope for their children.

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