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Nephrologist: Eugene C. Kovalik, MD

Nephrologist: Eugene C. Kovalik, MD

My name is Dr. Eugene Kovalik. I’m a nephrologist, which is a kidney doctor,
here at Duke University Medical Center. I cover multiple areas. My favorite areas are taking care of
pregnant women with kidney disease and hypertension. They’re very concerned when they’re
pregnant that they have kidney trouble. There are some increased risks, but
getting them through a pregnancy when they’ve been told that they could never
have a child is very rewarding at the end. Kidney area is very complicated and
hard to understand. A lot of my style also involves explaining
things in ways that they can understand. I have to let them know that when you
look at your lab values on the computer, everything may have a star
in it that it’s abnormal. But you have to understand,
what’s abnormal could be normal for you with kidney disease. And not to worry, and
I’ll let you know what to worry about. I one of the only nephrologists
who has clinics outside of the Dukes Hospital Center. I’ve been running an outreach clinic
in Pearson Memorial Hospital in Roxboro where our dialysis unit is, which
I follow at least 300 patients up there. So it’s very useful for those people so they don’t have to keep
travelling down to Durham all the time. What I want my patients to know is
that I’m always available for them. With the Duke MyChart, they usually get
an answer in less than 24 hours from me, if they have a question. Or within 24 hours if they call
the office and leave a message. And so I’m always available for
them to answer questions and try and take care of problems.

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