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Myrkkyjen poisto Gerson-menetelmällä (Detoxify With the Gerson Therapy)

You mentioned detoxifying,
how important is that to do that, how often should people do
that? Do you know what exactly you’re talking
about when we’re talking detoxifying? The Gerson therapy and this was one of my
father’s, I believe, one of his greatest contributions to medicine,
is not only to understand the problem of toxicity but how to deal
with it and how to defeat it and detoxify It’s not new. It’s already described in
the Dead Sea Scrolls, supposedly Jesus talking, how to do an enema.
It’s described in detail. And he says at that time even that get the toxins or the bad material, the
wrong, the dead and the rotten materials out of your body
and you will see with you eyes and
smelled with your nose all the stuff that is polluting your
body, okay. That’s much, much, much worse today
because we have all the chemicals and all the additives or all the preservatives
and everything else also in there, okay. So doctor Gerson was aware
that you have to detoxify and he also found already by others. He tell he didn’t have to come up
with the answers himself. He found by others that caffeine when put into the bloodstream where
the portal system into the liver opens the bile ducts and allows
ther liver let go of these poisons otherwise is stored in the liver and
if your store poisons in the liver, the liver can’t work right and it can’t do
the healing that it’s designed to do. So when you’re able to open those ducts and allow poisons to stream and just leave the liver, stream out of it, first thing, pain goes away. In most cases even in an advanced cancer cases,
cases where patients have been medicated with morphine already for
weeks, the pain goes away in a matter of
a few days when you detoxify the liver, okay. So then on top of it, it opens up
the capillaries and cells in the tissues systems that
they can now pick up nutrients, that the poisons has
left and they can pick up nutrients. But that has to be done and Doctor Gerson found that out too
with a cafe in compound and the potassium compound that is
most readily available in coffee. So in order to open up
the bile ducts when uses, not coffee by mouth that does the opposite,
so it’s been tested, but coffee rectually and that’s called the coffee enema. That’s
the way to detoxify with coffee enemas. Now you ask: Oh well, and how many
and how often? Okay, that depends, I already mentioned, chronic degenerative disease
we have weakened, damaged livers, and in cancer we have poisoned livers. So it would make sense that in
cancers you need more detoxify not only that but now
doctor Gerson said, okay: we have to renourish these organ
systems, this healing mechanisms that you have to, you have been starving for years and years and years
with a bad food dead food, rotten stuff, the chemicalized
things the preserved and died and mortified
things nothing of value, only toxic materials to
the human body. So we have to get rid of those in order even to get the nutrients in,
okay. Now, when we get that nutrients
in the body get even more activated to push the poisons out. Where do they go? Into the
bloodstream. Now your bloodstream is
filtered through the liver. Once every three minutes the entire blood
stream goes through your liver, and the liver among many other functions, by no
means the only function it is detoxifying. But it does filter out those poisons, the pain disappears, whether it is
a headache or toe ache. And people don’t understand what a coffee enema
can have to do with their head over the toe. So but once you understand,
it’s really very simple. So detoxifying depend on how toxic you are. Now, since cancer patients are
so very toxic and with the Gerson therapy they take
as many as one 8 ounce glass of freshly pressed vegetable
and fruit juice every hour. So, great many fresh living nutrients
are pushed into the bloodstream, are put into the tissues,
the tissues releases it and the body feels better. But it is so active that
especially in cancer patients it releases so rapidly, we have to
give 5 enemas a day, like one every four hours. And it works,
patients feel better. And that terminal condition and they
come depressed and miserable and in pain and with drugs and they can’t eat and they are nauseated,
you should see them three days later; the pain is gone, the nausea is gone,
the body is functioning they are positive again, they are out
looking again, they are planning for the future again, when they were told by the doctor they
have two months or three months or something like that and that they’re different people,
and it works.

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