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Mini Horse Overcomes the Odds With Help From Plastic Prosthesis

With every animal that walks through my door I ask myself are we going to increase their mobility and make their lives better? Because of the versatility of plastics I have been able to custom design about 15,000 devices of all shapes and sizes. From horses, to goats, to dogs. No day is the same, it’s always unique. How’s it going Lennie? Long drive? Oh yeah! I am Lennie Green, and I’m Angel’s owner. Hey Angel We’ve been working with Angel Marie for about six months and we’ve got to see her grow and adapt to these prosthetic and orthotic devices. Angel lost her leg when she was two days old her mother stepped on it and crushed it. It was an accident. The prosthetic leg actually saved her life. So looking at the brace I definitely see these straps have been chewed through. This is not really tightening down the way I’d like it to. She’s atrophied over the winter a little bit it looks like so there’s some space in there. We have to adjust the brace and prosthesis to accommodate for her fluctuations in body mass. Just get her more confident and give her the ability to walk. The plastic based foam that we’re retrofitting into the prosthesis and brace will snug up the fit and allow Angel to trust the devices even better. Creating these devices would not be possible without plastics, they’re cost-effective, easy to adjust and reshape and durable enough to last the lifetime of each pet. You want to give it a try? We never know what is going to happen but we are always hoping for the best there we go there she goes See she’s moving much better. Beautiful that looks great. You’re doing so good Good job Angel oh good job you can tell she’s a happy girl right now Today’s appointment was a big success for us Angel I could tell I could see it right in her in her eyes It was incredible to see Angel Marie hop up and walk on all fours today now she can graze around and do what she wants to do I can’t imagine doing anything else just helping the lives of all these animals.

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