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Nephrologist Julia Scialla, MD

Nephrologist Julia Scialla, MD

My name’s Julia Scialla and I’m a clinical
nephrologist. So I take care of patients with general kidney
conditions, so we take care of the full gamut of kidney disease, when kidney disease is
early or even when patients are just at risk for kidney disease and we also take care of
patients as that advances on toward therapies like dialysis or kidney transplantation. I would say I’m probably most known for
thinking about the complications of kidney disease, the effects of kidney disease on
the bone for instance and other physiologic changes that happen in kidney disease. I’m also very interested in prevention and
nutrition in kidney disease. It often doesn’t have symptoms for patients
so it’s hard to monitor yourself and to know how you’re doing. So you need to understand
what your laboratory numbers are and understand what they mean. So it’s very important to me to make sure
I’m explaining that to you well, helping answer your questions about what your kidney function
is and how it’s progressing and it’s very important to me to make sure that we all understand
the treatment plan and that we develop it together. Coming to UVA I think is a great decision
for your kidney care. We have a nationally recognized division of
nephrology. A number of our faculty are experts and speakers
at national and international conferences. So when you come to see us you’re really getting
the benefit and the brainpower of our whole division.

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